Monday, June 25, 2007

The Quarz Clock

After Alan's "World Time" clock...

dropped dead a year ago, we bought a RM 2.90 1 clock from Carrefour, Alamanda. It survived only...

one trimester, no wonder its branded 1 (a Carrefour made brand).

Last weekend, WK and Zongz went to buy a new clock from Carrefour, Alamanda...

our new "World Time", available RM 4.90 in Carrefour, Alamanda.

When they came out of Carrefour, they anxiously showed us our new clock and then WK noticed its a...

quarz clock not a quartz clock. OMG, we just bought a fake quartz clock from China. We turned behind to look at the operation instruction...

step 3 stated that
replaced battery once a year even if clock is still running.

then Alan said "i doubt it even last one sem."

our house's new "World Time" Quarz clock

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The case of the stolen Homer Simpson

i was doing my daily routine, checking then then i would like to share something not related to me but i find it very funny

some villians kidnapping Homer Simpson, lol

2 Malaysian college students couldn't wait till July 26 for The Simpsons movie and decided to steal a Homer Simpson figurine from a Simpson family life-size portrait. ... bla bla bla ... o harm done in the end. 20th Century Fox representative Moo Hon Mei told AP that Homer would be reunited with the rest of his dysfunctional family shortly.

reunited with the rest of his dysfunctional family, lol

article taken from 's latest, written by Ryan Ratilal

712 The case of the stolen Homer Simpson

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free MMU Library Services... NOT

after the rocket fly New Vehicle Sticker 2007/2008 charges from RM 1.50 to RM 12 (for students), the "TMC (Top Management Committee Members)" decided to charge RM 100 for library services after 10 years of free services.

from bulletin board

ALL students, would be charged library fees at RM100 per student per academic year and this shall be reflected at all students' financial info kiosk.

unlucky me, a person who hardly go to library to sleep/talk nor borrow any books nor pattoh in the library and will be off for industrial training during the second trimester have to pay RM 100.

Thank you
my dear TMC 'friends'

i would like to remind our fellow MMU friends to make use of the library, make sure its RM 100 worthy.

711 Free MMU Library Services... NOT

Scotch-Brite Bath Scrub

i went to Jaya Jusco, Equine Park for grocery shopping last weekend, the sponge scrub in my toilet is kinda old and we need a new one. so i went for a survey...

  • a non branded sponge scrub is RM 2.50 each.

  • a Scotch-Brite sponge scrub is RM 4.90 each.

  • i bought neither of those, instead i cant believed i spent RM 9.90 on a sponge scrub.

    ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the

    sponge scrub which worth RM 9.90 ~!!! Scotch-Brite Bath Scrub by 3M.

    look at the convincing cardboard labels, cool. this is the Bath Scrub version, there is also the all purpose version but i already forgotten its name.

    diagonal view: it comes with a plastic handle so u do not need to worry in touching any of the creamy+sucky+fugly dirt on your bath tiles.

    Pros: Scotch-Brite's excellent performance, easy to use handle.
    Cons: compared to the typical Scotch-Brite sponge, YES, i spent RM 5 on the stupid plastic handle to keep my hands clean.

    Verdict: for those who wont mind paying for more performance.

    momofofo recommends the Scotch-Brite

    *price based on Jaya Jusco, Equine Park last weekend.

    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    nT Dota Wallpaper 1

    the first nT Dota Wallpaper by 2noob2play (bs)

    featuring: vanila, zongz, imbap3h, tcchang, sangkancil, altkol, turtlez, void, thief and 2noob2play

    download the nT Dota Wallpaper 1

    709 nT Dota Wallpaper 1

    Friday, June 15, 2007

    Low Cost Infrared Modem - momofofo Exclusives

    Title: Low Cost Infrared Modem
    Subject: EPT 4016 Mini Project
    Date: Delta Trimester 1, 06/07

    Introduction: This project introduces you to the design of a simple half-duplex infrared wireless Modem. The Modem will be connected to the serial port of a PC.

    Result Files:

  • download report (pdf)

  • download slides (pdf)

  • download PCB (EWPrj)

  • download source (vb)

  • Authors: Wong, SY and Choo, TS
    Grade: A-

    supervised by: Sim, Wong and Ng

    *This post is intended to assist juniors only.

    708 Low Cost Infrared Modem, exclusively for momofofo on June 15th, 2007
    inspired by 504 that lecturer fella

    New Vehicle Sticker 2007/2008

    Assalamualaikum & Good Day

    Dear MMU Staff/Students,

    MMU have been very kind for charging RM1.50 car sticker over the years.

    due to INCREASING amount of new cars by your fellow RICH and young juniors and to promote the recently hype GREEN thingy,


    the management of the university has approved recently the new AND ROCKET FLY charges for vehicle stickers as follows.

