Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogger Line: Testing XML Template

momofofo is currently testing the new XML Template implemented by blogger. so currently the template will look kinda lala :P

since momofofo is an old man, it will take time for him to learn new tricks :(

the new template is very easy to use. drag and drop, very suitable for noobs :P but u couldnt use your existing html codes on this new template. YES, which also means that u have to modify your codes to be compatible to the new templates.

and due to photobucket's dumbness which max width for new pictures is 800, i have to use my old banner used in momofofo 1. which i cant use my new banner :(

goodbye photobucket, i wont use u anymore

old banner along with my default template, momofofo is back to classic :)

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