Tuesday, May 08, 2007

704 HaAgEnDaZ Clan 2nd Anniversary

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432 HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary Proposal

for not feeling left out, four of us went and the HaAgEnDaZ Clan is formed.

HaAgEnDaZ Clan members: Eunice, HooiKiang, Kalai and me in Haagen Daaz, Sunway Pyramid

443 The HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

we went to Victoria Station, usj taipan

our clan 1st Anniversary photo

Currently in Cyberjaya

yes, we are late again... cause we always forget whens the anniversary :P the actual date is March 16 :)

this time we went Italianese in The Curve, HaAgEn DaZ trips are suppose to be for left out-first timers only until some not faithful member went there without us :|

we ordered spag meatball :D

and the yummy pepperoni

our clan 2nd Anniversary photo

we ordered tiramisu to celebrated Eunice's birthday which is tomorrow and they gave us the cake for free, kakaka :)

goodbye HHK and Euniece, wish u girls good luck and seeya around :) may our next anniversary be in Singapore, lol

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