  • For staff, the new charges for car will be RM 12.00 per car and RM 2.00 for motorcycle. pityful staffs also need to pay for carpark

  • For students, the new charges for car will be RM 12.00 per car and RM 2.00 for motorcycle. very GOOD idea, increasing charges by EIGHT FOLDS will encourage students to walk/cycle or carpool to class

  • For vendors, the new charges for car will be RM 50.00 per car and RM 2.00 for motorcycle. pity pity

  • As a reminder, when submitting the application form, please attached together as follows.

  • Copy of staff/student identification card.

  • Copy of valid driving license.

  • The original payment receipt.

  • If you have any inquiry pertaining to the above matter, do please communicate with us as follows.

    Cyberjaya Campus

  • 03-8312 5482 Mr. Hussein

  • 03-8312 5489 Madam Khairani OR

  • 03-8312 5497 Mr. Panir Selvam.

  • E-mail us at

  • *corrected the funny ý appearing in the bulletin post.
    *original content of the post except for the italic comments

    download the vehicle sticker form

    Bored of Oldtown Cafe? Try the Newtown Cafe near HSBC

    editor's dinner sponsored by Newtown Cafe

    707 New Vehicle Sticker 2007/2008

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    706 Just a bad ride

    i just came back from Penang, bought my ticket from some Konsortium counter in Penang. lately theres been lotsa counters selling Konsortium bus tickets. i wanted to buy my tic from my favourite big Konsortium counter but was dragged by some fella wearing Konsortium tee to buy from his smally counter. since its the same, i make sure the smally counter didnt go gulung tikar.

    eventhough, i bought a Konsortium bus ticket but that day i was given a green Season bus from Freebury, kononnya all of them came from same company or Star Alliance of busses.

    i took the last seat in the 12pm bus back to KL. and my advice is...

    especially during a rainy day


    water leaking from the top of the 'emergency' door


    water rolling here and there on the floor

    the bus driver was kinda pro, horning any, i do mean ANY, car in his way. i reach KL in 4 hours.

    love the driver,


    hate the Freebury

    Updates from Cyberjaya:
  • Dell's office in Cyberjaya is almost completed, my dream company...

  • Mingchu in Equine Park opens its upper floor and balcony with more stalls and TVs, i rate Mingchu's repu half star below Asia Cafe, SJ. and

  • momofofo can be viewed using Apple's Safari Beta, and we looks better in it!

  • Posted by Picasa

    Friday, June 08, 2007


    my family used to love Dome, i used to love Dome...
    i love their carrot cakes :D

    since im living a campus life in Cyberjaya, Dome is never a place for me to eat, because its not widely available (not as mushroom as McDonald's) and not as affordable. thats why every time i go back Penang, i'll sure drag my mum to yumcha there.

    few days ago, my sis ponteng her tuition so that she can join me and my mum to the Island Plaza's Dome outlet. as we checked, there is a price hike, my favourite cake went up by RM1 (from RM8.90 to RM9.90 to now RM10.90 if not wrong). we ordered our favourites, my sis: sausage roll & iced chocolate, mum: flat white and me: carrot cake & iced mocha.

    my sis's and mum's orders are fine but my iced mocha is tasteless (as serious as more diluted than Kayu's milo ais). i didnt check my cake is freshly baked or not but my carrot cake was not up to standard. with the price hike, it sucks.

    Verdict: not worth my sis to ponteng her tuition for


    momofofo bans Dome

    Posted by Picasa

    Tuesday, June 05, 2007

    Blogging using Picasa2

    uploading pictures used to be very messy, we had to upload to photobucket, resize pictures and edit the html codes.


    if you notice the small icon below my post, it indicates that the post was posted using Picasa2.

    Picasa is a photo album application which allows enhanced photo editing & organising features, CD creation & more. and the best part is, its FREE from Google.


    the Picasa2 interface

    steps to blog + upload pictures using Picasa2:


    1. click the "BlogThis!" button
    2. sign in your google/blogger account
    3. select the blog which u wanna upload the pictures to plus the layout & image size of the pictures when displayed in the blog.



    after the steps above, you will be brought to a familiar Create Post page with the html codes written inside for you. After you publish the post, Picasa2 will upload the pictures to your Picasa Web Album in Google account.

    Pros: Simple and easy to use
    Cons: Limitation of 4 pictures per post, NOT suitable for hardcore-pic-upload/blogger suck as the-never-ending-loading-blog. (i promote ur blog all the time, u shud start paying me ads d)

    Verdict: Must Have

    momofofo recommends Picasa from Google

    Posted by Picasa

    705 Happy Holiday

    momofofo team would like to wish all MMU students happy holidays and good luck to those who have graduated.

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