Saturday, August 27, 2005

214 Before and After Midterms

its been since awhile i stopped blogging due to midterm... quite of forgotten what stupid things happened around me :P

Date: August 15th, 2005 (Monday)
talking bout mmu drivers... most of them suck

today back from class, TURTLE drove back as usual and his carpark is at the groundfloor just after the 'car stairs' (dunno what that stupid thing call). and when he passed the 'car stairs', his turtle mobile was KISSED by an nbf's hero. turtle mobile was badly tent, damaged his right rocket launchers :P the nbf gave him his id and lari diri

Date: August 17th, 2005 (Wednesday)
went to campus for lunch, found a nice carpark behind foe... then i saw the black savvy parked beside my car... toh sui kah car!!! then walked up the stairs then noticed that i didnt wear my watch = bad luck :( entered sirah utara dropped my bag then just before taking my rice then i noticed i didnt bring my wallet =)) now i know whats the warning about...

after these tohsui incidents in this week, we have decided to chak heong in our praying table for the first time :)

night, engine math exam... suck ass

Date: August 18th, 2005 (Thursday)
microprocessor exam... also suck ass

Date: August 19th, 2005 (Friday)
electromagnetic exam... also also suck ass

Date: August 29th, 2005 (Saturday)
hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 yinching, hapi bd 2 u :)

paiseh ya didnt go thru my organizer during the weekends, din notice its your birthday... happy belated birthday :)

Date: August 20th, 2005 (Sunday)
rotted at home :P

Date: August 21st, 2005 (Monday)
the nbf who kissed TURTLE finally showed up to pay the rocket launchers damages... 320 bucks he only paid 300, said he will pay 20 next week, wtf... u are capable of paying 300 but not capable of forking out another 20 bucks??? u suck

Date: August 23rd, 2005 (Tuesday)
what the... mummy went vietnam kai kai with her girlfriends and daddy went jakarta to play golf... shiok sial and left my bro and sis in my grandma's place LOL pity pity no comp to play :P

Date: August 24th, 2005 (Wednesday)
circuit exam also also also suck ass

after exam bad mood? no worries, theres always dota to entertain us :D

dota hai si lang =))

Date: August 25th, 2005 (Thursday)
after NOVEMBER's exam, we went bowling in alamanda for the night :)

we went in 2 seperate cars, so the peh mobile (PEHBOY, BUAYA, THE-BAD-ROOMIE, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER) went first and we (TURTLE, DONKEY, DEGIL and me) meet them there :)

when we reached there, gave them a call asking where they are eating... and BUAYA said they are eating in bli~bla~bli~bla (he dont even know where hes eating, say it say it) beside starbucks. then TURTLE and DONKEY said its expensive stuffs lets eat somewhere else. and this is what happened

TURTLE and DEGIL suggested rasa and ayamas, and asked us to decide. after that DEGIL was like rasa ayamas rasa ayamas rasa ayamas all the way and TURTLE said anything anything anything. after a few minutes standing like sohai infront of bonita, DONKEY just whacked rasa.

so we walked to rasa and sat down, so i asked what are they gonna eat... and all of them said not eating WTF??? then i asked why? then DEGIL said he wanna eat 'rasa ayamas' (take note that the fullname of ayamas is 'rasa ayamas'Image hosted by, phucking hell next time please name your shops properly!!! dont make the customers got confuse of your names) not 'rasa' or 'ayamas' cilabang, we walked all the way here then only walked back to ayamas... from now on we call 'rasa ayamas' = ayamas ONLY!!!

after a nice meal in ayamas or rasa ayamas, we headed to bowling alley... 5 bucks per game, wth... expensive sial and this is the stupid part we checkout the student rates, it goes like this... normal rate before 6pm is 3.50 per game and the best part is student rate is 3.50 per game before 6pm also!!! mr manager please take out your normal calculator to count, maybe u are just not good in using the cosines and sines in your scientific calculator.

after awhile they came and we held a meeting to decide whether to play bowling, since we came so far for it might as well just play 2 games :) then DECEMBER with her new hair cut :| trying not to laugh :P and she purposely wore skirt so that we cant force her to play, jahat!!! FEBRUARY, u asked her to wear skirt at the wrong time!!!

