Friday, October 26, 2007

The ITP Week 1

Everyone is talking bout their ITP experience, some blog bout it and even one got fired for it.

Its already the fifth day and I don't know where I should begin.

I start with Tuesday (2nd day). The offer letter from my company stated that my work starts at 830am ends at 530pm. As a good trainee, I reached the office at 830pm and there was no one to open the door for me.

Something bout Monday, the very first time I took LRT to work. The train was kinda pack, I hopped in and got pushed out of the train... got bullied.

My workspace is kinda nice, I have my own big L shape table, cool chair and a stack of magazines to pass my time. Cool? Wait til u see the IP phone on my desk, just so happen to be on my desk but not for me haha.

I heard there are people who wrote their logs 3 pages long even on the first day itself. Wow thats impressive, that I can barely hit quarter page for each day and I told myself if I hit one third, I'm gonna buy myself a java chip.

KL Sentral is a cool place to work. Easy access from almost any transit. Convenient stores are there, major banks are there, McDonalds, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and even Shitdel is there. KL Plaza is where I work, there is Gloria Jeans Coffee below but I still prefer the free Nescafe I can get in the lobby.

Yesterday was my worst LRT experience. I was MOLESTED. I was in the train holding the pole. It was very packed then there was this short, fat, I mean really really fat, think Rikishi from WWF, yes, that fat but shorter, indian lady came in and straight go stick the pole. Her breast touched my hand NOT my hand touch her breast so that means she molested me, whole day damn down sial, feel so gonna chop my hand.

I did something good today! I helped a blind man on the escalator, hoho good leh me? I first notice him when a boy helped the blind man to step into the escalator then the boy fleed when he saw his train came. I was behind the blind man, wondering what type of kungfu he gonna use to step out of the escalator. But since I'm a good person, I helped him. This sounds like some retard primary skool assay. Then I asked the blind man where he wanted to go and he replied "Brickfield" then I was thinking "Smart ass, kaypo somemore la. How u gonna know where the phuck is Brickfield, this time sure dem sia sui d". So I dropped the blind man at the information counter and the guy was kind enough to help then I leave ASAP.

Just got my PC before I came back today, yay.


  1. haha,,if I am you..i would rather chop my hand...disgusting ler..keke

  2. Eh.. Don't deny the fact that you got happy for a moment there until you saw the real actual figure...

    Stevie.. don't need to write so long for the log book one la.. who would read chiek ?


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