Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The nT Inhouse -ardmscsp Game

After TC blogged his "since 2 years ago, i did not feel this kinda gaming mood dy" dota experience,

I decided to blog my own funniest dota experience...

Few days ago, the nTs had an inhouse -ardmscsp game:
  • all random

  • deathmatch

  • super creep and

  • shuffle player

  • after the shuffle player, our stands were

    The Sentinels

    The Scourge

    It was a 44 game, the game was 'open ceremony'

    with Zong the Sladar got gbed and fbed by 3 Scourges, lol.

    Then the Sentinels are trying to hard to gb Void the Sniper til we died 9 9.

    The funny part of the game is when the Sentinels were roaming the map finding Tcchang to gb.

    but the sad part was my com restarted when i was owning :( The game was very fun, no stress and no remorse, hunt the clan members u wanna kill most and do not spare Tcchang, lol. I got the replay thanks to Zongz.

    Download the nT_inhouse_ardmscsp_1.rar

    713 The nT Inhouse -ardmscsp Game

    1 comment:

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      babi ni... no wonder i keep on die lar... all find me gb.... babi betul... but i still fb zongz... lol~~~~


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