Thursday, June 30, 2005

204 Bad Karma (Revised)

third week of the trimester is toh sui week, since most of the time my housemates and i drove to class so we decided to walk to class for the first time :) on our way to campus we had a very 'warm' welcome for our first walk, a dog was shitting in front of our face :D

second morning, a nice and cloudy day, so we decided to walk to campus again, for the last time. after a tiring morning we went hb2 for lunch, queue was too long so we decided to go hassan's ass. wild guess, this time a cat shitted in front of our face!!!

fengshui tip number one: never walk to campus on a nice and cloudy morning.

the next morning, THE-PUSSY-SLUT lost his gay purple bollywood nokia 8250, which u cant find any other bollywood superstar having it. but if u do see it, its stolen from him and pls drop us a message... u shall be rewarded :)

his gay purple bollywood nokia 8250

he was so sad the whole day til MILO reminded him
how TEECEEBEE was robbed 3k

fengshui tip number two: never buy a purple phone

that night itself, we waited PEHBOY for dinner... all of us were so dem hungry. we cant wait any longer so we gave PEHBOY a call then he said he was having steamboat in SK. we were af af kay by PEHBOY again!!! tiuz

general advice (not fengshui tip): never wait PEHBOY for dinner

the next X2 day, PEHBOY went to tmnet to get screwed for not getting streamyx. on the way back from tmnet, ROCK-LEE road bullied PEHBOY.

that day was his judgement day:

he totalled his car (more details)

fengshui tip number three: never road bully people with bad karma

something special for this season... instead of writing my rubbish only, i will briefly summarize other rubbish happening around cyberjaya

Malacca's Chief Minister assed a Hero
June 28th, 2005 : 08.06pm
the CM (Chief Minister of Melaka, Yang Behormat Datuk Seri Haji Ali bin. Mohd. Rustam, if u guyz dunno who he is) came to MMU Malacca for WAY (world assembly of yuckies). and since its toh sui week, his driver assed a hero with the CM's executive. unfortunately no one was injured.

saw that!!!

driver: what am i gotta do? CM gonna slap my ass for this

hoho, so many ppl saw it, mr driver, u gonna had a bad time buying them off

MMU securities trying to cover the driver's ass

like always, the hero is left behind, unappreciated

Mr CM, u have been bad karma~ed!
click here for full coverage

This is DEGIL's Boring Life, He will Try His Best to Bore U, HUHU
his cousin sister went for some astro talent quest thingy in genting, his mom called and forced him to vote her her thru sms. SHE DIN MAKE IT...TO THE DISQUALIFIED LIST!!wahahahaha...

went tmnet to register blah blah blah, having headache choosing the account name but we had great suggestions like screwPEH, PHuckFeh ...

but we ended up

the same day, we went for Malaysian Communications talk thingy, a 'nice' and short one :)) and there we met a fella who happened to be TURTLE's neighbour asking "what is telco?"

Confucious does say we shud "bu chi xia wen" but a tele student asking this question??? we spent nearly 15 hours out of our 24 hours trying immitating "WHAT IS TELCO".

ROCK-LEE's Step In Life
other than ramping his car and killing rats...
his blog is all about a song lyric which doesnt has a title


the happiest thing is still the ENGSOC graduation, haha

and we are no longer part of it anymore :D

and u guyz ever heard some ppl got stucked in the cyberia B3 lifts last week, shes one of them =))

TEECEEBEE's gudboy philosophy
he and the SpAnArZ went to kuala selangor to see LED

FUZZY's Silent Room
tch, fuck it
hey faz, mind to tell who is tch?

JYHI Still Growing Up
done with the fencing agm, icebreaker n first training... doing great~!
hey jyhi, can i join fencing arr???
if i were to join, can u dont bully me arr???

wah someone bought so many things from MNG

but still kiamsiap to belanja me yumcha... apa fren ni

nice choice BRYANI, nice new watch

say it, say it... oh am gee... u dont take picture of your watch on your wrist... can see your hair behind your watch

and hoho, MILO's present!!! whats that???

to everyone who had a bad week, ven wishes u guyz a better luck
and please af af kay PEHBOY for our vengence, thankyou

Sunday, June 26, 2005

203 The Pehhiker's Guide to Ultimate Suck Ass Movie

203 The Pehhiker's Guide to Ultimate Suck Ass Movie
date: June 27th, 2005 (Saturday)

like any other morning, had corn flakes as breakfast. then THE-BAD-ROOMIE (which is now our housemate, im not so sure thats consider as a downgrade or an upgrade.) came out of his room n took off to NOVEMBER's place to cook maggi mee for her. im so hungry but he din ajak me but when gf hungry, he straight flew there to cook... good bf but stil a bad housemie!!!

