Sunday, September 16, 2007

Momofofo is dead?

Still no new posts?

Take a look at the poll on your right, 50% out of ONLY 4 VOTERS said that "Momofofo is dead".

Okay, just to cheer u guys a little, I tell ya what happened 2 days ago. My housemates and I were playing Dota, all of us randomed. Yes, thats kinda lansi and guess what the opponents did?

All five of them picked combo heroes and we got owned like a bunch of pucking noobs, yes OMG... we were sooo need to write report for our clan chieftain.

Then as usual, after a game we will dc from blueserver and we are required to reconnect but we couldn't. So Alan rehearsed a few lines of pucking the operators before calling 100. Alan called and asked the operator to dc us from their server so that we could connect.

Operator: "Soli la encik, akaun anda kena suspend."
Alan: "Suspend??? MENGAPA KENA SUSPEND?"

Operator: "Encik tak bayar bill la."
while asking Zong that did he pay the bills

and Zong replied haven't, LOL
Alan back to the operator: "Saya tak dapat cari bill la, saya call back later."

and he never call back anymore, LOL

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