Friday, March 31, 2006

425 Gifts from E-Run

i didnt join erun, but i read it from my fellow friend, pucat's blog

erun which she didnt go also... but still got things to blog out of it

and she kinda love the gifts they gave

kaw lot of gifts ler, 12 bucks for all these is really really pangi goat tuate

minus off those rubbish gifts they gave, will only left

the BEST from the best sponsor, rakan muda is really good in finding sponsors

which they expected that candidates will have sex after a tiring day of marathon

the NO word reminds me that a year ago, i was 'cheated' by my old friend to go this 'rave' party back in pearl of orient. oh yes... the party was also sponsored by our great uncle durex and they had this miss durex thingy... which guys will vote for their durex 'queen' with sms, and the future miss durex are suppose to complete the slogan "when i have sex... i will practice safe sex blah blah blah", which i wonder whether it did happen during erun.

so i went back home with the condom of cause. knowing that i wont be 'needing' it (which u know why :( ) i gotta find a way to get rid of it. if i threw it in the rubbish bin, the last thing i wanna know is that my mum is asking who's condom was that. so i decided to put in my bro's wallet. the next morning, a sunday, a family day... when we were about to leave home, i was tieing my shoe laces and my bro came out from the room with a ffff you look :P

the last time i went back for tri break, THE CONDOM is still on the table

424 Vacancy for Pornstar

was busy 'reading' ecp til my 'good' housemate send me an 'interesting' forward ym msg

better view of it

job description
title: pornstar (male/female) i believe male applicants overnumbered females
race: preferably chinese but malay/indian also can racist producers
allowance: free meal, make-up + hair-do, transportation, entrance fee to genting not bad ler
requirements: can act + cry what type of porno requires crying?
pay: RM60 for desperate virgins, its not about the money

contact: neesa

Sunday, March 26, 2006

423 The 'Brinjal' Muffin Story

having a bad time reading the ecp 'sejarah' paper til my 'bestest' friend Miss FEBRUARY ym-ed me and say she got 'hou yeh' to 'yik' me :)

so i rushed to her place to take the 'hou yeh'... and she gave me 4 muffins. 1 suppose to be for PUSSY SLUT cause he rescued them from 'that' incident. and since my house got another 3 person, i 'beh paiseh' asked another one for my another housemate... so i had 4 + 1 = 5 , lefting the BAD ROOMIE out :))

so i brought them home and all of us enjoyed the muffin :)

by the looks of it, with the round round thingy on top

let me guess, brinjal muffin

for more info please check out

Banana Coffee Muffin in kampungboycitygal

422 Hassan Ass Raise Price Again!!!

when hassan ass first started in cyberjaya, 2 years ago...
nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur = RM4.20 :)

six months ago, fuel price increased, good excuse to raise their price.
the same old nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur = RM4.70 d :(

two weeks ago, my last eating in hassans... same old thingy, price was still RM4.70

still the same old nasi putih + ayam kicap + sayur thingy = RM5.00 :((

all thanks to the 30 cents fuel increase, giving excuses for blood sucking businessmen to hike up their price. my RM50 fuel tank can barely run 260km compare to 330km previously. and i still failed to get a pay raise from my lovely 'sposors' (parents) :(

thx to Mr. Gov im adapting too well to it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

421 Carnival of Japan @ Multimedia University Cyberjaya

Carnival of Japan in Multimedia University Cyberjaya

taken from KampungboyCitygal
click to view pictures of YUMMY FOODS and HOT CHIX in kimono~!!!

Bulletin from MMU

JCS :: Carnival of Japan 2005/2006

Minna-san konnichiwa,
Greetings to all MMU students,

Japanese Cultural Society ( JCS ) MMU Cyber is proudly to announce that we will organizing an event called "Carnival of Japan 05/06" on next coming Tuesday till Thursday. The objective of this event is to introduce and promote the Japanese culture to all the MMU community.

