Sunday, August 19, 2007

MMU Convofest Day 2

Following my blogging tradition, I blog during time I should be studying.

Kinda in the boring sial mood, so I decided start my Picasa to find something to blog. And the first album I saw was the MMU Convofest Photos. Sorry to the dudes in Convofest Day 1 which I do not have any of the photos and I'm lazy to steal photos from the-never-ending-loading-blog. DI do not have *any dudes on day 3, I can only think of Skywalker which makes me wonder that did he went for his convo. * indicates might have.

Heavy rain on day 2, Convofest was a havoc. I can say that these 3 days of Convofest are the days where MMU has the most people and cockroaches in campus. Dozens of mushrooms and leeches gathered outside of the campus selling flowers and Pikachus to no-hearted-friends who came to celebrate friends' graduation empty handed.

Our first thought at first was, its easy to find HHK and Someone (Eunice) is hard to find. We were wrong.

Someone was smart enough to stand at the FIT corridor which anyone could easily notice her.

My role of day 2 was help Kalai carry his flowers. I carried them the whole day because we could not find HHK. It was a good exercise, my biceps gained noticeably 0.1 mm.

had pictures with HanLun and busy Eunice again in the process because we could not find HHK.

after hours, we found YuJin and guess what...

He doesn't know where his gf was, lol.

and took photos with HHK's housemate WanLei and one of our Engsoc big sisters, MingChu (Not related/named after to the SK coffeeshop owner).

then I met Gusman. Sorry that I didn't show mercy in the Dota game during the holidays. I couldn't resist pawning u, no hard feelings :P

finally, HHK decided to show up.

Yes, we did not had a Haagen Daz Clan graduation photo :(

I only have photos from Kalai. If u guys do have tiny me in your photos, please do send to me :) Momofofo would like to wish all graduated MMU students good luck and take care.

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  1. super sorry wey!!!! everyone that met me told me u both finding me... -_- paiseh paiseh...!!!^_^ but happee to see you all... erm... next meet up... haagen daz steamboat!!! k? k? k?


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