Saturday, December 03, 2005

302 The Killer

this is a money killing sem, everyone's birthday is in the end of the year :)

Hapi Birdday THE PUSSY SLUT - November 28th, 2005 (Monday)

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 THE PUSSY SLUT, hapi birdday 2 u

the week before, DONKEY asked whether hes free today... YES
three days before, TURTLE asked whether hes free today... YES
a day before, DEGIL asked whether hes free today... YES
the day itself, THE BAD ROOMIE asked whether hes free today... YES

3 hours before dinner just before we are leaving for a nice dinner celebration with him... NO

his mum called him up, asked him to go back to eat fei hai (fat crab)

so we ended up go celebrate PUSSY SLUT's birdday WITHOUT HIM!!!

Image hosted by
yummy food in Cable Car Restaurant in Sunway without THE PUSSY SLUT!!!

Hapi Birdday VANILA - December 1st, 2005 (THURSDAY)
new clowns: SUPERBOY
returning clowns: CHEERLEADER1
changed name: LENGLUI = MARCH

VAN's birdday was a week ago, but since he went to celeb with 'THEM'.... then ma celeb with him today lo :P just joking la haha

so we went to Sunway AGAIN for the second time of the week and makan in Kimgary, kaw lot of ppl celeb with him sial... happening ppl...

VAN and PUSSY SLUT ordered each other a meal and ordered the same drink... so called celebraing birdday together worrr... dem g :P

name list...
Image hosted by
2. TURTLE eMo~ing
3. BUAYA eMo~ing
4. DONKEY eMo~ing
Image hosted by
5. DEGIL leung chiu wai~ing
6. THE PEHBOY eMo~ing
8. NOVEMBER, ei wheres she?
9. me
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
13. MAY's sis
14. MAY's sis's bf
Image hosted by
17. MAY
Image hosted by
and 20. ROCKLEE the always left out wan :P

if u happened to notice, DONKEY, BAD ROOMIE and me cut botak after watching prison break... girls pls dont let ur bf watch prison break :P

ROCKLEE came in late... then kena screwed by VANILA, then he 'cover story'ed VANILA with his car just now on the way to sunway kena brick hit on the windscreen worrr... and the windscreen pecah worrr... his car is in the workshop now worrr... and we believed it... coz it kinda make sense also la :P

then me and PUSSY "'cover story'???"
ROCKLEE: "yaaa... 'cover story'"

then me and PUSSY "oooo"
in our mind we are thinking ooo cover story... everyone knows d but we didnt know... nvm la... we acted that we know how toh sui he is

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi birdday to VANILA, hapi bd 2 u

then ROCKLEE came out with VAN's birdday cake... now only we know... ROCKLEE's car didnt kena some brick shit eventhou we do believed it happened :P actually he went to buy cake for VAN... and he said 'cover story' worrr... cover story = story in the front page of a magazine la cibek... its COVER UP!!! please get your words right... confuse everyone nia SHHHHHHHHHHHHH

and since its kimgary... theres always something about miss kims...

after cutting the cake, theres lots of cakes left so VANILA... ok from this part onwards... WARNING: strictly for DOTA PLAYERS ONLY!!!

in the beginning of the game... the bounty hunter MaRkEd the naga siren... then hor the naga siren went back to fountain heal... later on the naga siren came back with sladar farming bottom lane... then horrr... the bounty hunter went ww... then came behind the naga siren to bs... manatau kena stomped by sladar... dem sladar buat kacau only... so the bounty hunter went ww again... standing beside the nagas waiting for the sladar go toilet... at last... the sladar sek cho... sladar walked away... then this is the critical moment when the bounty hunter came out from ww and pawn the naga siren... OWNING... this bounty hunter has BIG KOHANAZ, u got or not???

