Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lizard's ass got blood

Today, I came back to Penang because my bro wanted to. This morning, I grabbed a bun and a Kinder Bueno from Cyberia mini mart just in case Im hungry in the bus. I parked my car in ERL, Precint 9 yes, my car is still there now. While waiting for the train to come, my bro asked

Bro: eh, haf u told mum tat we r goin home?
me: i tot u told her d...
Bro: i tot u told her
me: u r the one who wanted to go back, u r suppose to tel
Bro: u also wanted to go bac wert... later ni call la

After 20 minutes of Siemen clock staring, the train finally arrived and we hopped in. Trying to find nice seats so that we can enjoy the TV in the train but we ended up facing a fat dude as in rili rili fat which is big enough to block my bro's view to the TV.

Then we jumped to Star LRT in Tasik Selatan and reached Puduraya at 11+. My first or i can say my only choice is to buy Konsortium tics. but its a Friday, all Konsortium tics are sold out, my Konsortium fella recommended me another bus operator. Since they are the only operator which has seats to Penang, they raised their tics to RM 35 each !!! compare to typical RM 27, phucking blood suckers. I have no choice but to buy and the earliest bus is 2pm but we need to follow The Rules.

Me and my bro went to KFC, we bought set meals, ate like a snail, went to 711 to buy The Star to read, dota craps, bla bla to kill 2+ hours in KFC. Its 1.30pm, we went back to Puduraya and tried to find our bus which the lady said yg hijau baru (The Rule #1) at platform 21 (The Rule #2) but we only see red and blue no hijau.

At 1.45pm (The Rule #3), a guy came to platform 21 shouting Penang, Buttorwot (The Rule #4) just like what the lady told us, so we followed the guy and our bus yg hijau baru is outside the street oh... its like Harry Potter, u need to go in between the platforms to reach the 'secret platform', din expect them to use in puduraya.

Hopped into the bus, plug in my earfon and I entered sleep mode. The next time i woke up, we stopped somewhere familiar... used to come here, Malaccan buses favorite spot, the corrupted 'Bus Federation' where all bus operators will stop for meal in a deserted place which the 'federation' charges 20 cents for toilet and I bet the 'federation' pays the operators to stop there, phucking blood suckers again. Not to mention a hippie came to kock with us.

Oh ya, I forgot to tell u guys the name of the operator, its Kejora Masyhur the TAK masyhur. Back to the bus, I unwrapped the Kinder Bueno, and I felt my RM 2.90 just got conned kena tiu by my bro for buying it sommore, shit.

Finally at 7.30pm , we reached Penang. Bad traffic in Penang, my dad said it happens every Friday for no reason.

bla bla

Go to the lizard's ass got blood story, I was sitting on my bro's bed and my sis was telling me stories then I put my hand into the blanket and I felt something soft and slimy inside so I opened the blanket to see.

I saw a baby lizard with a broken tail, the fear is a factor lizard jumped down the bed and forgotten to bring along its tail.

the broken tail is still moving the primary skool Science book is no bullshit, it rili moves

the baby lizard under the bed

so as a blogger trying hard to revive my blog, I tried taking lotsa pics of the lizard in different angles but I couldn't get a superb one with my phone due to bad lighting then my sis disgusted "yer, e a ka cui u huik or lizard's ass got blood in English"

Its the wound of the broken tail not the lizard's ass got blood yes, im takin pic of a lizard's ass

its been awhile tat i didnt write long posts, pics wil b uploaded when im bac 2 Cyberjaya.

714 Lizard's ass got blood

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