Sunday, April 30, 2006

445 a piss-ed off blogger

being a blogger is tough... its not about blogging talent, but things get worst when theres ppl trying to piss u off

in the beginning of my blogging days, i love my readers to leave my comments... or maybe im desperate for comments :P so i left the comment moderation OFF

beginning of this season,

i had to ON the comment moderation

how the comment moderation page looks like

because there are anonymous readers who didnt quite like my posts

for example,

some sohai anony who against my 417 CCNA are for losers ONLY post

theres a reason why i moved up my blog description to the top rather than leaving it below like in my previous template. dear readers please do read my notice on top.

today, i have worst comments to moderate...

porn ad in my comments :(

by readers who claimed that their dick is big

other than facing problems with readers who has big dicks, a blogger has to face copyright issues... im writing this eventhou i know that this post will be a free publicity to his blog :(

just now i was reading my old friend's blog, adrian hew's.

hmmm, the common TicTac (Blueberry) template by Dan Cederholm, but a modified version of it... changed some pictures then add this and that

he had enrolled into sunway blah blah blah, quite happy that he done well there

til i saw something below of his blog...

god dammit... he copied my blog description :(

dem sad, he curi my Cyberjaya ideas to use in Sunway... hopefully u can cari makan there la, good luck old friend :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

444 Pity Peh2 - The ScReWdRiVeR-PeHmAtEz Gathering

Previously in Cyberjaya
201 Pity Peh


at first, this gathering supposed to be postponed coz 'someone' got electronics assignment to do wor... but according to Pucat's Blog, she insisted that she wanna join us :))

everything doesnt goes as plan... this time we ended up in sunway coz the PeHmAtEz said they are going gua tempungpung so they wanna buy some 20 buck skoolshoes go there dirty the new shoes. but so ngam that i caught them in vincci... hmmm... vincci got sell skool shoes geh :-?

and we ate in our usual place, kimgary. but today is kinda weird. not to mention theres no Miss Kim... theres NO girl waitress at all... siennn... the PeHmAtEz should be having fun finding Mr Kim or maybe... Cantomachinegun :P

and we have 2 guest stars for today... Pineapple and December :)

both of them ordered 5 burgers... swt

and the PeHmAtEz-Half ScReWdRiVeRz photo :)

Imba aka Peh4, Peh5, Peh1, Pucat aka Peh2, Peh3, Turtle, Donkey, me and some kelefe we dont know

last week, G-man told me that the sentinel is a very nice movie wor and Peh2 again lansi-ed me said she watched the movie and its very nice la... a must watch la... blah blah blah :(

after the meal, we went to watch movie... and we watched the sentinel. pity Peh2 watched again. since peh tak kena the pity peh syndrome, she kena-ed the pity peh syndrome d, pity pity Peh2 :))

the sentinel is not bad, the really really not bad only la... michael douglas is like so olddd, white hair, beer tummy and doesnt have that 'e' anymore, no wonder hes not in basic instinct 2 with sharon stone :P

kiefer sutherland does what he does best, kool and pro government agent, counter terrorism just like in 24... :D

kim basinger there to play her bitch role first lady, not to mention she plays as eminem's slutty mum back in 8 mile... i think as famous actresses grows older, they get pretty screwed up. kim was like the blockbuster movie actresss in batman 198X, today shes still in blockbuster movie just playing some grade C role such as bitchy lady and slutty mum... saddd

and as for our lovely eva longoria, what she does in the whole movie is to pose beside kiefer and to let the colleague of hers to check out her ass. but after watching so much 24, i think im quite disappointed of this movie... not so much watch.

after the movie Peh, Buaya, December and Pineapple go for another movie again, shes the man... semangat, movie marathon. then we proceed to ss2 murni to yumcha. after the wonderful chit chating... we came back to the intelligent city :)

Next in Cyberjaya
Turtle's Birthday

Sunday, April 23, 2006

443 The HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

reminder for the fill in the blanks is still on!!!

Previously in Cyberjaya
the HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary proposal

the HaAgEnDaZ Clan 1st Anniversary

everything goes as plan, we went to...

Victoria Station, usj taipan

nice place, nice food, good services definitely beats the $89 unite

Eunice ordered the fisherman plater

Hooikiang too, yerrr... dont order same la :P

Kalai ordered tiger paws, u animal killer dare to show peace sommore :(

animal lover like me ordered salad :P

our drinks, 4 bucks is not cheap ler... not to mention the orange juice is 6 bucks

our clan 1st Anniversary photo

not to mention the last clan photo featured

some unwanted birthday kelefe :P

some kelefe lenglui birthday and the crew sang a birthday song for her

happy birthday lenglui

photo with the train :)

another clan photo before we leave the place

they even prepared a phonebooth outside just incase superman stop by

Hooikiang inside the phonebooth who ended up kena locked inside by me, muahhahahahah

after the wonderful meal, we headed to midvalley for movie :)

we watched the wild, finally...

finally i watch the wild!!! now she cannot lansi me that they went to watch the wild without me jor :P

i know i know im 21 and old enough d... and watching the wild sounded kinda gay, but what would beat 9 indian grown ups went to watch the wild together and so happened to sat same row as us? that was godlikeee gayness =)) hopefully those guys didnt linked to this blog :P

before the movie we went to mcd for ice cream... its a downgrade since the last time we ate is haagendaz :(

oh ya if u guyz read Eunice's blog

her ice cream is the dirty-messy-ugly one :P

the wild is quite nice, definitely beats madagascar :P and they are kinda good in making these goats which pray koala as god which the koala prophecies that goats will become lion's prey... hmmm interesting

after the wonderful movie, we went to stevens corner to yumcha, this is the only photo taken...

