Monday, July 25, 2005

210 Ended with a Fairy Tale featuring PROF-CHUAH


Date: July 18th, 2005 (Monday)
monday is morning class day :D finished class and met ROCKLEE on the way to library. since its spring, we have this sakura fest in mmu~!

sakura tree

and this is what we saw

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
people taking pictures in their own campus, LOL

we dont see this everyday :P

and believe it or not, theres even a fella who setup a website for these sakuras, here

library to study? NOP, ended up crapping with ROCKLEE. wanted to stay til 6pm but went back home at 4+ with the best excuse: hungry :P

Date: July 20th, 2005 (Wednesday)
just wanna tell u guys that OLD-CHIC asked me how to do mw1 lab :P

Date: July 22nd, 2005 (Friday)
8.30pm, cee-cee-na lab. kelefe5, me, PUSS and MILO were sitting behind PROF-CHUAH (unix13).

image removed due to offensive purposes

and this is what we did

Image hosted by
ping unix14 -l 65500 -n 9999999999999999999999999

Image hosted by
our windows, kekeke

Image hosted by
each of us ping him this much :P

ended up his download crashed :P

so he went internet options, made some changes... nothing happened, LOL. so he adjust his monitor screen,

image removed due to offensive purposes

oh my god... does it helps? and hopelessly looking at his friend surfing internet at full speed :P

having hundred of pinging command runnning, i have to stop pinging to upload these pictures so we decided to ping his friend, unix14. finally he has connection, he went airasia trying to check the flight schedule. then MILO said "ping him back" LOL

having a hard time surfing, he decided to download some software called packet tracer wor... maybe can trace whos the one who is screwing with him, so to be safe, i changed my ip and MILO restarted his com :P

CCNA lab is the best time to have fun :)

Date: July 23rd, 2005 (Saturday)
HaAgEnDaAz Converse Trip 2 featuring probation member, GOLDFISH
this is our second HaAgEnDaAz Trip out to search for converse shoes :D reached there at lunch time, everyone is hungry but we stoned there for 15 minutes to think where to eat. so finally we decided to eat in manhattan, when we got there... its under renovation so we stoned there for another 15 minutes again...

so we decided to go for sushi king, on the way there SOMEONE saw tepanyaki

SOMEONE: lets go tepanyaki
me: haih girls, see one want one
GOLDFISH: girls arent like that wan

when we reached tepanyaki, GOLDFISH saw a jap fast food chain store called yo shi wa em chai and she said...

GOLDFISH: lets go yo shi wa em chai
me: yalo, girls arent like that wan :P

so we ended up eating there :) after meal we went to the converse shop tengok-tengok. there are less model compare to 1U, think think, converse not worth to buy ler... ended up all of us came out without shoes :((

its mega sale, we went to guess for look see look see. saw a jeans, dem cun, less 60% and 200 bucks only... size 30 also shit loose so they said let C3PO try, and mh that mofo can wear!!! now i dulan C3PO liao rampas my jeans, pencuri~!

went zara too, the discounted jeans no size :( shud hav bought that day :( ended up buying in levis. mega sale, buy in shop which no sale, dem stupid sial :P

dinner, ate the highly acclaimed laksa in jusco, go back stomachache :(

came back cyber without converse :((

Date: July 19th, 2005 (Sunday)
Nap Day
NOVEMBER made breakfaast, cun :D
then PEHBOY, BUAYA, BAD-ROOMIE, NOVEMBER and me went for chicken rice trip without ROCKLEE :P

Date: July 20th, 2005 (Monday)
by the way, i opened a cafe (choo's cafe) in mmu in campus :D pls drop by my cafe :)

what are other cyberjayers doing?

DUDE's Private

DUDE and SWEET from dude, wheres my car?

PUCAT's Story
DEGIL spotted some 'interesting' typo in her blog

Image hosted by
she called PEHBOY, my peh :D

Image hosted by
mr peh, this is the real typo :P

ROCKLEE's Step in Life
Image hosted by
cinderella still waiting at the bus stop

Image hosted by
... no comment

Image hosted by
... no comment

Image hosted by
is that a compliment or a disgrace? :P

ok, let me tell u guys a story...

a long loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, theres this 4 hobbits
Image hosted by
hobbita, hobbitb, hobbitc and hobbitd buy costumes here

who lives in

the shire Real location: Matamata - Waikato - North Island

and theres an evil force headed by

saruman and his two towers

with a mission to get the hobbit's

Image hosted by
jacob biscuit, saruman: my kiam pia

but he was stopped by an IMBA wizard called

Image hosted by
gandalf: you shall not pass!!!

gandalf riding his

Image hosted by
yellow deer, LOL

after saruman's ass was kicked by the yellow deer

theres still

Image hosted by

so while they are snatching the kiam pia, they the kiam pia into two and both sides keep each of the kiam pia then live hapily ever after :)



  1. kiam pia = cream cracker in hokkien :P

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