Sunday, November 03, 2013

1304 A Wonderful Day For A Post

I heard some noises, I opened my eyes, I saw Bad Roomie, I had a backache, I slept on a couch, I looked around, I wtf am I.

Earlier this morning, Ah Bo and I attended Buaya and Buayi's garden wedding.

The wedding was wonderful. We love thumbing the wonderful poster with colorful balloons and the wonderful hand made fans for such a wonderful hot day. Oh ya, Rocklee, thank you for contributing this wonderful picture.

In the afternoon, we went for wonderful tea in China House, where Pussy Slut drew over sized cocks for wonderful pussies.
The momofofo all star: Rocklee, TC, z? (I couldn't remember your nick name) , Pussy Slut, Pehboy, Ven and The Bad Roomie. Thanks The Bad Slut for this wonderful group photo without you.

In the evening, we gathered in the wonderful Golden View service apartment, which the group was living for the past two wonderful days. 

Then, the wonderful Peri Chic had a wonderful drinking game idea. Two wonderful deck of cards will be placed in front of us, where each person will take wonderful turns to draw a wonderful card. Based on the wonderful value of the card, the person should act wonderfully upon it,

If the card is
Ace - wonderfall, the person will drink and others have to follow until they fall.
2 - pick two wonderful person to drink.
3 - drink with three wonderful fingers
4 - wonder girls drink
5 - act like something wonderful
6 - when u put your magic thumb on the table, someone wonderful will drink
7 - sky is wonderful
8 - wonder Ven will drink
I couldn't remember any of the wonderful things after that.

Congrats Señor Buaya and Señora Buayi and thanks for this wonderful day!

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