Lesson of the day
Image hosted by
DONT CUT BOTAK, i hate mofoz touching my hair :(

end of the day, a picture with lenglui
Image hosted by
beauty and the botak :P

oh ya, if u happen to notice... i dont even have a picture with VANILA inside =))

Hapi birdday Birthday LENGLUI - DECEMBER 3rd, 2005 (SATURDAY)

new clowns: CHAP, KAO, DF

for the third time in this week, ThE ScReWdRiVeRz are in sunway... for the first time ScReWdRiVeRz are way too happening... goodbye my dotaaaaaa.... and goodbye my moneyyyyyyy :P

we went to sushi king for dinnerrrrrr :)

Image hosted by
the ScReWdRiVeRz family pic featuring SUPERBOY, VANILA and PEHBOY u might be wondering why featuring PEHBOY, The ScReWdRiVeRz only work with 8 members so we voted him out the clan to take NOVERMBER as ScReWdRiVeR's MVP coz she can cien miku and make jelly for us :)

Image hosted by
the eMo founders... PURA and PURA :P
dont bother the chaboh in the middle

after sushi~ing, we went halo cafeeeee

Image hosted by
the happening grouppp
L2R: VANILA, SUPERBOY, BUAYA, PEHBOY, JANUARY, CHAP(ten in hokkien), KAO (nine in hokkien but not dog rrr :P ), LENGLUI, APRIL, DUDE (hes missing for sometime, hehe), FEBRUARY and DF

Image hosted by
not enough tables and chairs... SaD and eMo :(( ei, housemates photo, hahaha didnt realise :)

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi birdday birthday 2 LENGLUI, hapi bd 2 u :)

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
end of the day, we joined them... NO SaD and eMo anymoreeeeeeeeeeeee :P

just another hapi day :)

Hapi Birdday BUAYA - DECEMBER 6th, 2005 (TUESDAY)
hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi birdday 2 BUAYA, hapi bd 2 u

coming soonnnnnnnn

Hapi birdday Birthday DECEMBER - DECEMBER 19th, 2005 (Monday)
we went dinner with her in some place PEHHHHHH recommended... mee and rice in sk

a place with nice bar
Image hosted by

nice cutlery
Image hosted by

nice food also... i guess...
Image hosted by
the dem latt laksa which NOVEMBER and DECEMBER eat til wanna die like that

the chiky meal for kids...
Image hosted by

some victory food for PEHBOY... dunno what lei geh
Image hosted by

and my belacan chic
Image hosted by
errr... can eat wan rrr?

Image hosted by

in the end of the month... we celebrated so many birthdays... no money liaooooo... DONKEY suggested next year we save money the whole year just to buy presents and have nice meals with birthday kiddoes :)

Monday, November 14, 2005

301 The New Sem

the Saturday night, went to erl to pick up BREEZE and DIZZY... when i reached i came out of the car to open the boots for them to put their bags. the place was dark, poor lighting and BREEZE was showing a big grin :D i was like wtf??? why is this chaboh showing her teeth to me??? then only i remembered she told me she made braces 2 weeks ago during the break... hmmm... i thought your teeth are fine?

so we entered the car then DIZZY show her hair to me, asking me is her hair nice or not? its so niceeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

after dropping them, i came back and i told my housemate that DIZZY straigthen her hair... then my housemate asked isn't that DIZZY's hair is straight?

this sem, i'd promised myself that i will study in library til 6pm after class.

and since
ppl who has fine teeth go make braces
ppl who has straight hair go straighten her hair

why not
ppl who dont study... DONT STUDY

so after my class, I DIDNT GO STUDY
and instead i went bowling with my housemates and NOVEMBER :P
and i got OwNeD kaw kaw coz i didnt keep my promise :(

the new sem, DARLIE is still darlie... always late for classes, but he photocopy notes for us :)

balacandran and waikit have the same haircut, so we called them balakit and waikitcandran

and we have new lecs like wong siew kin and dr chuah teong kee (lets assume, he = chuah kt + peh teong kee , in short hes godlike la) for etm

so in the beginning of the class, DARLIE showed us the online attendance... some new 'SYSTEM' which mmu implement this sem to make sure THEY CAN BAR US.

