Saturday, May 06, 2006

448 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 2

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446 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 1


the late comers had to sit the other end of the table, thanks to who...

coliseum for dummies so i ordered t bone steak

our order was taken by some apek

what i think is coliseum took their workers from the old folks home, most workers there are in their 70s

we reached there around 8 something, all of us are hungry sial~ so we ordered bread

these are mangkali roti, dont worry it only cost 50 cents per piece not like 89 bucks back in unite

here comes my salad which i didnt pay 89 bucks for it

Vanila with the magic lamp of white stuff wishing more and more white stuffs to come

lets start the feast~!!! baby boy like me need to tie that thingy so that wont dity my clothes

then they put all fries and brocolis into a bowl for Puss, November and me to share.

fries and brocolis in a dog bowl, yummy...

Peh ordered grilled burung merpati, dem cunn de

before entering the shop, we saw lotsa bird shit outside... maybe the cook took a shotgun to kill one of them and grilled it for Peh :P

Degil's seafood fried rice, at least he didnt pay 89 bucks for it

Rocklee ordered some 4 in 1 chicken chop which has cheese inside of it, watch him play with his chicken chop, small kid... please grow up

the steak here is quite nice hehe... i wont say its cheap but its reasonable and not overpriced.

the receipt, here u can see the price of each item

after the wonderful meal, we took out the cake and sing Turtle a birthday song. they gave us a box of match which wont work

coliseum certified sucky yucky matches

then one of the 'chefs' came out, and was watching us celebrating with Turtle and he pass us his lighter

thanks, so we light it up and sing him a birthday song

November cut the yummy cake

its too much food, full sial... but we enjoyed :)

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