Thursday, November 08, 2007

ITP Week 3: The Bus Ride

Monday, went to buy my bus ticket first before I apply leave on Friday. Don't wanna waste my leave staring at the ceiling at home if I couldn't get bus ticket back home.

Bought my ticket at the Transnasional/Reliance shop in KL Sentral. I stood there 15 minutes and there was no person to serve me then I called for the fat lady behind. She said that the girl incharge of the Transnasional was on leave and told me to wait for them to be free to handle then she continued her grandma stories with her other colleagues, suckass service. I don't understand why I always got that from fat ladies, and I always wonder is that the reason they become fat or being fat is the reason they become. So I told her I'll be back.

I went back there after lunch, and she put a paper with the word "offline" there. I guess that means "phuckoff". Finally I bought my ticket the next day.

Wednesday, went for dinner in Midvalley's Korean shop (I think kampungboycitygirl will post it very soon) with my house, Peh, CK, YC, Vanila and some of the A3 girls. Then the author of the-never-ending-loading-blog asked me how come I still take bus, didn't I read the newspaper, ain't I afraid of the bus drivers, how come don't take place eventhough got terrorist and bla bla bla... then I replied "no money".

Then Peh was kind enough to give me a ride (please, not that kind of ride) to the bus station. Reached the station on time, wanna stop by to watch WWE live world championship also no time.

The bus driver drove super fast, its like Puss driving except the car is not a Camry. This reminded me the-never-ending-loading-blog's bullshit earlier today.

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