Wednesday, March 01, 2006

413 i was SOLDed OUT to Sri Hartamas

previously in Cyberjaya - 412 Terminal 2 sa (Hartamas Prequel)

after the 'wonderful' meal in the sa terminal, peh suggested to go ss2 kei tak sek cause PINEAPPLE didnt go before but the main reason is still the phucking terminal food is phucking sa~!!!

so we droveee all the wayyy to ss2 and found out that kei tak sek is phucking closed, now whos phucking idea is it?

so i suggested we go near near ss2 murni yumcha then go home tido lor, so we went murni... passed the place which suppose to be happening, but to our surprise... no tables on the street and we see a mppj truck waiting to sau uncle murni's ass

then peh called, he said...

he said...

he said...


lets go sri hartams loo
(u must imagine how peh say it, the semangat~ness to go tone... yaya that tone)


this fella too much petrol

this fella too much money

this fella too much time

so i agreed since HE IS MY BEST FRIEND, which til now i still dont understand...

yay... we are going sri harmatas, yay yay :(

so we droveee all the way to sri harmatas, on the way we passed thru this tunnel which i ran over a...



this is the map to be SOULed OUT

so we reached souled out then peh brought us to park at some roadside, a street after soul out (please remember this for further peh zha~ing session)

The Environment

outside or so called the happening place

with no offence, this is a place for ang mor kow and rich kids to have $15 drink yumcha rather than a $1.50 teh ais at the murni ss2.

this is not the place i will come with my friends but i will bring my daddy to come instead so he can pay for all the expensive shit... but to my observation, this is not a place u bring your daddy come yumcha and if u do bring your daddy here, its kinda weird :(


our table is at upstairs or so called the not happening place

frankly, upstairs is not a place to yumcha... the music is so loud and the tv is so small for us to watch the winter olympic compare to the big projector outside. they even have a dance floor with uncles trying to pick up chicks there... sweat

the waitress came and served us, ****1/2 friendly people... far more better than the face black black waitress in the sa Terminal

then we checkout the drinks in the menu...

they have pussies in their menu...

official drink for the screwdriver clan...

drinks for pimp masters

they even have this drink called kilkenny


only for kennies

Kenny McCormick was in soul out too~!!! omg someone please kill kenny

after that the waitress came with the drinks and the coasters with contents about the place

we are enjoying the place til we sees this


remember the part i asked u guys to remember for peh zha~ing session?

phuck u peh

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