so each of us paid 12 bucks (10 for 2 games + 2 for shoe rental) and here we go :)

the left lane: DONKEY and DEGIL aka sh teamed to play, DONKEY muscular take ball 14 and whacked all the way, cun cun and DEGIL jackassing all the way. THE-BAD-ROOMIE aka sa after he throw the ball, he will goyang goyang abit, haha the ball is too heavy for him :P NOVEMBER aka june (how come she gots to use her own name???) she play rrr? not bad gua... still lose one point to my longkang streak LOL =)) just pray for her to longkang enough d, she even practices in sa's game and she scored wonderfully in his game but when she plays hers, enter longkang again =))

the right lane:PEHBOY aka pehpeh (no comments) this fella same as sa wan but far more worst, he throw the ball d rite he will back step till others people lane and almost bang sh, pehboy please behave, dont gay gay :P imba TURTLE aka CGPA (wanted to put in the number 4.0 but they didnt know how to use the comp) hooked and owned all the way, ABC;s only challenger!!! whoa BUAYA aka abc imba sial throw dem straight and strike and spare all the way, gosu big bullier!!! and me aka mofo, hmmm... not bad gua... still longkang streak but some throws are quite nice, then theres once i put my thumb too deep into the ball and it got stuck when i threw it and went it straigth into longkang, this is the time when june jump for joy :|

thx to CGPA im ahead of june by one point :P with this, she wanted to go back penang to train =)) after the wonderful game, we went back home and dota again :)

Date: August 26th, 2005 (Friday)
guest star: some cls fella

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 ROCKLEE, hapi bd 2 u :)

While presentation, going 12 dee.. kenny aka peh wif ven and kiat go ajak me makan lunch la.. so me say y not go makan at the "kali paan mee" ther la for breakfast (which was lunch time dee) coz nice mar.. =P (maybe too me ni la) So, went into kenny car (he driving) and off we went to dengkil makan brunch. (breakfast + lunch) ^^, Reach there and order or makan and waited for the food lo. Den wen the food come, we all still check the whole bowl of mee to see whether or not got extra "side dish" inside.. =P (as for this matter, i dare not post it here coz i still love to eat the paan mee and i want u go there eat also.. hehe..) well, maybe it was bad luck for weizhi dat day coz dat day wen she go tapou mee she too preeettty dee~ so they got the extra "side dish" with the meal lo~ =P hehe.. (they dint even charge her extra sial! LOL!!) anyway, after searching high and low, left and right, from bottom to above.. CERTIFIED CLEAN!! =D we all ITADAKIMAS~ (in naruto style~) After the meal, wen time to pay the bill, kenny go treat me wor.. ala, guyz, takan wanna treat meh, so me say kenot la, but he insisted.. so ok lo.. =) thanks alot man. its also manners to accept a gift from someone.. did u know dat? (ALA!! should have ordered something more expensive-er mar.. =P can ar? hehehe..)

do u like my present? cun le
we'd already celebrate your birthday last night, in alamanda bowling alley :P
cheers dude

today's mw2 lab by DARLIE, in this lab i gotta know all students from microwave... suckas... in beginning of beta when we got our entry letter for beta i took a look the name list of all students in microwave... only 9 wtf??? now 1 have left and 1 have changed major theres only 7, minus me thers 6. the 'fantastic six' are CAMERAMAN, ZOMBIE, PEH's-BROTHA, some cls fella, ROXY's housemate and TANYIFEI's daughter.

Date: August 27th, 2005 (Saturday)
new casts: CURRY, VANILA

wanted ( i guess ) to follow THE-BAD-ROOMIE all to go for the ieee power grid trip but overslept :P most of the people in cyberjaya went back to hometown or went kai kai d... so must find people to eat with, so i messaged C3P0 for kangtaos and he said hes eating with CURRY so i asked to join. they wanted to eat in chi pao kai. later CURRY cant wake up. so ended up im the driver, then GRACE asked PUCAT to come along, no problem...

we are suppose to leave at 1230 but we waited... and waited... and waited for PUCAT to makeup to eat in chi pao kai serdang. finally she turned up and we went to pick up GRACE and C3PO and GRACE is carrying bags so i asked wheres she going and she said damansara and dropped her at ktm in serdang... ummm for your info... ktm serdang > sentral > lrt tmn bahagia bit far also right? so i offered to drop her in damansara atria the old junk there.

