Monday, June 25, 2007

The Quarz Clock

After Alan's "World Time" clock...

dropped dead a year ago, we bought a RM 2.90 1 clock from Carrefour, Alamanda. It survived only...

one trimester, no wonder its branded 1 (a Carrefour made brand).

Last weekend, WK and Zongz went to buy a new clock from Carrefour, Alamanda...

our new "World Time", available RM 4.90 in Carrefour, Alamanda.

When they came out of Carrefour, they anxiously showed us our new clock and then WK noticed its a...

quarz clock not a quartz clock. OMG, we just bought a fake quartz clock from China. We turned behind to look at the operation instruction...

step 3 stated that
replaced battery once a year even if clock is still running.

then Alan said "i doubt it even last one sem."

our house's new "World Time" Quarz clock

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