The 'new' and 'improved' Student Information Center
Image hosted by

which DARLIE has no idea how to use it :P

mmu's killer app to counter student skipping class = the online attendance system

Image hosted by

still beginning of the sem, full attendance :D

after showing us the 'new' and 'improve' online system, DARLIE continue his lesson...

after his lesson, DARLIE start taking attendance and fill it into the website... after filling, he clicked submit

and the


poped out :P

and poor DARLIE had to login againnn and take attendance againnn...

since taking 2 subject is relative free, so DEGIL, BUAYA and me decided to take co like any other students... so we took spanish, hoho

we missed the first class on tuesday coz the annoucement was late, so we went the 2nd class...

the class is in DR2003 in fcm and theres NO DR2003 in fcm!!! theres ONLY AR2003

we went in, theres like few students there, mostly ninjas and friends... hmmm... okay... then later on theres this bunch of chix came in... class just gets more interesting :P after awhile a spanish chic, u know those like the one u watch in tv, curly hair, pretty face with their spanish ascent, hohoho

she was like speaking spanish and writing some worm letters with a NO INK marker pen which we have no idea what shes writing and then...

that bunch of chix left the class, hohoho

i wanted too, just that... we must give her face ma!!!

so we stayed...

and by the way, its a 3 hours class... u could imagine the bullet time in her class

and we are learning how to write about-my-family short paragraphs like
mi hermano novid es una biatch

which i have no idea whats that

so in the end of the suffering day, this is the first thing i do once i reached home...

Image hosted by

home sweet home~

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Season 2 Finale

216 End of Trimester 1 2005/06 (Sept 29th - November 13th, 2005)
last season count: 32 posts
this season count: 16 posts :( this blog gonna die soon like the oc 2nd season

New Clowns: K WONG=tzerhaur, SALIKA=saritha, CUTIECOMPACT=bengkhim, WHAT IS TELCO's fren=alex, PONG=gzewei, MR. CHARITY=seemean, GOLDFLY=kimfei
Name changes: PRESIDENT=sun, DROW-RANGER=wong2, DIZZY=suchen

Exam Week (Sept 29th - Oct 6th)
dont wanna talk bout it, DWTU

(Dont Want Tell U is registered trademarks of zongz's Xanga Site)

Evening of Oct 6th (Thu), 4.30pm = MeRdEkA mErDeKa MeRdEka~!!!

finally we are going new paris~!!! the greatest success of this trip is that all ScReWdRiVeRz and co had full attendance~!!! without THE-BAD-SLUT of coz... he was fired beginning of the season... our under probation clanmate, BUAYA is here along with representative from SpAnAr Clan, ENTAO kia and representative from FaTaLeRoR Clan, NOVEMBER :)

Pak Suk Kong, yum yum :P

Macis Academic Ass Enrichment Program (Oct 10th - Oct 21st)
i do believe everyone has a role in this program... my role is to be a TRANSPORTER. since Transporter 3 is not filmed in france nor america but Kuala Lumpuh, the producers decided to cut cost... the main diff is that im no driving an audi nor a lambo but a lau peh chia butterfly :((

Day Before AEP(Oct 10th - Sun)
after packed my bags, oh my phone bat almost dead... will charge it in the hotel so i went to hostel for briefing...

Mission: Transport The PRESIDENT and his secretary, DIZZY from Cyberyaya to Pearl International.

so we reached, checked in... not bad for a downgraded four star hotel (currently 3 star) but the prob is i cant cucuk my 2 pin plug phone charger into the 3 pin port :| how can u expect me to give a good verdict if this sh hotel dont even allow me to charge me dem phone~!!!

so i went down to the carpark to get the rest of my formal clothes, took my clothes so i followed the nearest elevator up to lobby, to my surprise... its lobby but its a shopping complex lobby instead of the hotel lobby... omfg im phucking lost!!! so stupid me holding 7 hangers of formal clothes on the left hand while a box of iron on my right hand... hopped to the nearest shop and asked the auntie how to get to the hotel lobby... its in the other end of the complex... so pity me walk thru the complex with my hands full of stuffs... paiseh ni :->

dinner, buffet is not bad :)

so far no one wanna room with me, hurray i pao-ed the whole room. since we are leaving at 830 tmr, so gotta sleep early and wake up early. so locked the door and slept quite early tonight. Midnight 12am, my wonderful dream (its dry incase u guyz are wondering) was disturbed by some mofo banging my room door... then i went to take a look, oh its WHAT-IS-TELCO's fren... ya... hes my roomie

