Sunday, November 26, 2006

601 Happy Birthday Vanila (Draft)

since i see Buaya and friends are getting better and better in tennis, me as a senior gotta practice more so that i wont lose 'face', so i woke up 8am... take a look at the court... think think... went back to bed :P

later on, my second housemates ym-ed me to go over their place to have Peh's breakfast (according to Peh, too bad... they ask me to eat de :P ). we had sandwiches, hotdogs, hashbrowns and ofcoz orange juice ;) full and nice sial, thx housemates :P paiseh nia

after that, went to The Curve to meet Vanila and friends :) had lunch in Thai Express then went to Cineleisure, still didnt get a chance to catch a movie there :(

we went over to 1u for movie instead, A Battle of Wits, not bad... but u didnt miss anything if u miss this movie. after the movie, we have nothing to talk bout it... no interesting part to share not lame stuffs to zha other than that jin kak emperor who once 'massage'd ZiYi back in The Banquet :P

after the movie, we went to the usual Murni for dinner and Happy Birthday Vanila

mmff wishes u, everyday Holy Shit :)

hope tmr i got those pics to show u guys and extra lame updates to tell u guys, finished download The OC Mix 1 - 5 :) gtg nite nite

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