Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Bukit Tinggi Trip

WARNING: This post contains 20 images and might take time to load just like the-never-ending-loading-blog.

Bukit Tinggi is the place where June wanted to go long long time ago, finally we went last Wednesday... WITHOUT HER sadly. Sorry June, its my nature to emphasize who didn't go.

At first I was lazy to go but since it was my good friend's birthday and the Pehmates treated it as a graduation trip, I decided to join them. There are still alot of time til graduation, a graduation trip now is kinda too early. If so, I think we will have 5 graduation trips :)

We woke up before 7am because Peh told us that we are leaving at 730am so we calculated the estimated time of leaving + Peh Estimation Algorithm (PEA) = estimatedly 8am but we were wrong... we had to play 2 rounds of kamehamehas and maze of the sliding bunnies. After we left Cyberjaya at 830am, we went for breakfast in Sri Petaling.

Bukit Tinggi is located slightly after Genting, we even saw the policemen, reporters and 38ers stop for finding the Nuri survivors.

After lotsa dizzy windings, we reached Bukit Tinggi. Luckily I was in the Camry or not I think I threw up already. Before we enter the hill, we have to pay 'toll', RM 16 per pax to enter Bukit Tinggi.

the Camryers group photo

the first thing they did after leaving the carpark, grabbing any ball they see

Pehmates Extended with the clock tower at the entrance

pic 1, inside the French village

group photo inside the village

pic 2, fountain with nobody

fountain pic with Screwdrivers acting macho

fountain pic with Pehmates Extended

There are lotsa activities in the French village, one of them is coloring contest and lets see who is the champion...

Donkey bullied all the small kids and won a box of fake Luna coloring pencils, lol

pic 3, French village taken from top of the tower. Tempo banner taken from this pic :)

At the bridge entering the French village, there are swans in the pond below bridge which I called ducks

white ducks swans and black ducks swans are seperated and not to be together, racist management

pic 4, white ducks swans in the pond

URH with the white duck swan

Grace with the white ducks swans

white duck swan ignoring ML

Pity that nobody bothers to take picture with the black ducks swans.

guys marking their territory before leaving the village. Notice one of them had a shorter water hose, lol

After that, we drove to the other side of the hill to go to the Japanese garden and botanical garden but before that, we have to climb for 15 min to reach there.

lousy climbers, taking pics as excuse to climb slowly

at botanical garden

Screwdrivers in Japanese garden

After that, we went to the rabbit farm below the hill,

my Ex Bad Roomie making the bunny to stand while covering his ass just in case any bunny trying to attack his ass.

Luckily we went there as a day trip. If we went to stay there, we will be bored to death if we didn't bring monopoly, cards and the boring scrabblers.

717 The Bukit Tinggi Trip (The Graduation Trip 1)

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