Day 1 (Oct 11th - Mon)

buffet breakfast, cun cun... so since all of the cyberyayaz know each other, 8 of us sat one table, then suddenly we notice a table opposite us with four were always staring at us... so what we did???

of coz la we STARE BACK~!!! they are the malakan four

so off we go to Macis in subang hitech with a hotel van... a kia

Ven's Tip: whenever u are in van, never EVER sit facing backwards... u gonna puke all the way to subang hitech

reached subang hitech, entered the boardroom to meet Miss NEELA Trump :) so 12 of us (K WONG, SALIKA,CUTIE COMPACT, WHAT IS TELCO's fren, PONG, MR. CHARITY, GOLDFLY, PRESIDENT, DIZZY, DROWRANGER, IMBA and me) were split into 2 groups: the BOOKSMARTz and the ASS SMARTz

our program leader: WHAT IS TELCO's fren

our groupleaders: PONG (BOOKSMART leader currently using digi line) and WHAT IS TELCO's fren (ASS SMART leader currently using celcom line)

this sounds convincing neither of our Macis leader is using Macis line :P

So the program started, Mr Siva came in and showed us presentation slides... OMFG... i had enough of presentation slides for the whole sem and now over and over AGAINNN???

this program is dem cun, we got 2 dollar coupon for lunch in SHT... free buffet breakfast and dinner, not to mention the free accomo... 'basically' dont need to spend money in this program if u are dem good in taking ONLY 2 dollar chap fan from the canteen every lunch

the plan is like this, eat KAW KAW during the breakfast buffet then eat the trophy ice cream ONLY (trust me, u really deserve a trophy for this) then when balik from work, eat KAW KAW during the dinner buffet

after lunch, Mr Siva brought us to 'NVM' center to take a look, showed us how boring working in Macis and how the workers there spend their time infront of the super cun dell lcd chatting ym. oh ya, if u guys are wondering what is 'NVM', 'NVM' means NeVerMind

so in the end of the day, all of us guai guai buat report PROGRAM LEADER SAID MUST WRITE 2 PAGES~!!!

Day 2 (Oct 11th - Tue)
next morning, all of us guai~ guai~ handed up one stack of report to Ms NEELA then she said dont need to buat report de la after program ni write 2 pages send to her can d. all of us sohai sohai follow that gao~ gao~ program leader, kononnya WHAT IS TELCO's fren

Today we had TOC from Pn. Heriati. Dont ask me bout whats TOC, i was busy fishing that day :P

to celebrate our sohainess we went to mv to watch flightplan :)

Image hosted by

the next morning, everyone couldnt wake up for breakfast, LOL

Day 4 (Oct 13th - Thu)
today we had IN lessons from Victor N. some imba fella kononnya... suddenly this mofo talk so much of IEE, promoting how good IEE is and how cun to be a professional engineer... then the dark side revealed... hes some chief editor in the IEE newsletter

this is a good example of 'POP-UPS' u can find in the street... giving u advertisements which u dont wanna bother!!!

then this mofo talk so much that he couldnt finish and we missed our lunch... and canteen no more food :(( and that SMART ASS leader suggested we walk to the coffee shop 5 blocks away... omg in the hot sun??? u WHAT IS TELCO's fren better GFY... so we had trophies to celebrate how hungry we were becoz of that VICTOR!!!

breakfast and dinner buffets started to get dem boring d... they switched from chicken rendang to beef rendang to ikan rendang to sotong rendang to pasta rendang... omfg

Day 5 (Oct 14th - Fri)
stationed in sunway instead of SHT, yay~!!!