Must visit and join our exhibition, food fair, photo taking session and also games during the Carnival!! Freebies will be given out too! Exhibition will consist of Japan's cultural items which estimated cost around 1.5 MILLION YEN!!!

As for the Photo Taking session, you will get to wear the Japanese traditional wear to take nice photos. make sure you are HOT!!!Who is taking it? Don't worry! We got experience photographer to take the photos for you! As you need to do is just pay for RM10 for member and RM12 for non-member for the photo taking and we burn the photos into CD for you FOR FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Below are the de tails of the event:
Theme : Carnival of Japan
Date : 21st, 22nd, and 23rd 2006 Today Last Day liao~!!!
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Venue : In front FOE Foyer

Thank you.
We hope to see you there!

For any inquiries please contact:
Siew Mei YM! smay_2008 017-3636353 <--- call the girl, fon number is there d
Chuin Hao YM! chuinhao10 016-7445384 just dont bother the guy

Japanese Cultural Society
Multimedia University (Cyberjaya)

E-Run coming this saturday

click for more information

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

420 Rubbish Piling on Bridge (EA2 & Cyberia)

after class YESTERDAY, it was about to rain... so i rushed out of class and walked back home for my 6pm drama. so when i reached the staff's apartment, theres this do-not-cross line. every walkers were like ffff it la, so we went through the line, walked through those muddy path. then i saw those walkers standing there looking...

then TODAY's bulletin


oooOOOooo... bridge under maintainence

LATE notice... can't you guys post it the day it happen? please don't give lame excuses like 'oh my com lagging, cannot post on time'.

so we had to walked all the way though outside... longggggggggg way, then we took a peep on what really happened to the bridge

hmmm... it looks more like rubbish piling to me

you made me missed my 6pm drama :(

Sunday, March 19, 2006

419 What To Do When U R Stuck In Cyberia Lift

so what to do when you are stuck in the cyberia lift?

not to worry, the emergency number and who to call is pasted in the lift

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 03-2073 3199 (24 hours, dunno true or not)

but the problem is, theres no line inside the lift, how are you gonna call this 'emergency number'?

not to worry again, you can still shout and press the ring ring button and the person outside 'might' (with ' ' cause maybe he duwanna help u) help you. the number is also pasted outside

but the problem is...

the contractors pasted it on the ceiling~!!! dem smart

Thursday, March 16, 2006

419 Kiddie Failed English Test :(

was watching 6pm drama til TCB sent me this interesting picture


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

418 University Turns Into Megamall

The Past

in campus, normally the people who opens a booth in central plaza to sell stuffs are students. pity slaves from society, forced to sell not-sellable merchandise to raise fund for the society's dream which will never come true.

later on, the uni started to bring in mobile provider like celcom and digi to sell their starter packs in campus. they even put ads infront of lecture halls and the library to promote their services.

after that, societies started to follow the admin's footsteps and bring in computer stalls from out of nowhere to sell components in central plaza. first of all, u dunnit a capital to raise money. second, u dunnit to beg people to entertain or buy your merchandise. u earn free money just by doing nothing, easy money.

the mini 'lowyat' wannabe in campus

since bringing in stalls is the easiest way to raise funds, societies bring it to the next level. they bring in concept stores to sell clothes in central plaza

the so-called pasar pagi in campus

the recent entry which came in is optical shop, selling cheap contact lenses (trial pack which is suppose to be free) and selling solution separately. putting cheap kai sunglasses on rayban racks, blah blah blah

the 'focusi pointi' in campus

The Present

omfg, they bring in proton cars to sell in campus~!!! Last 2 years, items sold in central plaza is at most 20 bucks... last year, they raise the bar to $200... today, $120k ~!!! imagine how much buying power the students have these days.

u guys might be wondering, when will mcd come to mmu. the story is they did. according to rumors, in the end of the day, the mcd worker disposed the cooking oil on a tree which is suppose to be the tree planted by our beloved chancellor Tun Siti Hasmah. and the tree died-ed. since then mcd is BANNED from entering our campus because of their 'wise' act

story above is based on rumors, im not too sure myself too. should ask those seniors what happened those days

