Sunday, April 08, 2007

FeedEx Quick Guide

Brief Description

FeedEx is a Cyberpreneurship project by me and a group of friends. what we do is we cater food to Cyberjayers's door step starting from 9th April. Our Services only operates for dinner from Monday to Thursday.

we emphasize on the 5 simple steps

Step 1: You Order

There are 3 ways to order, by:
1. leaving comment on the day u wanna order
  • 09/04 Monday - Wong Soon Kee & BK

  • 10/04 Tuesday - Murni SS2

  • 11/04 Wednesday - Dessert from Cheras Pasar Malam

  • 12/04 Thursday - Satay Kajang

  • Everyday - McD or KFC

  • 2. sms or call the FeedEx's number at 01234 88 55 4


    3. ym! FeedEx at

    u can start order your meal a day before. explanations and examples are here, please read before start ordering

    Step 2: We reply to confirm

    Step 3: You confirm

    Step 4: We deliver to your doorsteps

    Step 5: Pay Up!

    for more detail, please check out the FeedEx official website

    monday's (9th April) order starts now, please support us :)

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