so we ate in chaoyang ss2 :D ordered their prawn noodles, and GRACE ordered chicken rice cause she cant eat spicy foods. then C3PO tapaoed the chicken rice for CURRY and ordered one for himself also. after that i was looking both of them eating chicken rice... tempting and i ordered too :P then GRACE ordered bachang, yucky cold wan.

after dropped GRACE at atria, we went 1U to watch redeye, a horror movie :D 1U was full with cars so we had to park outside. when we reached there, we are figuring how to get rid of CURRY's chicken rice, then PUCAT suggested to give to those people who hand out flyers at the carpark ticketing area... after we walked a few steps, its so far... lazy to walk la. so we decided to walk and if we sees a hak yi or something then we give it to him but theres no hak yi except for shoppers in 1U so we decided to put on top of the fire hose hoping that some mofo will pick it up and enjoy CURRY's chicken rice :P

Image hosted by
Lisa Reisert hates to fly, but the terror that awaits her on the night flight to Miami has nothing eveything to do with a fear of flying ghost. Moments after takeoff, Lisa's seatmate, Jackson menacingly reveals the real reason he's on board: He is an operative in a plot to kill a rich and powerful businessman spook around, and Lisa is the key to its success. If she refuses to cooperate, an assassin another ghost is awaiting a call from Jackson will kill spook her father. Trapped within the confines of a jet at 30,000 feet, Lisa has nowhere to run and no way to summon help without endangering her father, her fellow passengers and her own life. As the miles tick by, Lisa knows she is running out of time. She desperately looks for a way to thwart her ruthless captor and stop a terrible murder spook fest.

after that C3PO and me tapaoed subway back to cyberjaya for dinner :) and to our surprise, CURRY's chicken rise is still on top of the fire hose remained untouch =))

came back home then THE-BAD-ROOMIE and PEHBOY them just came back and lansi me with their so called hebat dinner, got fish, yam basket blah blah blah

the nite ended with another game of dota, used bane hollow which the wolf ulti is capable of killing any hero... then this is what happened i was trying to kill someone, its redlife d and one hit will kill that fella, then PEHBOY turned up with his bounty hunter and killed the fella, im so pissed that i message him ks-er then this is what he replied "a bit a abit la" wtf??? and taught me some sohai -recreate and ended up my hero exercising in fountain. for further details please ask VANILA!!! or download the replay and watch it for yourself

Date: August 28th, 2005 (Sunday)
hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 mummy, hapi bd 2 u :)

hope she buys present for me from vietnam instead :P

woke up 715am, NOVEMBER said she will join me joggin this morning and she said she will misscall my handphone to wake me up... no misscalls kononya...

after brushed up and to be prepared i put this status
Image hosted by
to zha kao her

but manatau shes already up giving excuses like "cant get thru your fon la, i woke up at 7 d wan" hahhaah

so we went jogging walking to cyberpark

walk walk balik :)

just to prove that i did wake up, i made a screenshot of the time
Image hosted by
gurantee no photoshop or time changing :)

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do u guyz missed me blah blah blah...

DOLLY's Flower
hey where's BUTTERCUP's ikea incident, im just about the summarize it then i think she removes the post... too late

DUDE's Private

merdeka man, seriously DUDE u need to resize your pix before uploading, ppl with 56k will have trouble loading it

The FUZZY's Room


PUCAT's Xanga

whoa shopping spree for 3 days!!!
Image hosted by
haha im momostevie :P as complimentary, i will think of a better name for PUCAT liao =))


in loving memory of her swatch...
if any of u saw this pls contact her :)

SHERIE goes again

thats so true :P

Struggling to be THE-BAD-SLUT
haha finally he has updated his blog :D

Friday, August 12, 2005

213 Behind These Hazey Eyes

having 4 exams next week... this gonna be a quick one on cyberjaya turns winter :(

Date: August 10th, 2005 (Wednesday)
like what u read in the newspaper and watched in tv

Image hosted by

on the way to putrajaya with PEHBOY, BUAYA and PUSSY, hazey hazey hazey...

saw that!!! putrajaya is 354!!!

Image hosted by

thats the government office...

Image hosted by

road... blurry eventhou light are on

not too long ago, our mmu idol prof gao post this interesting bulletin

Image hosted by

too small??? u dont need to read that... in short, we dunnit to go to skool for 2 days, hurray!!!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: CYBERJAYA ONLY (this is to lansi the malacca students :P)

and this is the free gift we get in bulletin

Image hosted by


u might NOT be wondering why we go to putrajaya, we went there for mcd... to supersize ourselves~!!!