and we gotta take the senior's toyota van coz yesterday 'someone' vomitted in the van :P i wonder which serior will vomit :P

so we walked to sunway pyramid for lunch but no 2 buck coupon :(

on the way we took a Macis AEP family photo without DROW-RANGER
Image hosted by

after walking around, the mmu tradition = undecisive of settling down where to eat... PRESIDENT and secretary went for shishiking, some fedup d ended up in mcd =)) some kim gary... cilabang, K-WONG, DROW and GOLDFLY ni tak panggil... so me ended up in ichiban ramen eating unadon, hehehe

after lunch we had this SYPOSIUM about '3G' by some 'respected' DR fella. so i remembered the night before, IMBA and DIZZY asked what to wear and i replied, its a SYMPOSIUM and the speaker is a DR, we must respect him... cannot wear jeans and sport shoe, must wear full formal~!!! so they did wear full formal :)

the diff between 2g and 3g is its content, thats so true

the presentation title is 3g but the content not bout 3g... wtf

the best part is that in the end of the presentation, this DR fella actually got confused by himself =)) im very sorry girlz... some DR... DUNNIT TO RESPECT DE!!!

after dinner, some went back...

and the others stayed for 'meeting'

Bkt Binatang Day (Oct 15th - Sat)
good morning sunshine :) its saturday but we waked up freaking early... for the free buffet breakfast :P so after our breakfast, IMBA came backed to the hotel with her WMT aka IMBA mobil to fetch us to timesquare in bkt binatang :) im off duty as transporter for one day!!! hahaha

we had teppanyaki for lunch... neh remember the sucky yucky shop back in finding adiprene in season 1

PRESIDENT ordered the sucky yucky...

PRESIDENT's verdict: sucky yucky is sucky yucky... all vege de

then suddenly I MISS KUNGFU showed up drinking finish SALIKA's drink and punching IMBA... too much, pity SALIKA had to ordered herself a new drink. after lunch we went to watch sound of thunder... dem cun sial... i will show u the peh's two thumbs up~!!!

moral of the story: dont kill butterfly

Image hosted by

1 Utama Day (Oct 16th - Sun)
wanted to bring these guyz to sunrise roasted duck... malou... dem full again... this is the !@#$%^% 3rd time i missed the roast duck... ended up we eat the chap fan beside :((

so we went 1U, took us 30 min to find one parking place... so we (GOLDFLY, MR CHARITY, PRESIDENT, DIZZY and me) went to bowl without K WONG while SALIKA and CUTIE went to shop. after that we played pool and foosball :) and we missed the miss malaysia charity show in the centre court, omg i cant believe i just missed it :((

Day 6 (Oct 17th - Mon)
so i was fishing during the whole program...

at night, we went to mv for bowling coz K WONG beh shiok he didnt play with us that day, haha... siao siao all of them diam diam... all pro bowler ni... this is the first time in my life i scored 90 and its DROW's first time to bowl and she sucker scored 89, too much... how convincing and how disappointing

Image hosted by
K WONG gonna kill someone if he drops his balls :P

after that we went for pool sommore :D

and like that day, we couldnt wake up for breakfast :P

Day 7 (Oct 18th - TUE)
today we had lessons from Chris Chew about macis products and he showed us the mblog services from macis, where he took our photo with his fon, blog it and post it

Image hosted by

that nite we went to steven's corner in oug, ya the place where the ScReWdRiVeRz promised to bring me there every sem break which NEVER!!!

Image hosted by
thx IMBA~

Last Day = Day 9 (Oct 20th - THU)
this program is dem shiok, since 1st oct macis no sat work and tomorrow, fri is holiday sommore. it became 9 days program and we still get paid the same amount...untung sial :D

we had some presentation... and since no one bothers to teach us anything anymore... we ended early and we went redbox... omg all of this Macis ppl diam diam, all of them are k wong sial

after dinner in ming tian we went back to the hotel 'meeting' for the last time

Bye Bye AEP (Oct 21st - FRI)
hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 DEGIL, hapi bd 2 u :)

