Friday, June 08, 2007


my family used to love Dome, i used to love Dome...
i love their carrot cakes :D

since im living a campus life in Cyberjaya, Dome is never a place for me to eat, because its not widely available (not as mushroom as McDonald's) and not as affordable. thats why every time i go back Penang, i'll sure drag my mum to yumcha there.

few days ago, my sis ponteng her tuition so that she can join me and my mum to the Island Plaza's Dome outlet. as we checked, there is a price hike, my favourite cake went up by RM1 (from RM8.90 to RM9.90 to now RM10.90 if not wrong). we ordered our favourites, my sis: sausage roll & iced chocolate, mum: flat white and me: carrot cake & iced mocha.

my sis's and mum's orders are fine but my iced mocha is tasteless (as serious as more diluted than Kayu's milo ais). i didnt check my cake is freshly baked or not but my carrot cake was not up to standard. with the price hike, it sucks.

Verdict: not worth my sis to ponteng her tuition for


momofofo bans Dome

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