Thursday, September 28, 2006

505 mmff listed in the mmls noob list

delayed post...

i alweys tought of ppl who got their names entered in mmls due to 'special' occasions are noobs

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the noob list

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but manatau sendiri kena

Lab reports and Assignment not submitted : The following students have not submitted the lab reports/assignment. Please meet Ramar immediately. Otherwise they will be given zero marks.
EPM Exp 1 Absentee/Report not submitted

Ramar couldnt find my report, luckily he ticked my name after asking me "are u sure u passed it up?" by looking into my eyes trying to catch me lying (definitely not flirting me)

shit shit shit

not to mention that weeks ago i had my name in mini project section because of that lecturer fella. im kinda mmls celebrity lately :P

then Turtle said "how come this sem u so toh sui 1?"

really toh sui... but theres always a first time

to be in the mmls noob list

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