THE-BAD-ROOMIE's maggi mee
NOVEMBER's comments:
- too much water, no taste
- overcooked, noodle too soft
- THE-BAD-ROOMIE ended up eating it

VEN's advice: cook for your housemates when u learn how to cook

just before THE-BAD-ROOMIE- left, DONKEY came back criticizing how suck jet li is in unleashed. dont worry, my fren... u havent had worst... this mofo PEHBOY recommended kungfu mahjong with a two thumbs up

so i went to watch it with ENTAO... its like oh am gee only ppl as retard as Kwok Chun On will watch this retard movie. and PEHBOY gave it a two thumbs up, migod

so we (PEHBOY, THE-BAD-ROOMIE, NOVEMBER and me) left for timesquare, bought hitchhiker's 7pm tickets then went to buy some stuffs in lowyat. PEHBOY went to buy network stuffs from a shop he claims to be his friend's uncle which hires sohai. the fat sohai four eye worker is dem lansi, u can easily notice him coz hes a sohai. the shop sells network cable but he duwan to sell THE-PUSSY-SLUT a network cable. only ppl like THE-PUSSY-SLUT wil sohai around with him. i pity PEHBOY's friend's uncle... i pity him for hiring a sohai to screw up his shop

then THE-BAD-ROOMIE bought a new brother printer at $470, fuiyo... and then THE-PUSSY-SLUT bought the same thing at $465 just to piss him off, lol. NOVEMBER gonna screw him for not bargaining enough. welcome to the brother family my housmates, we officially announce that brother is the official ScReWdRiVeR printer :)

then we headed back to timesquare to watch the pehhiker's guide to ultimate suck ass movie.

the movie started with a dolphin documentary... dolphin swimming around... doing summersot n shit... that time PEHBOY was like "say it... say it... oh am gee", THE-BAD-ROOMIE and NOVEMBER almost left the cinema because of this lame ass movie.

Earthman Arthur Dent is having a very bad day. His house is about to be bulldozed, he discovers that his best friend is an alien and to top things off, Planet Earth is about to be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

wow... sounds interesting...

Arthur's only chance for survival: hitch a ride on a passing spacecraft.

whoaaaaa.... how cun... even dude's wheres my car make a better movie than this

For the novice space traveler, the most astonishing adventure in the universe begins when the world ends. Arthur sets out on a journey in which he finds that nothing is as it seems: he learns that a towel is just the most useful thing in the universe,

oh am gee... a tower??? to be frank, a kiddie will be pissed paying $10 watchin this lame ass movie

finds the meaning of life, and discovers that everything he needs to know can be found in one book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

we found one book too: The Pehhiker's Guide to the Ultimate Suck Ass Movie

the only thing which is funny is Marvin, the big round headed awesome-o, whose live a pathetic life with a bunch of sohaiz... that is the only thing i agree

Marvin, pity you

verdict: DONT WATCH

advice: never trust a movie from PEHBOY

recommended for PeHmAtEz ONLY!!!


date: June 22nd, 2005 (Wednesday)

we have been calling tmnet everyday, and made the operator to say 'maipiang' in every calls... finally mr streamyx came to install it for us, horray~! is our email account :D

and this is for peh, "anyone can drop by to dota in our place, except u :P"

and the best part is that the streamyx fella gave us a huawei smartax mt800a~!

huawei... made from china, keke
from the largest company in china, my fren
its far more better than the indian products my unc got... they suck ass