Thursday, March 09, 2006

415 say NO to pussy abuse campaign

so i was browsing thru my ym list and i saw our good friend VANILA changed his status...

with status and lady pic like these, hmmm... must be some ho leow like tammy l nyp

so i clicked to see the tammy nyp milf edition. pictures taken from

beautiful scenery, sexy ladyyy with her little hello kitty, nice plot :D

placed the kitty on the ground, may the 'action' begin ;)

put the little kitty into the correct 'position', yummy


due to its content, mmff are restricted to post it here. click the following url for the ho leowness.


these are the campaign template by VANILA

VANILA's choice of template

PUSSY SLUT's choice of template

DEGIL's choice of template

NOVEMBER's choice of template

ROCKLEE's choice of template

dota players' choice of template

my choice of template

please put it in your ym avatar to support our campaign against pussy abuse :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

414 aromatic ingredient of vanilla extracted from cattle dung

just like every other week, VANILA skipped today's 4pm class to join the ScReWdRiVeR yumcha session in fcm. DONKEY was talking bout this article from the sun newspaper where some nbtd jap mofoz made vanilla from cow dung

group of researchers has successfully extracted an aromatic ingredient of vanilla from cattle dung, said Miki Tsuruta, a Sekisui Chemical Co. spokeswoman. The extracted ingredient, vanillin, can be used as fragrance in shampoo and candles, she said.


no wonder vanilla flavored fragrance smell damn good :P

then we soon to notice the 'vanilla' nearest to us...

image removed due to offensive content

then DONKEY said: no wonder VANILA is full of bull shits

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

413 i was SOLDed OUT to Sri Hartamas

previously in Cyberjaya - 412 Terminal 2 sa (Hartamas Prequel)

after the 'wonderful' meal in the sa terminal, peh suggested to go ss2 kei tak sek cause PINEAPPLE didnt go before but the main reason is still the phucking terminal food is phucking sa~!!!

so we droveee all the wayyy to ss2 and found out that kei tak sek is phucking closed, now whos phucking idea is it?

so i suggested we go near near ss2 murni yumcha then go home tido lor, so we went murni... passed the place which suppose to be happening, but to our surprise... no tables on the street and we see a mppj truck waiting to sau uncle murni's ass

then peh called, he said...

he said...

he said...


lets go sri hartams loo
(u must imagine how peh say it, the semangat~ness to go tone... yaya that tone)


this fella too much petrol

this fella too much money

this fella too much time

so i agreed since HE IS MY BEST FRIEND, which til now i still dont understand...

yay... we are going sri harmatas, yay yay :(

so we droveee all the way to sri harmatas, on the way we passed thru this tunnel which i ran over a...



this is the map to be SOULed OUT

so we reached souled out then peh brought us to park at some roadside, a street after soul out (please remember this for further peh zha~ing session)

The Environment

outside or so called the happening place

with no offence, this is a place for ang mor kow and rich kids to have $15 drink yumcha rather than a $1.50 teh ais at the murni ss2.

this is not the place i will come with my friends but i will bring my daddy to come instead so he can pay for all the expensive shit... but to my observation, this is not a place u bring your daddy come yumcha and if u do bring your daddy here, its kinda weird :(


our table is at upstairs or so called the not happening place

frankly, upstairs is not a place to yumcha... the music is so loud and the tv is so small for us to watch the winter olympic compare to the big projector outside. they even have a dance floor with uncles trying to pick up chicks there... sweat

the waitress came and served us, ****1/2 friendly people... far more better than the face black black waitress in the sa Terminal

then we checkout the drinks in the menu...

they have pussies in their menu...

official drink for the screwdriver clan...

drinks for pimp masters

they even have this drink called kilkenny


only for kennies

Kenny McCormick was in soul out too~!!! omg someone please kill kenny

after that the waitress came with the drinks and the coasters with contents about the place

we are enjoying the place til we sees this


remember the part i asked u guys to remember for peh zha~ing session?

phuck u peh

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