Saturday, December 25, 2004

104 HoHoHo

hohoho merry xmas...

finally im back here, phucking lazy to write this shit i tel ya
i stop by since i have ntg to do on xmas day

cut the crap... afta takin 3 phuckin hours to decide to go to bkt bintang... here we go!!!

9 phuckin idiots on the loose

there we reach, phuckin traffic jam again

da sohaiz spanars went to part some so called easy parking which ended up paying $20... phuckin sohai sial

luckili i parked in timesquare $3 ONLY!!!
heard that sohaiz???

heres the so called perfect version of our trip in this
phucking lame blog

qouted and edited for mofoz purposes

after wandering around, these 9 phuckin idiots went for our expensive dinner... forgotten the phuckin name d... which cost me around rm27....the food was phuckin cun sial!!! except for cibai who said its dry n bad... in d end of the day.. little tiger does his stupid shit again... tapao the sugar!!!

so it was time to countdown, 9 so called cool guys but were phuckin idiots walking without spray along the road...looking around ppl spraying and being sprayed...and obviously we oso kena spray...KONONNYA LA CIBAI , u think u r a phuckin god mer? we planned to save money but at last THOSE SOHAI cant.....all bcos using peiwan and frenz as EXCUSE ....they spoiled the SOHAIZ peace walk.... THEY begin THEIR very so called war with them by buying some spray....SOHAI SIAL... thats how they earn money, dumb ass... and THEY lost bcos they are phuckin GUDBOIs..... SOHAI sial and u noe that gudboi need to be thrifty.....the group of cheeky gals got supplier, OFCOZ la GOT SOME IDIOTS GUY to supply them... how can THOSE SOHAI WHO STILL DUNNO HOW THE WORLD ROTATES fight..... nvm gentlemen a bit OK I PHUCKING GIVE THE SOHAI FACE FOR NOW..... but funny thing was peiwans fell down bcos too mabuk with the spray......:P... THIS DANGLING BOOB stolE 3 sprays while the seller not noticing..... PHUCKING HELL STOLE OSO DUNNO HOW 2 SPELL

afraid that tiger's car will be PHUCKING sprayed SISSY SIAL, so we planned to drop by at starbuck to wait....watching passer-by, nice cars, sexy chicks and some ah kua..... I THINK CIBAI ONLY NOTICE THESE PPL so that was the end of our christmas eve...i reached hostel AND DOTA....


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