Ven's Hardware Guide - Huawei Smartax MT800A

the machine which makes us dota everyday, the huawei smart ass am tee eight hundred eh

technical specs:
Ñêîðîñòü ïåðåäà÷è:
•äî 8Máèò/ñ íèñõîäÿùåãî ïîòîêà;
•äî 896Êáèò/ñ âîñõîäÿùåãî ïîòîêà;
•ïîääåðæêà ñòàíäàðòîâ: G.dmt Annex A (ADSL), G.lite (ADSL Lite), T1. 413 Issue 2 (ANSI),
G.hs (G.994.1), 802.1p (priority);
•1 RJ-11 ADSL over PSTN èíòåðôåéñ;
•1 RJ-45 10/100M Base-T Ethernet èíòåðôåéñ;
•Console èíòåðôåéñ (MT800A)
•ðàçðàáîòàí äëÿ èñïîëüçîâàíèÿ â äîìàøíèõ óñëîâèÿõ è óñëîâèÿõ íåáîëüøîãî îôèñà;
•ïðîñòîòà óñòàíîâêè è íàñòðîéêè;
•ïîääåðæêà ðåæèìîâ ìîñòà è ìàðøðóòèçàòîðà;
•ïîääåðæêà ôóíêöèé DHCP, NAT, PAP/CHAP, IP Filter, Firewall, PPPOE/PPPOA;
•âîçìîæíîñòü ïîëíîãî óäàëåííîãî óïðàâëåíèÿ è òåõíè÷åñêîãî îáñëóæèâàíèÿ (êîíôèãóðèðîâàíèå, îáíîâëåíèå ïðîãðàììíîãî îáåñïå÷åíèÿ, äèàãíîñòèêà è òåñòèðîâàíèå);
•ïîääåðæêà WEB, TELNET and SNMP V1/V2 èíòåðôåéñîâ;
ñêà÷àòü îïèñàíèå ïðîäóêòà (.pdf)


its in russian i think, no english version. i just got these from the internet
so i hope u understand these and wont mind to translate it in my comments.

okay thank you :P

verdict: MUST GET

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Season 2 201 - pity peh

back to cyber another season of mofo stories

Date: June 14th, 2005 (Tuesday)

not to mention that skool just started yesterday, skooling is soooooo 'fun' compare to backside marketing back in the trimester breaks. meeting up friends, asking crap questions like 'how r u?' or 'how 'suck' ur holiday is?' which is not true except for backside marketers.

back to today, class started at 12pm, slept til 10++. went for class, see same faces AGAIN... might miss them NOT :P

my fren, DONKEY-KONG's sista's birthday is coming soon and he wanted to get her a watch for her 21st bd, so sweet... even thou they r from miri, miri reminds me bout a fat mofo called BARNEY or something who is also from miri which i met in taylors, we have this intro thingy in the first day of class and the first 'statement' which might be a 'fact' he made is that 'we dunnot live on trees', we know that u dumbass. Ok back to the bd thingy, so PEHBOY suggested that we go midvalley, and for the sake of trying to bring out the PeHmAtEz, he used the 'excuse' of DONKEY-KONG dunno how 2 buy lady watch to ask PUCAT out so tat the other PeHmAtEz will follow. Soli PeHmAtEz, u galz r stil guest starz... no time to think of names for u galz... next time perhaps :) so PEHBOY 'said' we will go at 6pm, an hour after our class.
*note the 'said'

5pm: ScReWdRiVeRz came back to the 'office', and the only thing we could do in the 'office' is to 'work' ;)

6pm: watch some cheung chi lam movie, coz we do know that PEHBOY will nvr turn up at this time :P PUSSY-SLUT's new hairstyle realli looks like cheung chi lam's one, which is at least better than his coconut cut, LOL

7pm: finally we kenot tahan so we go to below their blok to wait... at first PEHBOY suggested PUCAT to join my car but u know... girls take ages to prepare... so we asked for LEVI instead... so we left... we dumped PEHBOY wif his mates.

So we reached MV's cinema floor, dem hungry... me n TURTLE grabbed a mcd icecream to lick, yum yum :P zongie and DONKEY queued for the tickets... so we waited for the PEH and PeHmAtEz to arrive. So here they came, the prob now is watch what movie… that mofo PEH suggested interpreter... we were like wtf??? Nicole kidman was like so yesterday my fren, only guyz in the late 40s wil get high watching kidman... and another fact is that girlz dun get aroused watching sean penn. since I had house of wax in my mind quite some time ago and wanted to check out how elisha n paris wax in this movie and definitely not going to watch interpreter... I suggested to PEH "hey why not like this, me n TURTLE will go waxing and u guyz go interprate Nicole kidman?". Then DONKEY and LEVI said "even thou wax is a suck kaw movie, I wont mind waxing but im definitely not interpreting kidman." Heres the climax of today's post... the PeHmAtEz said "paris is so hot, lets burn wax~!" me n TURTLE stepped 5 steps to the right and LOL, pity peh

so DONKEY, TURTLE and me left them for watch hunting, went a few places to seek then suddenly DEGIL called "we r at kim gary and MISS-KIM is here, serving us~!" so we fast fast made up our mind for an elle paris watch for DONKEY sista then we rushed to uncle gary's place.

