Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blogging using Picasa2

uploading pictures used to be very messy, we had to upload to photobucket, resize pictures and edit the html codes.


if you notice the small icon below my post, it indicates that the post was posted using Picasa2.

Picasa is a photo album application which allows enhanced photo editing & organising features, CD creation & more. and the best part is, its FREE from Google.


the Picasa2 interface

steps to blog + upload pictures using Picasa2:


1. click the "BlogThis!" button
2. sign in your google/blogger account
3. select the blog which u wanna upload the pictures to plus the layout & image size of the pictures when displayed in the blog.



after the steps above, you will be brought to a familiar Create Post page with the html codes written inside for you. After you publish the post, Picasa2 will upload the pictures to your Picasa Web Album in Google account.

Pros: Simple and easy to use
Cons: Limitation of 4 pictures per post, NOT suitable for hardcore-pic-upload/blogger suck as the-never-ending-loading-blog. (i promote ur blog all the time, u shud start paying me ads d)

Verdict: Must Have

momofofo recommends Picasa from Google

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