Sunday, July 08, 2007

10th Anniversary Tickle Me' Elmo

Currently still in Penang, went for Transformers for the second time with my family yesterday. The movie is quite late, so went for a walk in the mall (Gurney Plaza) then we went to Parkson. and I saw this interesting toy in the toys department.

The 10th Anniversary Tickle Me' Elmo

The following is a video clip of what this RM 199 toy could do

The best part of the toy is after it fell down, rolled left and right, it can still stand up. In the clip, Elmo's rolling motion was blocked by the boxes, thats why he stood up facing back. He suppose to face front.

The first time I activate the toy, it almost fell from the boxes. Luckily I caught it, if not I am having this RM 199 toy at home right now. This toy is very entertaining, me and my sis laughed all the way til everyone in the toy department was wondering what is going on. At least we entertained those buyers in the long queue.

Later on, a kid came to play it. I decided to do a demo for the kid but unfortunately I dried Elmo's battery after playing it for more than 5 times, pity

715 10th Anniversary Tickle Me' Elmo

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