Whats other cyberjayers doing?


heard bout the penang bombing? a feigned report was made to police that there's bomb was placed in KOMTAR...

whoa police car to the so-called crime scene... since when we have bombings in malaysia? one word for u: sh

the haze are the first move for the martians to blur our visions... so that they can land their ufoz to do this

Image hosted by

to brainwash all of us LOL

ROCKLEE will always walk alone

Image hosted by

ummm... i didnt say anything bout u are gay :P anyway thx for being the greatest fan ever, cya around :)

Here SHERIE Goes Again

wah its 1.38am liao i stil havent study... fast fast finish hers then can study liao

thx SHERIE for the cyberjaya snapshot... hazey

whoaa... take note this is the palm oil estate of cyberjaya not nz cow land :(

Sunday, August 07, 2005

212 Midterm Break without ROCKLEE

July 31st, 2005 (Sunday) - Back to Penang
8am reached penang :) parents came to pick me up, sis no doggie no come :( first thing to do in penang is to taste my family's favourite charkoayteow near bj roundabout petronas... hehe cun!!!

reached home, bro showed his cacat arm
bro's cacat arm
hoho, i remembered when my bro broke his arm in judo, the first thing my dad did is to called me and asked me not to laugh at him =))

cut my hair, by my private hairstylist with a double e diploma :P

shop shop shop in gurney...

Image hosted by
my shoe 'open mouth' d... need to buy new shoe
gurney's sports shop dem suck ass, limited shoes model, shopping 101: never shop in penang!!!

lunch, the famous chicken rice at julia street, cun cun!!!

had dinner at 1stop's zhonghua with grandparents, famous for the pork ribs and peking duck... yum yum

jln jln cari kasut
bought some china shoe
Image hosted by
saw that, china shoes even got a manual... IMBA~

bought the dr cardin for 60 bucks and it lasted 6 months
expectation for this 100 bucks china shoe is 10 months

hopefully it last :)

August 1st, 2005 (Monday) - Penang Routine
woke up at noon, lunch in grandma's place
fetch bro back from school
nap nap...
night, yumcha wif buddies in khaleel outside usm. lots of usm ppl there, all with thick thick glasses, tucked in, socks kaw high type of ppl :P

August 2nd, 2005 (Tuesday) - The REAL!!! Goodboy Story
afternoon, went to try the TURTLE highly acclaimed 'apong malek' outside union primary school. remember, NOT the first stall!!! whoa... 30 cents for this thin piece of crap... yum yum :P then bought 'tao sar pia' and 'hior pia' from famous him heang, opposite the apong malek :D

tea break in dome gurney wif mummy :) ordered our favorite carrot cake and choc cake. PEH, this la two thumbs up!!! reminds me bout last time the choc cake came not hot, so we asked the waitress to heat it for the second time. and it melt and sank like titanic LOL

night, watched movie with parents, 7 seconds by wesley snipe
Image hosted by
like other wesley snipe movies... sleep with girl in the morning, betrayed by the girl then kill the girl in 7 seconds

August 3rd, 2005 (Wednesday) - Ipoh Trip without ROCKLEE Day 1
Guest star: Kam-san

woke up freaking early, went breakfast with daddy beside the asshole petrol station opposite of lamwahee, the place i saw the white light :D met Kam-san there, my golf coach, still that uncle gaya :P

reached there like what NOVEMBER said 830am worrr... whole station no people at all then she reached bit later then showed me the ticket which stated 845am!!! the bus will start at 9 kononnyala :| went down and saw 3 bus in the lane, 2 nice bus and 1 suck ass one... wild guess, we kena the suck ass wan :(

then we saw this middleeastian ff walking like a crab, wearing capalang pasar malam clothes and move like an sh... what i can do is LOL. PUSS, wish u are here too =)) then when he comfirmed his bus, suddenly he brought all his imba expensive bag plus a metal case, looks more like a low profile arm dealer sial... up to the suck ass bus then here we go... road trip to ipoh :)

reached ipoh, DECEMBER came to fetch us to FEBRUARY's house
Image hosted by
me, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY and NOVEMBER in FEB's house, on her dad's DIY piece of wood wor :P

lunch, ate in 'tai shu har' (below big tree), yong tao hu meal without ROCKLEE!!!