We went there last Friday (June 10th), that's the day we know MISS-KIM... shes not so cun, but she definitely make the services good, stil remember TURTLE asked "steven, how much r u gonna tip her", just to make out a crap... I replied wif my mum's words "u r stil a student, u r not earning money, after u r working, u can tip whatever u wan"... that's TRUE but I'll sure tip for gud services... but not much... im student ma! End of the meal, we asked for the bill, and she said "oh, sitting outside must go to the counter to pay", so I went in to the counter, oh am af gee, an old phuck in the counter... dunnit to tip la... waste money nia :P before we left for mr n mrs smith, this DEGIL... which I think he purposely did it... dropped his ticket in front of MISS-KIM then kesi kesi can talk to her =))

Back to today, all of them r sitting there... head count in total 11, to be frank this is the most suckiest kim gary meal I ever had... they (not served by those workers) mark their own order... then why are we paying the 10% service charges??? I bet kayu has better services then kim gary... went ther yesterday (June 13th) wif SOMEONE n HHK, one ane was assigned to serve us... standing behind us waiting for orders... that's why kayu is going Melbourne while kim gary is coming to Malaysia! That's the diff

So after we marked the orders, we passed to DEGIL to make the call... he raised his hand wif the orders, MISS-KIM saw and on the way to serve us... then suddenly this mofo, CANTO-MACHINEGUN came n took the orders from his hand !@#$%^&*()_+ wtf???? and blah blah blah wif his cantonese so fast that TURTLE is too slow to catch him. I guess this is where I stop talking bout kim gary...

MISS-KIM... so near yet so far...

pooling for an hour (chap zhi kor an hour wei... siao siao) then go waxing...

But I do enjoy elisha n paris :)

Hapi beginning for season 2 :D

Monday, June 06, 2005

132 Happy Family Watch Day

i officially declare 3rd of June (Fri) as Happy Family Watch Day~!

my parents came back from honeymoon last nite, so this morning...
we go yo our usual breakfast spot again, kekekeke

after that, we went to our fav watch shop, tong eng in komtar... they sell watches like 'tiao lao tua kiam ke' (jump roof mega sale)

i was finding a casio red watch which i saw in isetan during the break, but they dun have that model... instead they got other colors, but after i have a close look of the watch... not as gud looking as i had in mind.

then my dad show me another casio watch... same series with world time... this n that blah blah blah. this casio has dozenz of lcd u cant imagine. i was looking for something simple, so the shopkeeper which is my mum's fren showed me another seiko chronograph... nice n simple... but not leather belt... very light n small compared to my previous one... my sis called it a 'piza'

my mum was looking a auto relay watch juz like my previous one, unfortunately there r no lady auto relay watches so she ended up buying the auto 1... very simple wif big numbers... gud for old ppl, lol

in a very hard decision... so i bought both of em

so in the end of the day... i bought 3 watches

the 1st one is the casio world time blah blah blah... for my dad

the 2nd one is a seiko auto... for my mum

the 3rd one is the seiko chrono watch... for me :D

i paid them wif my payroll... there goes my payroll... to make 3 person hapi :)


Thursday, June 02, 2005

131 The Dota Curse - Point Form Version

Date: May 30th, 2005 (Monday)
wake up - 730 - gila - fetch sista - tuition
lunch - ama house
afternoon - ftz - tuition - losing streak
nite - fetch bro - tuition

Date: May 31st, 2005 (Tuesday)
breakfast - mcd
excercise day - ended up - 3 of us - brotha - sista - playin com
linked 3 com - dota - whole day

Date: June 1st, 2005 (Wednesday)
breakfast - mihunmee
nite - nct - dota again - losing streak again

conclusion: dem suck - quit dota d - better dont play

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