Saturday, September 23, 2006

504 That lecturer fella

i hope that lecturer fella wont find this 'interesting' post about him, lol

that lecturer fella whos my visual basic lecturer fella, taught us bout vb. during the first day, our first impression is... why is this student teaching us vb??? we just cant stop laughing at him. we tried to tahan not to, but when 1 of us laughed even a 'hehe'... all of us just burst of laughter, lol... he was like "why u 4 giggling?" pointing at Degil, Turtle, Quiksilver and me, lol

the following class, he came in with shirt n slack but with a NIKE FREE, omg... we were laughing all the way bout it.

we had some lame quiz 2 weeks later, all those theory lame shit... the week after, that lecturer fella came and tell me, "steven, i got something i wanna tel u, u phucking failed ur quiz and u got owned by vb noobs!!! and i want u to retake the quiz next week" not exact words but thats how i describe the situation.

so i had a very down weekend and studied for programming for the first time in my life, yes yes... studying programming is the stupidest thing i ever did in my life :(

almost the end of the course, he has to evaluate our software...

that morning i had my quiz retook

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the simple interface i designed for my software :)

then what he commented was "ur software has lotsa of functions... but steven arr... ur interface lousy ler"

then i replied
me: "takkan u wan me 2 design like da husband n wife???"

pointing to husband n wife's interface

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husband's and

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that fella: "nono i didnt say tat, i meant both partners hav discuss together and both interface can match with each other"

me: "sir, they all, husband n wife... takkan u wan me, husband n husband wif my partner???"
that fella: "i didnt promote such thing"

then he walked to husband and wife to evaluate their software then he turned back and said "steven r... u interface SUXXX r"

thats the exact phrase, and the way he said SUXXX, theres this 1 kind 1... zongz knows how to imitate it very well :P

after the evaluation, we can go back d... but i stayed a little while to checkout my pcb which is not done yet. so i went back to PL1 lab to see whos around to crap with.

oh, my juniors were ther... long time no see, and they are doing the stupid 8051 assignment which my housemates did it for me last time. as juniors and juniors are always a little bit noober than seniors, they asked is there any tips n tricks doing this assignment. my replied was "get good groupmates!". just after i said that, i only realise that lecturer fella was just right beside me, evaluating my other friends. i was like "oh shit". then he furiously scolded me "is this how u teach ur juniors? i want to see u AGAINNN after this." this is when shit gets shitter :(

after evaluating my friends, he came to talk to me
that fella: "is this how u teach ur juniors???"
i =_="
my jrs giggling n enjoying the show from far

that fella: "what kind of sr r u?"
i =_=" AGAIN
my jrs giggling n enjoying the show from far AGAIN

me: "i asked em 2 get good groupmates so tat they can learn more things 4m good ppl"
that fella =_="
my jrs giggling n enjoying the show from far AGAIN X2

so i decided to leave the place for good before he has more excuses to zha me again. went to yumcha, then i went back to the pcb lab and its still not done :( so i passed by the PL1 lab and i went in AGAIN...

Screwdriver3's partner was having problem with his vb and that lecturer fella was looking at his code, so i stood beside and watch tv. then he saw me and asked: "steven how?"

me: "blah blah blah loh"

Screwdriver3's partner tried and walla... working d :D then that lecturer fella turned to me and said...

that fella: "steven, my first impression on u, is u r a playful student"
i =_="

that fella: "how do u do in ur studies?"
me: "ok, y?"
me: "eh sir, i got study 1 leh... i studied vb 1st time in my life leh"

that fella: "gud gud... eh wait, u studied coz u got 2 retake the quiz today rite?"
me: "of coz la, who would wan 2 study vb"
that fella =_="

that fella: "r u 1st class student r?"
i =_=" and... "errr... ya"

that fella: "even if u r a harvard student but u dun behave lik 1, no ppl wil treat u lik 1"

i =_=" wat i did this time and a few friends (kalai & friends) behind me was like lol... so i left the place asap before this fella finds more thing to zha me :(

so i went back home, and spent 1 day to see how i can unSUXXX my interface :(

so after a week, i asked to see how i got pawned by noobs during the quiz... so he showed me my answers, shit... forget to give desciption, pui pui pui

then i told him that i spent one day tried to do a better interface, then he replied "ur interface is ok mah, quite simple", i was like wtf "tat day u said my int SUXXX" then he replied "maybe im abit harsh that day only, dun take it so serious".... shit =_="

after that week we had a demo of our ir modem then sim said he wanna take our modems as demo for next year, yayyy :D

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my modem

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my software... stil SUXXX

met that lecturer fella at the foe stairs the day before presentation, he said "demo was good", yayyy :D

just had my presentation yesterday,

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during the thx time, i said "we would like to thx to dr sim, dr wong n bryan" <------ called by his name, ooops :P then sim said "well done", yayyy :D

thx to Imbamila for hinting us the answer for that lecturer fella's question :D


  1. Good for you stevie .. at least you liked him in the end...or rather at least he praised you in the end. seow and I still hates him ... he told me "Even if i teach you the wrong thing, you should get it right" -_-" It's just the way he talks .. irritating ... anyway.. the only time he praised me ,.. i ignored him and he didn't praise me anymore :(

  2. bad la u... he praised u d then u dun choi him... he felt not appreciated ma so ma duwan praise u anymore loh :P

  3. wei stevie,

    my company hired "that fella" and he cost a !@#$-king bomb. My boss say we pay him arnd 1k a day to do mathematics. Btw, he's cute :)


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