Friday, November 24, 2006

600 Living The Boring Sem

was thinking of blogging my taman negara trip, but kinda lazy to do so.

lifes kinda boring this trimester, wake up every morning... thinking of the only one hour class, wasting every second of my lifetime. not to mention the boring weekends, Cyber is empty, not a single living soul...

gotta find SOMETHING to do... if u guys are out doing ANYTHING (exceptions: calling prostitute, getting high and ofcoz gay fest), please call me along... desperately need SOMETHING to do

since my blogging spirit is dying, i will blog every single boring day i have this sem.

had lunch with Pehmatez in Mingchu today, JJ then played tennis with them during the afternoon. lifes kinda not bad (strictly not boring at those moment) with my second housemates. kinda raining season in Cyber these days, never a day failed without rain... sien... how can i practice tennis like that :( had dinner in Penang House just now, foods there kinda 'suk sui' already... back home, all my housemates went back... and now back to the boring day, thats why theres this new post :P

do u guys like my new template 6 ? comment comment abit :P

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