PRESIDENT, DIZZY and me went mv for lunch and then we went back cyber... and he left 20 bucks in my car... too much... really treated me as taxi driver ni :((

so i packed my stuff and went to my aunt's place

Hapi belated bd DEGIL (Oct 22nd)
went to repair my butterfly, so the mechanic jacked up my car then suddenly theres no power and my car stucked 6 feet above for like 3 hours... omfg

i waited phucking 3 hours for the car to come down, then PEHBOY came and we went 1U to bowl, we tried so hard to play nicely but that faker DEGIL cincai cincai play also owned us with 150++... thats encouraging :(

after that we watched doom

WARNING: doom is strictly for FPS fans only, dont bring ur gal to watch... she gonna phucking kill ya for this movie

we went to murni for dinner :) BEHBOY suggested we go mmorpg in ss2 to dota... fuiyo kononnya sponsor for blue server, their com should be dem cun de but instead they lag like hell and the only thing cun in the cafe are the chics... peh ni... NEVER TRUST PEH!!!

Balik Kampong (Oct 24th - Mon)
early morning i followed my unc to have breakfast with him somewhere near masjid jamek, he brought me to an indian food (some imba indian chain all around the world de la). then he told me this imba capati dem cun de so he ordered for me... so i took my first bite... oh phuck, phucking spicy... then my unc asked "hey do u eat spicy food wan arrr?" then i tahan my tougue and replied "ya, i love them"

after the 'wonderful' breakfast, i went to buy the ticket for the earliest bus... and theres only 5 person in the bus, lol then we stopped at jalan duta to pick up another 4 passengers... haha only 9 person in the bus... this mofo driver drove freaking slow... 2pm only reach

and my mom cooked my fav sweet and sour fish for me :D

so my bro and sis started complaining that everytime i come back sure got nice food to eat and when im gone they have to eat chicken rice and porridge :P

KAYU DAY (Oct 27th - THU)

went kayu with TEECEEBEE, yinching and jiasheng :)

and my bro waited for me to dota at 1am while hes having spm, hahaha

and thats why i kena halau dari rumah :P

Bye bye Penang (Oct 30th - SUN)
the night before i saw the newly release quake4... i wanna buy~!!! but dad dun allow coz bro spm :((

so we are going for a pd stay one night, to jb take car to singapore :)

my bro didnt join us coz he need to go to tuition worrr... budak celaka ni kononnya got chic drive him to tuition!!!

so we reached pd, me and my dad went to play golf in palm spring... frankly the course there dem suck and i rili do mean it... no upkeep and weeds all around but the tiara resort opposite it roXxX... we went to the bistro after dinner, we drank and played foosball...

so theres no coins for us to play the foosball machine, so my dad paid the cashier and he lifted up the machine to take the balls out... and we noticed theres no lock for the machine, kekeke... so after we finished the balls... my mum stood infront to cover up and we lifted the machine ourself and play for another few rounds :P

Singapore here we come!!! (Oct 31st - Mon)
the morning, we went to some mamak to have breakfast... and then i started complaining bout the phucking flies around... then my dad asked me do i know whats famous in pd... i rili no idea... then my dad answered FLIES, lol... soli to my fella friends from pd but its true :P

so we went to johor, ate at some place called zhunin or something and we went to my dad's hotel, eden garden, roXxX~!!! theres a duty free complex beside it sommore. so we took a chartered car to singapore for 120 bucks to meet my niece :D

'Shopping Day'(Nov 1st - TUE)
we went to the raffles

Image hosted by
my niece, isnt she cute :)

then we went merlion

Image hosted by
my sis, mum and me with the merlion

Image hosted by
me, my niece, my cousin's husband, my cousin and my sis

Image hosted by
me and my sis in some cultural shit center

so we went to taka in orchard road... my opinion is dont shop in singapore!!! now i know why my dad dont wanna come singapore... everything is phucking expensive... singapore is a nono to me

so we entered LV shop, the LV in malaysia is like no people wan but the LV in singapore is like some pasar malam like that, dem packed... my mum was looking for this bag and it cost 900 bucks so i was like thinking since when LV is so dem cheap... then only i realise its in sing dollar, crap...

