Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Station Kopitiam, Time Square Story

Last Wednesday, we went for Harry Potter at Time Square because my Ex Bad Roomie managed to book 10 tics for 6pm. My housemates reached there early because Donkey had to buy new com for his FYP, strictly not for DotA*.

* - might not be true

me, my bro and Orange reached there at 5.30pm, I had a light lunch and the movie gonna show til kinda late so we went for tea. Not interested in having a full meal, so I remembered there is a kopitiam type of shop in the upper cinema of Time Square. The kopitiam is located beside Laksa Shack replacing Kebab King, near the Teppanyaki shop which sell sucky yucky.

When I was about to step on the escalator to go up, a workman stopped me and asked me to use anoother escalator because he wanted to service that escalator. Then Orange said, "It is fate that u are not suppose to eat there". Stubborn me, I insisted to eat there.

Station Kopitiam is big, they have more than 15 tables and around 8 staffs, most of them dreaming there. We sat down and look at the menu, most of them are local delights, no kopitiam type of food... weird. I asked the waitress is there anything light and she recommend me the roti bakar set (toast + half boiled egg + coffee) for RM 4.90. I ordered 2 sets for three of us.

We waited very long then they served us ONE roti bakar only, without any complain we ate that first. We waited very long again so I called the waiter which is still dreaming around. Later, the lady (she looks like the taije among them, the others are just plain noobs) came and told me that there are NO HOT WATER and they boiling. My first experience that a kopitiam do not have hot water.

Quite frustrated, I told her that I only got one roti bakar. We waited very long again then I saw this guy rushing up from the back stairs to the kitchen carrying a Gardenia bread. I was thinking, the roti bakar just now was a different type of bread, that Gardenia shouldn't be for me. 10 min later, my roti bakar came... YES, that Gardenia is meant for me :(

Finally there is hot water, the coffee and half boiled eggs came. We were rushing for the movie because it was 6.10pm so we went to the counter to pay ourselves.

Climax, the noob waitress push in my orders, RM 4.90 + RM 4.90 = RM 21. She turned to me and wanting to collect RM 21, we showed her a zzz face and asked her to check. In disbelieve, she used the calculator to calculated, RM 4.90 + RM 4.90 + tax, how come it is not RM 21, I doubt she passes her Math in SPM. Noobie her had to ask taije which is quite occupied with another client to handle the problem. In the end, taije calculated the correct amount and we rushed for Harry Potter which is also another disappointment.

After the movie, I only realised there is Uncle Lim at the ground floor :( God jammed the escalator to warned me about the sucky food in Station Kopitiam but I didn't listen, regretted.

ven bans Station Kopitiam, Time Square


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    that bad ? somehow i feel all the shop there a bit blur one.

  2. they are hopeless


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