Tuesday, June 12, 2007

706 Just a bad ride

i just came back from Penang, bought my ticket from some Konsortium counter in Penang. lately theres been lotsa counters selling Konsortium bus tickets. i wanted to buy my tic from my favourite big Konsortium counter but was dragged by some fella wearing Konsortium tee to buy from his smally counter. since its the same, i make sure the smally counter didnt go gulung tikar.

eventhough, i bought a Konsortium bus ticket but that day i was given a green Season bus from Freebury, kononnya all of them came from same company or Star Alliance of busses.

i took the last seat in the 12pm bus back to KL. and my advice is...

especially during a rainy day


water leaking from the top of the 'emergency' door


water rolling here and there on the floor

the bus driver was kinda pro, horning any, i do mean ANY, car in his way. i reach KL in 4 hours.

love the driver,


hate the Freebury

Updates from Cyberjaya:
  • Dell's office in Cyberjaya is almost completed, my dream company...

  • Mingchu in Equine Park opens its upper floor and balcony with more stalls and TVs, i rate Mingchu's repu half star below Asia Cafe, SJ. and

  • momofofo can be viewed using Apple's Safari Beta, and we looks better in it!

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