Eunice and her party hat, roti tisu in stevens cornet

HaAgEnDaZ Clan Next 2 Proposals
1. celeb Eunice's bd in lunar bar
2. Uncle Lim visit trip on november coz someone havent hit 21 yet.

the plan is like every parent's plan... during day time 3 of us will teman him to themepark, let him enjoy the kiddie rides then at night we ask him to sleep early then we go visit Uncle Lim :))

stay tune for this week's ScReWdRiVeRz-PeHmAtEz Pity Peh 2

442 u know u just got "zha dou"ed when...

this post is a fill in the blanks game where the winner will get a free meal to sri petaling 'dim sum' with the game producers.

u know u just got "zha dou"ed when --- ------ ---- --------- -- --- ---- --------- -- -- '--- ---' ------- ---

number of words = 14 (3+6+4+9+2+3+4+9+2+2+3+3+7+3 char)

1. closing date at April 30th, 2006.
2. just post answer on comments and remember to put your name there.
3. all entries are acceptable except for Peh HINT!!!

Executive Producers:
and me of coz :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

441 The Night Before HaAgEnDaZ's 2006 First Outing

tomorrows plan will be...

we wait til 630pm then go fetch tai siu jeh from class then we go outing :)
more information about the HaAgEnDaZ Clan.

Plan Under Development - ScReWdRiVeRz-PeHmAtEz Outing aka Pity Peh 2

Previously in Cyberjaya
201 Pity Peh

The current plan is ScReWdRiVeRz Clan will go for an outing with the PeHmAtEz to midvalley. then will have dinner in kim gary which we hope Miss Kim is still there. then watch a movie which Peh watched and it must be those he dont wanna watch again wan... just like what happened in 201 Pity Peh.

440 Motorola - MMU 'Scholarship' Episode 3

MMU's Clarification...

hmmm... sounds differ than Motorola's response back in episode 2

439 Motorola - MMU 'Scholarship' Episode 2

i went to our uncle jeff for the update of this motorola mmu thingy

Motorola's Response to uncle jeff

Communications & Public Affairs for ASEAN, our uncle jeff is really something

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

438 Motorola and MMU 'Future' Collaboration Bulletin Post REMOVED

this afternoon, after reading alot of annoying ym messages bout how 'racism' motorola and mmu could be. so i decided to take a look, and i clicked on the link and i read. after the last incident with our Uncle Bosch, this is indeed a deja vu :(

later, Cyberjayers started to forward jeffooi's post... whatever dont care

so 5 min earlier i decided to check out the bulletin again by clicking on my friend's status and...

wheres the bulletin post? god dammit kena prank

so i decided to find it myself, clicking from a friend who has broken link sucks

hmmm... why dont have geh

it is indeed, 'they' had removed it... getting rid of the 'evidence' huh? dem smart

but please try harder, its in

image taken from

i am disappointed...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

437 unite suck ass, i heard, i heard...


this post MAY contain 1MB of images, insider's info, unsatisfied experience, defamation, and insults to organization taken from somewhere and everywhere. most of them are i heard and since everyone says like that, we wont need any validity for the contents.

please read the notice at the bottom of the page for more detail before proceed

this morning, i received kaw lot of forwarded messages regarding bout unite. the first was...

from SRC Cyber's very own forum - Unite 2006., Sigh...

its something like writing an article in the star newspaper saying how suck their newspaper is

then - unite 2006

and also comments from blog

the next day already blog bout it, i can feel her geram~ness

comments bout the downside of unite:

1.crowd was uncontrollable
2.miserable salad,half bowl soup, cold unappetizing chicken dish and a bun with butter
3. The rude staff.meal reached table over 11pm.
4. The bad emcee
5. lame performances

wei's comments from


image posted by ksongking in

i think this is the only nice thingy, hot chic playing violin

food complains by nicvoo from forum

a RM89 ticket to eat bread
posted by nobody from src forum


eating chicken rice in prom, turbo swt~ness
posted by Ray from src forum

'insider' giving out spoilers before event
conversation revealed in spoilers from src-cyber

'mahathir not coming
commitee reducing dishes
and asking ppl to boycott'
by bua

the 'i told u so' theory
taken from src forum

a heat til someone has to show the accounts on how the money is spent
source from src forum

i smell conspiracy...

rumors and conspiracy bout why its held in PICC
source from ym

the person everyone pointed finger to
source from ym

unite suck ass, i heard, i heard...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

436 Art Class in Com Class

Previously in Cyberjaya
20 min Friday morning class

a tiring morning, woke up at 8 ni tau ngu eng eng ffk our epm class then went to the 10am ecp class.

on the way to class, we got some spoilers... about some playing newspaper thingy

so we entered the class, and there 2 questions on the board and she asked us to do those 2 simple questions which dragged us 30 minutes long to start the newspaper thingy...

after passing up the answers, she splited us into 3 groups

and started giving us sun newspapers

which explains why we cant find any newspapers that morning. so she asked us to make a building using the newspaper without using anything to support it, which includes staples, glue, tape or even saliva... swt

so we started by

rollin the paper

stucking the paper into another paper's hole

then Peh 'thunder, thunder, thundercat' to make the paper even longer

then Alan tie knots to make it stronger

fixing the base

then we put a base at the bottom so that it wont slip

then they put 2 BIG and heavy balls to make sure the tower is 'stable'

making it 'longer' and 'longer' and trying to put a big hat on it

the final result

hat adding ceremony video, dont wear a BIG if u have a small head

then we add a hat to make it look nicer, cosmetic

lets take a look of our opponents, so low nia, feeders...

then we won a bar of choc which happens that we cant be split in 16 ways

we had fun

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