Monday, May 15, 2006

449 Beauty in Cyberjaya

this post may contain offensive comments on your gf(s) or admiry(ies) or wife(ves) or mistress(es) or family(ies) or friend(s) or classmate(s). please dont leave stupid comments if u dont like the following post.

since yesterday, kaw lot of ppl was forwarding these annoying msg...


after closing a few of it, i got a few more with the word description

hmmm... [text removed due to offensive content]

hmmm... hmmm...

so i decided to take a look at it...

the Beauty in US voting page, i doubt anyone read the main page before [names removed due to privacy]

there are 12 teams (24 candidates with X lengluis and 12-X not so lengluis) in the first voting page which i doubt anyone see the 2nd page before. and of coz, the first page candidates are the owning ones.

u can view the profile of the candidates by clicking the pictures of the candidates

a LARGER pic so that u can take a look at them 'properly' before u cast your vote [pic blurred to be fair to other candidates]

then at the bottom of the profile, they are suppose to write a comment to each other...

not a good thing to write about your friend


they did their publicity well this time, so did u girls bought maybeline?

i bet its every guy's dream too ;)

and i have a few friends of mine in there too :)

for example,

Someone and her roomie which i already forgotten her name :P vote for them here


Jiin (friend's friend but not my friend :P) and Ling (this 1 is my friend :p) vote for them here

and the current winner and loser are... [i screenshot-ed 3 hours ago, so the votes may be incorrect]

the 'current' big loser and big winner are side by side, last nite it was 20000+ votes but now back to 3 digit, maybe they reset-ed the count [pix of loser blurred due to privacy and i think the winner wont mind me putting their pretty face in my blog]

this voting thing is more like a who has more bf(s) or admirer(s) or husband(s) or family(ies) or friend(s) or classmate(s) game. it doesnt matter how pretty u are but as long as u have more and more friends voting for u, u will WIN

and happily add another 2000 bucks for your next shopping spree

so did i vote?

yes of coz, not the lengluis nor my friends

but the candidates with the lowest votes to keep the table balance :P

please la winners... dont OWN too much, later people pp then ni u know


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Pang Jin Lan this is my personal pick....if u are reading this...i voted for u... :D some still got hope....but others....cerminla diri sendiri....look deep inside...not your heart.....but into your wallet/purse....see whether got enough money for plastic suggery/liposuction/bracers/dental care or a new mirror...

  2. Anonymous12:38 AM

    that comment sounds like victor yong..


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