Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ITP Week 4: The Access Tag

I was so happy yesterday that finally my tag was ready. Drop all my work and drove all the way to Sunway to collect it.

The glare was necessary to cover up which company I'm having internship with. For those who know or can guess (I think anyone could), please shut up.

This morning, I hanged the tag around me and walked pass the security thinking that I do not need to take that dumb visitor tag anymore. The feeling its like walking also got wind man.

In the lift, seeing everyone having a tag and me too, its like I'm in the club man. Can't wait to show off I have a tag first before any other interns.

Before my office, there was another two guys in front of me. They tapped their tag and entered the office, hold the door and looked back AS IF I DON'T HAVE A TAG. Then I waved my tag, showing them I have a tag too and tapped the machine BUT THERE WAS NO PHUCKING BEEP.

The only word that crossed my mind was GODDAMMIT!

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  1. haha..u didnt notice those face that laugh at you??keke


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