Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Soho, 1 Utama

I'm not a food blogger so didn't bother taking pic of the foods nor surroundings but instead I took something funny.

My family came to KL last week and we went to Soho by Jun (too), 1 Utama for breakfast because of my aunt's recommendation. Soho sells Chinese cuisines and the place is decorated with artists' photos. They even have the artists' face on the chair, sniffing your back or your ass if its big enough. They employed lotsa Chinese workers (I mean from China) and kononnya they are here to study.

The food there are nice, I recommend them but I just wanna point out something we noticed. After u ordered, they will generate a checklist for u (yeah, just like Kim Gary and friends). And it reads...


"Hold Bill Do Not Out"

I started to wonder what is that suppose to mean til I read the Chinese words - a direct translation. Didn't expect that from a restaurant from 1U.
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