Friday, June 02, 2006

453 Hol in PG - The Holiday Part 2

May 30th, Tuesday - so i woke up at 615am eventhou i dota-ed til 3am so that i could follow my cousin down to KL at 730am to catch the earliest bus back to the Pearl of Orient :)

my 2ko dropped us at the lrt station and we took the train to Masjid Jamek, we picked up The Sun newspaper before we left the station and bye bye to her :)

on my way to Puduraya, i passed McD which reminds me of the 116 A Gudboi Story (his very own episode) incident. so i felt bit scared scared, walked bit fast fast and get out of the streets :P

as i reached Puduraya, i tried to find my favourite Konsortium but couldnt find the store :( so i decided to take Transnasional because they have BIG red booth which looks convincing enough :P

the reason i came early is because i wanna get the earliest bus which is 9am but today, the earliest bus is 1030am... gai liao, its just 830am and i have to find out how to get thru 2 hours in this ugly fugly Puduraya :((

so i decided to have breakfast in the indian shop opposite of Puduraya, i sat just infront of the counter and had roti telur :) since im hungry so i finished my roti kinda fast :P so i start reading my newspaper and i started to notice this fat indian hawaii shirt guy the table beside mine, which is nearest to the entrance. where everyone who passes by the shop greets him all the time which made him looks like some indian mafia tailow.

after 30min, i finished my newspaper and its 9am, god dammit, its something like Dr Hypnosis Tan's bullet time de javu :( and i can see that cb cashier looked piss watching me slumbering there in his shop with a glass of air suam :( so i decided to change venue and go kfc to hang out, got aircon sommore :D

so i paid that cb cashier and went to kfc, its closed!!! wtf??? maybe its still early and they havent open store. so i went to 7evelen to grab The Star newspaper to burn my 1 and a half hour, now is the time that u wish that u can dota thru the day :D

so i walked back to Puduraya, found a seat then sat down and read my newspaper. unfortunately it only burnt 45min which means i got another 45 more min to burn :(

then suddenly i heard a lady shouting, then i saw this ah ma bristleback lady shouting to the wall, wts? seems like shes something not right. security came and stood beside her to make sure she dont do anything stupid. awhile later she started to shout loudly and the security get a ninja to talk to her but she pushed the ninja hardly, the ninja GFY~ed her then walked away, pity

its almost 1030 so i was distracted by knowing to know which bus im taking, later i looked back, they are not there anymore :( the bus came late, and the receptionist annouce that the bus is in platform 5. so every penangkia rushed to platform 5 and couldnt find their bus :( later on, one of the staff came to tell us its in platform 6 instead... zzz

so we entered the bus, i got seat number 11C but the last seat in that bus was 10D, wtf??? since the bus is not full, so i just sat the last seat. after that, the bus went to Duta to pick up more passengers. now this is the big problem, people came and claim your seat and u couldnt do anything :( theres some system error printing the seats number and theres some overlapping but fortunately everyone had a seat :)

so we took off, and i slept in the bus. when i woke up, i had a neckache... theres this problem with these seats, the head rest sucks, and the driver took 5 and a half hours to reach the Pearl of Orient, hungry sial!!! Transnasional sucks big time!!! i wont take Transnasional anymore!!!

finally we reached Pearl of Orient at 430pm, what a day... my mum came and pick me up, so i open the backdoor to drop my bags then as i were to open the front door... my mum drove the car away :(( then she stopped 3 seconds later when she realise she left her turtle son behind :( then she reversed and picked me up... thx mum :(

finally... home, hungry sial, ate 3 bachang in one go, yummyyy :D then i went around to check out whats new in my house :)

my sis got a new kiddie mouse, at least unlike my unc's mouse with those floating alphabet inside it

new monitor for my sis, finally my dad get rid of that annoying 9 year old monitor which always spoil when im dota~ing


LCD = Long Crt Display

we have, i meant had :( a fish in the kitchen which it will always look at us when we wash our dishes, very cute 1 :) but this time i came back...

the aquarium is a storeroom :((

and my parents bought my sis a new soft toy from NZ

say Hello to Mek Mek

Mek Mek suppose mek mek when we press the stomach of the toy but due to malfunction it will only mek mek when we rotate it 360 degrees :))

watch the clip

Previously in Cyberjaya

my bro broke his arm during judo back in

later, my bro came back and he showed me his 'updated' arm after removing the metal pieces inside

scar covered with 100 dollar scotch tape

which familiarly looks like...

this :P


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    can blog so much, u muz be dammmm bored ler while waiting 4 ur bus.. :P

  2. what to do? no ppl teman me go back also :(


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