Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free MMU Library Services... NOT

after the rocket fly New Vehicle Sticker 2007/2008 charges from RM 1.50 to RM 12 (for students), the "TMC (Top Management Committee Members)" decided to charge RM 100 for library services after 10 years of free services.

from bulletin board

ALL students, would be charged library fees at RM100 per student per academic year and this shall be reflected at all students' financial info kiosk.

unlucky me, a person who hardly go to library to sleep/talk nor borrow any books nor pattoh in the library and will be off for industrial training during the second trimester have to pay RM 100.

Thank you
my dear TMC 'friends'

i would like to remind our fellow MMU friends to make use of the library, make sure its RM 100 worthy.

711 Free MMU Library Services... NOT

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    After reading that bulletin, i instantly went to the library n officially borrowed 2 books to make sure the RM100 worthy. lol


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