so poor me came back empty handed :(

Discovery Day (Nov 2nd - WED)
today we went science centre... u know when u bring kids ( i meant my sis :P ) around u need to bring them to some educational stuffs which they wont understand no shit and they wont bother :P

so the only beneficial thing i did for the day is to

Image hosted by
leave a middle finger mark in this metal crap thing

i wanna go home :(( singapore suXxX

Hokkien Char (Nov 5th - SAT)
rot at home, then went yumcha with PUSSY SLUT, TURTLE and DEGIL... but murni tutup so we went all the way to jalan 222 for hokkien char... so this 3 mofoz told me the stories of ipoh trip which they had fun WITHOUT ME :(( we laughed non stop :)

oh ya, i forgotten to tell u guyz that PUSSY SLUT treated us the Hokkien Char coz hes very bery hapi this sem, dunno why horrr :P

FUZZY Raya Visit (Nov 7th - FRI)
Guest clown: PAGAR = phagat

my aunt tapaoed chap fan for lunch: bak coh , vege, tauhu... omg im like semi vegetarian d :((

then PEHBOY came and fetch me to 15 for lunch at tomyam chao fan :) and we caught DEGIL at 15 buying 3 hours of dota game i guess, which he said he retired the night before =))

so we went to cheras and meet FUZZY and the projet there, so we went uphill... downhill... then we stopped.., then FUZZY said SHERY and JYHI are at the lrt station 10 blocks away... so we went uphill... downhill... all the way to tasik selatan to pick them and PAGAR :) and we passed the projet AGAINNN... then uphill AGAINNN... downhill AGAINNN... and theres so many freaking bumps... i feel like puking d la... if im the driver instead of peh... i'd drove back to 15 d lo... FUZZY's house is like freaking far weiiiiii...

then we reached his house, met his mom... nice person... and we ate malay food which we have no idea how to eat :P only thing nice is the cornflakes cookie which the 4 year old niece buat de... PUSSY's favourite niece, lol :P then they joked bout the excosism of a lime in front of FUZZY house

later on, we went to mv and we watched duckling little :) this is the Ven's two thumbs up NOT PEH's

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Ven's Playlist

Ven's Pick

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

anyone are welcome to post their playlist in my comments :)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

215 Something about ROCKLEE feat. BLOSSOM and BUBBLES

my name is soo
soo yi chang
ven calls me ROCKLEE
but i dunno why
maybe coz its the only name he could remember
i stay in puchong
driving a red satria
im a lousy road bullier
after i bullied peh
my car kena total-ed
blah blah blah...

hahahhahaha, no worries folks. this post is not about ROCKLEE's bio im just joking

Date: August 30th, 2005 (Tuesday)


i have cisco class every tuesday night, and i have skipped twice for the reason of exam the next day and ended up dota. and this time im gonna skipped it AGAIN for the thrid time for ROCKLEE. what are friends for? best excuse to skip class :D happy birthday dude, cheerz

so we meet up each other in Yuan Steamboat just opposite sunway pyramid

Steamboat in Yuan

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
girls girls girls, non stop taking pictures of themselves... they actually got more photos than the birthday boy's photos... pugg (pity u gaw gaw)

Image hosted by
whoaa... steamboat, which normally i eat once every year during chinese new year... so eating during ROCKLEE's birthday, suppose to be quite keng la

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watching ROCKLEE, BLOSSOM and CHEERLEADER1 boil eggs

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hmmm... suck ass, yuckiest eggs i ever saw :P

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DUDE lagi smart, boiled the egg at the steamboat ventilation... migod what could a FOM students think of???

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let the pro show u how :P ummm, pls ignore the kelefe eating behind

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checkout my egg, thx to BLOSSOM from the powerpuff girls :)

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and this is what happened to the other guys...

