Saturday, November 18, 2006

513 Visit to Unc Lim before AEP

stoped blogging for awhile... lazy lazy lazy eventhou i have nothing to do

so the visit started when Dizzy or what so ever invited me to go genting before going for AEP. so why not... since i have nothing to do

we are going to genting on sunday, the day after emg paper and the day before AEP (if u still remember). so --- my genius plan is...

early morning i will drive my car to park at midvalley then catch a train to sentral to meet them, then we take bus and cable car up genting, after genting come back take my car straight go hotel --- genius me :)

and of cause, according to murphy's law, events some how doenst go as plan...

the day before

my major had our last paper on the very last day, yes yes yes... we had our paper when u guys are in hongkong, japan, langkawi, pangkor... so after the paper we had a emg trip to 1utama for a movie to celeb, on the way to 1u, i dropped my bags at my aunt's place.

so we watched movie, then yumcha... around 1am i guess, my cousin sis sms-ed me asking me when im going back and shes waiting for me. and of coz --- the genius me replied "i hav ur house key ler", so she went to sleep.

after the yumcha session, i went back to my aunt place and found out that i left the keys in my bag which the bag is in her house --- how genius me...

so i tried to call my unc then my aunt then my cousin... which all of them off their fon, tried to rang the house bell... no one bothers... and i spent my night outside the house, sleeping in the car, feeding the blood suckers outside :(

day of event

after having a horrible sleep, i drove and parked my car then took the ktm...

i think i never tell u guys bout my ktm experiences, i use to take plusliner go back penang which the bus must be boarded in railway and the easiest way there is thru ktm. and of coz i always bought the tickets in advance, and everytime when im rushing to the railway, ktm never fails to breakdown --- smart ass ktm

so they reached sentral and bought the 930 ticket for me and guess what... i enter the ktm station, its written there next train coming at 845am, i waited... and waited... 9am, no train... waited and waited then the board changes to 915am --- smart ass ktm. finally the ktm did came at 920 --- smart ass ktm... and started moving, and of coz ktm never fails to breakdown... it broke down 5min after it departed --- smart ass ktm. they lock the pilot's cockpit is not to prevent hijacking but to prevent citizens from whackaoing the pilot when breakdown occurs

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feeling panicked coz they bought the tic for me, look at that aunty, face dem dulan sial. finally it start moving 20 min later, wah glad its over... but after 2 min, it broke down again!!! goddammit!!! --- phucking smart ass ktm

so finally i reached the destination, i phucking hate ktm, luckily the bus havent start moving :)

so we took the bus up then cable car, then Dizzy or what so ever told us that everytime she goes up genting sure rain wan, omg, we have a toh sui kah here... so we reached genting, entered the themepark

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my first ride of the day, bumper boat :)

after playing 3 games... like what the oracle had said... rain...

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so we went to hou mei for lunch

when the food came, i start taking pictures of it

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then the waitress came and say "taking pic of the nice food?" and i replied "im taking pic bcoz this chicken rice cost me more than 10 bucks!!!"

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and we had a photo there :)

so after the meal, we went into the casino to take a walk, poor kiddies cannot enter :P after that we went down, took ktm to midvalley, didnt break down bcoz we are not in the hurry then go back to the hotel to meet the rest of the AEP members :)

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