Image hosted by
the three green gays: THE-BAD-ROOMIE, BUAYA and me in 'tai shu har'

Image hosted by
FEBRUARY, DECEMBER and tauke soh :P in 'tai shu har'

ipoh parade jalan-jalan without ROCKLEE again!!!

Image hosted by
BUAYA, me, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY, DUDE and tauke soh in ipoh parade food court

then we went nam heong white coffee without ROCKLEE again and again

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
king's road in ipoh

Image hosted by
the famous 'lou wong nga choi kai' (must go!!!) without ROCKLEE again and again and again

Image hosted by
DECEMBER's bro & mum, DECEMBER, me, DUDE, BUAYA, THE-BAD-ROOMIE & NOVEMBER in 'nga choi kai'

Image hosted by
abc fridays lim teh without ROCKLEE again X4

Image hosted by

August 4th, 2005 (Thursday) - Ipoh Trip Day 2

fushan without ROCKLEE again X5
say wanna wake up at 6 kononnya, left for dim sum at 10am

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
someone said never see me pour tea before worrr...

Image hosted by
THE-BAD-ROOMIE, DUDE, me & BUAYA still in fushan

Image hosted by
nice box, tapao the leftovers for FEBRUARY

ling xin tong without ROCKLEE X6

Image hosted by
gandalf found his white horse, shadowfags <- =))

Image hosted by
DUDE helping 'that auntie' to take photo of the cun chic and the ang mor, oh ya wheres 'that auntie'???

Image hosted by
never ask an ang mor to take photo
DECEMBER, DUDE, BUAYA, me, THE-BAD-ROOMIE & NOVEMBER with the headless guanyin :(

after that we walked to the cave where theres a pond full of turtles, then we are approached by this guy selling vege for 2 bucks, DUDE bought... after a few steps, we are approached by this guy's wife selling vege for 1 buck... mh, this looks more like hatyai than ipoh

Image hosted by
me, DECEMBER, DUDE, BUAYA & THE-BAD-ROOMIE with the naked boy in front of turtle pond

Image hosted by
i thought i had enought lecture in cyberjaya... this lecturer or so called 'that auntie' is far more worst :(( talk non stop... asked why from penang and dowanna study is usm, can save money blah blah blah... then say how hard her grandchildren study study... then the matchmaking rubbish... oh am gee... cant she stop talking???

Image hosted by
phewww... shes leaving d... then the ang mor came and told us "hey u guys better leave fast... before she starts talking again"... thats so true... we learnt our lesson d, a 3 credit hour wan sommore :( and the best part is all for free!!!

lunch, ate some soup thingy. then went clearwater without ROCKLEE again X7, nice place... even nicer for golfers. went back to DECEMBER's house to play uno then we went back kuala lumpur :)

August 5th, 2005 (Friday) - Sleeping...
slept whole day

August 6th, 2005 (Saturday) - PC Fair without ROCKEE
went lunch with DUDE in bus station, DUDE drove us to serdang ktm to kl sentral then kl sentral change to putra lrt. pcfair dem crowded, got wat we wan then ciao... went klcc, so freaking lot of people can hardly find a place to sit and yumcha. then went san francisco, the brownie SUCK kaw kaw, chillis RoXx!!! after isetan~ing we went back for dinner in 'chi pao kai' (paper wrap chicken) in serdang then balik rumah tido

August 7th, 2005 (Sunday) - End of Break
FEBRUARY tapao-ed 'min fun kou' plus worms for me!!! ya the dengkil wan la... the place where u guys go there for 'min fun kou' wan... then they return d, the boss scolded them somemore... momofofo officially award dengkil's 'min fun kou' ignore list award X-( ended up me and DONKEY went hassan's ass to eat nasi kandar... missed the sucky nasi kandar :P

Midterm Break ends here... :((

August 8th, 2005 (Monday)
stuntman: MISS-HONDA

morning 9am, a walm welcome back to mmu... we saw MISS-HONDA crashed her honda civic over the curb... half hanging... whoa, and shes trying to reverse the car, LOL how could u reverse your car if the tires are floating =))

momofofo awards MISS-HONDA the medal of 'HONOR'

and btw

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 APRIL, hapi bd 2 u :)