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dem SAD (single and desperate), LOL


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IMBAPEH, VANILA, ALT-KOL, KK39, DUCKLING (im not clan nt!!!) and THIEF

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saw that, warning dulu

and this is what we do...
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use a tissue to cover the plates, hoping that the shopkeeper wont notice it

last but not least
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next time gotta take photo with BUTTERCUP too!
that will be a new post dedicated for the powerpuff girls =))

Sunway Pyramid

after dinner, we went to sunway pyramid... all met up in lobby, just infront of starbucks. all here d without ROCKLEE and his gang... sure kena road bully again, the only reason hes late :P so hes here, all of us stood there buat bodo... then finally someone voiced up BOWLING... so all of us went up :)

reached bowling alley, all lanes are full... so what we did??? took picture with the fish outside lo

'rach can send me a sample of these fishy pix u girls took?'

after admiring the fish for half an hour, they decided to watch movie... so we bought tickets for Dukes of Hazzard :D cun cun got jess simpson!!! johnny knoxville and seann william scott are just kelefe in the movie... the movie is at 11.35, how are we gonna spend this one and a half hour in pyramid while all shops are closed???

then DUDE said lets halo cafe... ma go lo... reached there... need cover charge worrr... 23 bucks per person... malou... these type of stupid place also need 23 bucks??? i rather go starbucks and treat someone la, sh

so... we went starbucks... full also la of coz, its merdeka eve and where do u expect sj-ers to go? then suddenly LABORDAY found out that he losted his wallet, so he and MAY and the search team went to search for his wallet. so what the rest do??? most of them stoned infront of the starbucks, while the others 'hardworking' ones tend to 'work' there la of coz :P

after waiting for half an hour, we decided to go to the bowling alley to lepak...

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DECEMBER, VANILA, IMBABOWLER, DECEMBER, BUBBLES, THE-BAD-ROOMIE, me, PROCLUBBER and BUAYA lepak-ing in the alley. met DAFEI and WUGUI and their friends playing there too.

finally there are lanes and VANILA, ROCKLEE, NOVEMBER, IMBABOWLER and me played bowling!!! :)

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birthday boy's golden bowl

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How to Play Bowling by NOVEMBER

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1. throw the ball and wish wun masuk longkang
2. haha sure masuk longkang liao
3. laugh at your ownself LOL

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no worries, i will never show my longkang pix :P

thx to our cheerleaders

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the silent assassin, IMBABOWLER... see her diam diam, manatau spare and strike all the way, faker

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saw that 138 wei!!!
and pls dun laugh at my score :P

after the game, we rushed to the cinema

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DOLLY and BLOSSOM outside cinema :)

The Dukes of Hazzard
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Synopsis: to be short, johnny and seann always get busted by cops, and the only way to get them out is the cousin, jessica by striping in the police station

Verdict: Must watch

ROCKLEE laughed so loud in the cinema, migod... he must be dem hapi la

after the movie, everyone went back without taking picture with the anw bear :( MAY and LABORDAY wanted to find his wallet in yuan, so i brought them there but still couldnt find it, so we decided to go to the police station to report. we went the one infront of ming tian, since theres road block and i couldnt enter that area... i parked my car infront of pyramid and they went to settle.

BUAYA went to find them, so me and PROCLUBBER stayed in the car. then this is what we saw, a girl-a pushing girl-b infront of guy-c... then girl-a fell by herself, sh. then the guy-c go help her up, hugging hugging her, smart ass. after some pushing and quarreliing, girl-b left and guy-c helped girl-a go home.

according to PROCLUBBER's theories, the girl-a must have eaten feng tao yun :P thats a good one but to me its more like her bf slept with her best friend :P

after such 'interesting' incident, me and PROCLUBBER decided to go find them but actually is to take a walk infront of sunway :P when we reached the police station, we saw these 3 lady clubber... more like kampung auntie, tehy talk dem loud like those people who sells fish in pasar. they were quarreliing with the police to let their 'daddy' out. after a few minutes LABORDAY and MAY are done with the report and we went back cyber :)

Date: 31st August, 2005 (Wednesday)
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selamat hari merdeka!!!

just to show how patriotic the ScReWdRiVeR's clan are...
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PUSS bought a 3 bucks flag from pasar malam and hanged it in our balcony

so that day... we woke up dem 'early' which is 10am to go for dim sum in sk

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dim sum at pajin in sk

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my photo pouring tea again... i still dont get it, why take photo me pouring tea???

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haha who wasted this siew mai coz its not nice???

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this fella dem mofo, kesi kesi take pic with NOVEMBER

wanna take pic with her just say la, haha

after 'breakfast' we went back cyber to sleep =))

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