Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Number 23

  • First, Momofofo would like to wish the the owner of the-never-ending-loading-blog Happy Birthday.

  • To recover my dying blog, I decided to sacrifice my hair to blog bout it.

    Engz went to borrow the machine from his friend for my big project.

    When he asked how short I want it be. I chose number 23 because

    1 + 2 is 3,
    2 + 1 is also 3 and
    3 + 0 is coincidently 3, this is totally dumb.

    I have 3 pairs of shoes
    I have 3 toothbrushes in my toilet,
    I have 3 glasses,
    I even wrote 3 fulls stop to say bla bla bla, this is insanely dumb.

    At first, I was He-man...

    without the master of the universe.

    Here we go...

    I pulled out my dining chair and he cut my hair outside of the corridor.

    the battery died halfway after I cut one side of my hair, swt.

    So we went to charge the machine for 30 mins and continued our journey...

    Cam-whoring infront of the mirror like urh when the battery died again after he cut the other side of my hair, swt X2

    We are kinda fed up of it, so we decided to watch Fracture by Anthony hopkins while waiting for the machine to charge. 40 mins later...

    the battery died for the third time because my hair WAS too thick, swt X3

    we decided to cut my hair using scissors first so it will be easier for the machine to go. Then we continued Fracture while waiting for the battery to charge.

    after the BIG project, this sounds not right but I had many hairs on the floor. Strictly NO pubes.

    Final product.

    The End of Number 23


    1. hohoho... i tell u... i look at the 1/2 way product is dem chun ok? really like hk superstar =P i think i got a career in cutting hair... hmmmmmmm

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Fcken farney ven. I want one liddat too, but no. 2 can? lol.

    3. I used to tel my dad that I have this business idea of opening a barber shop WITHOUT barbers and allow the customer to shave their own head, it might work I think :P

      Go ahead voch, I did 2 before d :P But now better dont try, later kena marah haha

    4. eh... after u cut one side of ur hair... that look... yeng!!! after another side... u look great!!! and the final product... just normal ler... you shouldnt hv charge ur battery!!:P

    5. Next time I cut one side only loo, haha


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