Monday, August 01, 2005

211 Hapi BD to NOVEMBER's Bf

Date: July 27th, 2005
Hapi BD to NOVEMBER's Bf

new stars: MARCH=lipeng, APRIL=munlin
guess stars: TANYIFEI's daughter

morning, sig2 lab... no OLD-CHIC... no TANYIFEI's daughter :( since my course only has 8 ppl, this is the best time to see whos gonna be in my class from next sem... to my disappointment... minus ppl like suntzeyun and hosuchen... my class will comprise of sh and nb sss... oh am af gee

afternoon, class class class...

evening, since the ScReWdRiVeRz will sure go back early and we cant celebrate birthday with THE-BAD-ROOMIE, we decided to celebrate his birthday earlier. this is our plan, NOVEMBER will cry to go to mv, so THE-BAD-ROOMIE had to bring her there. so all of us, ScReWdRiVeRz and CaLeNdErZ will give him a surprise dinner party in chillis :)

i hopped into the PEHMOBIL to mv with BUAYA and PEHBOY. BUAYA is our new probation ScReWdRiVeRz member, since ScReWdRiVeRz only works with 8 person. THE-BAD-SLUT, u are fired!!! reached there, bought movie ticket for the island, 1230... TURTLE gonna screw me. after that we meet up the ScReWdRiVeRz infront of guess then we went to choose watch in the same old place where DONKEY bought a watch for his sis. and we got THE-BAD-ROOMIE a sob polo wrist watch, leather strap wan sial~!

after that we met DECEMBER and JANUARY ion center court and we went to buy the birthday cake, blueberry cheese, cun~! then we meet up the rest of the family (sitting placement to my right: THE-BAD-ROOMIE, NOVEMBER, kelefe5, MARCH, JANUARY, DECEMBER, APRIL, FEBRUARY, FEBRUARY's bf, PEHBOY, THE-PUSSY-SLUT, DEGIL, DONKEY-KONG, GRUMPY-TURTLE and BUAYA) in chillis, this is a high budget birthday party sial.

hapi bd 2 u, hapi bd 2 u,
hapi bd 2 NOVEMBER's bf, hapi bd 2 u.

after the dinner we went to arcade to watch PEHBOY bully two uncles with chix in daytona. after the game we went for the island

Lincoln Six-Echo (McGregor) is a resident of a seemingly utopian but contained facility in the mid-21st century. Like all of the inhabitants of this carefully controlled environment, Lincoln hopes to be chosen to go to the "The Island," reportedly the last uncontaminated spot on the planet. But Lincoln soon discovers that everything about his existence is a lie. He and all of the other inhabitants of the facility are actually human clones whose only purpose is to provide "spare parts" for their original human counterparts. Realizing it is only a matter of time before he is "harvested," Lincoln makes a daring escape with a fellow resident named Jordan Two-Delta (Johansson). Pursued by the forces of the institute that once housed them, Lincoln and Jordan engage in a race for their lives to literally meet their makers.

sorry for the long synopsis. in the end of the movie, TURTLE said: "ven, luckily the movie is cun or else u gonna get screwed already" yay :)

Date: July 29th, 2005>
today TURTLE, THE-BAD-ROOMIE and me had this Malaysian Communications interview thingy, so all of us dressed up with ties. and we met some of the other candidates outside the interview room, CAMERAMAN and TANYIFEI's daughter wearing tshirt and jeans, oh my god... this is an interview my friend, u think go kia kia arrr??? please respect yourself, sia sui mmu only... by the way what is telco?

July 31st, 2005 (Sunday)
flight to penang at 7.05am

woke up at 4 something, brushed up then lets go. left cyber at 5+ then took erl to klia. met SAKURA and friends in erl station. checked in the flight and checked out the three chicks :P then i told NOVEMBER,

ven: that lighten up our day
NOVEMBER: you meant yours

boarded to the plane and we reached penang on time :)

to be continued...

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in Talking Smart

JYHI Still Growing Up

Image hosted by
this blog is all about ad and how to make mmu richer, please dont bother this site

Image hosted by
of course must write, to lansi your clanmates that u went kayu rite :P

Image hosted by
hohoho, judgement day :P told ya

Image hosted by
haha, SOMEONE kena bully :P

Here SHERIE Goes Again
Image hosted by
tetris, she won... omg

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
pool, she won again... omg

Image hosted by
no comments... omg

only two reaons
one is shes 'that' good
two is hes 'that' suck

i think two is more likely

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