Sunday, October 07, 2007

Microwave Genting Trip

Had our Microwave course gathering again like any other end of trimester, this time we paid a visit to Uncle Lim.

We took the RM 26 package ( bus & cable car ticket for the day + outdoor themepark/buffet lunch) up from KL Sentral, kinda worthy because if u gonna buy the outdoor themepark ticket on the spot, it cost RM 30+.


Group picture ( from top to bottom ): me, PhayHua, SeeYin, Suchen, YauWai, WeiJin, Sun and stranger.

Just kidding, thats Gary, our cameraman from the Tele course, double kidding haha. It was a great surprise that it didn't rain this time even though SuChen was here.


Even though it was a Friday, Genting was so *crowded that day and thats the only ride we played.

After themeparking, we went back to the hotel for a nap and had dinner at Ummm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh in First World, spent RM 20 for a one serving Ummm Suck Suck bak kut teh. After Ummm Suck Sucking, we went for Uncle Lim's Give-Me-More-Money-Foundation.


Last photo before leaving the 'Entertainment City'

The funny part of the day was Gary locked SuChen inside the merry go round door in front of the hotel lobby.

It was raining that day, so we decided to go down earlier. On the way down, the cable car slowed down due to the weather. After buying a few snacks in the station we went down for our bus and we queue at the wrong platform and got scolded noob by an experienced uncle, shit.


Guess who we met in the platform, small hill isn't it?

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Just watched Planet Terror, recommended for all action movie goers.

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  1. hey hey..nice trip huh..hehe..must enjoy b4 training ler...btw..I had linked you

  2. ooi.. apa stranger? :P

    i not yet charge cameraman fees + photo. hehe...


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