Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scotch-Brite Bath Scrub

i went to Jaya Jusco, Equine Park for grocery shopping last weekend, the sponge scrub in my toilet is kinda old and we need a new one. so i went for a survey...

  • a non branded sponge scrub is RM 2.50 each.

  • a Scotch-Brite sponge scrub is RM 4.90 each.

  • i bought neither of those, instead i cant believed i spent RM 9.90 on a sponge scrub.

    ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the

    sponge scrub which worth RM 9.90 ~!!! Scotch-Brite Bath Scrub by 3M.

    look at the convincing cardboard labels, cool. this is the Bath Scrub version, there is also the all purpose version but i already forgotten its name.

    diagonal view: it comes with a plastic handle so u do not need to worry in touching any of the creamy+sucky+fugly dirt on your bath tiles.

    Pros: Scotch-Brite's excellent performance, easy to use handle.
    Cons: compared to the typical Scotch-Brite sponge, YES, i spent RM 5 on the stupid plastic handle to keep my hands clean.

    Verdict: for those who wont mind paying for more performance.

    momofofo recommends the Scotch-Brite

    *price based on Jaya Jusco, Equine Park last weekend.

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