Saturday, July 16, 2022


This shall be the last post for momofofo and it shall be a happy ending.

Ven had found someone, who is willing to go wherever he goes (yes, as far as the country, which calendar ended in 2012). Then, they got married (the date is so good that his friends also got married the same day the following year). Now, they have a daughter, Angelina (named after her angel bee shirt and short name Lina). 

In short, my Friends in Cyberjaya (remember the list at my sidebar?) found their life partners, girlfriends/boyfriends (finally) or left/right hands (always loyal). All of us live happily ever after (including the hands).

Thank you for appreciating my idiotic stories, far fetched fantasies and naive sarcasm all this long. I'll try to keep and renew this blog (as long as I could afford it), for good memories (and laughters). 


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