Thursday, March 31, 2005

119 Study Week

its been awhile since theres no mofo stories to tel u guyz...
this will be the 1st post where no mofoz are around, a hapi beginning and the end of mofo dayz i guess

mmu has this practice wher a week b4 finalz we hav this study week... so called study week. its been 3 dayz... and what have i done... had FUN

MONDAY - March,28th
wonderful morning, had green lunch wif THE-BAD-SLUT and he ffk~ed me to go to lib. so i went to lab to continue my stupid ect3 lab wif ENTAO and CHEW-MY-COCK. seriously its boring, CHEW-MY-COCK dominated the whole session and what i did is juz playing wif the osk and function gen. yea rite, what can u expect from someone who plays dota with himself.

its 5pm, iem fiesta appreciation diner wif hhk~! but no photo sessions :(
theres this last minute extra division in this fiesta, transportation division. wher d only task this ppl do is to fetch ppl to sunway the hartz for this dinner.

i think i hav this thing against buffets, i juz cant eat much...
i remembered the last time i went for a $39 haagen daz buffet, i ate 2 cups aledi feel like puking, waste money sial. HHK n SOMEONE should be enjoying watching my haagen daz nightmare

the haagen daz power ranger photo

thers this interesting mofo there called HENTAI-KID. this is our so called interesting conversation during the meal.
let me ask ya a question, do u talk bout porn infront of galz??? or maybe infront of ur fren's gf... here it goes

HENTAI-KID : hey, shinyow do u watch anime?
HENTAI-KID : do u watch hentai?

then this HENTAI-KID asked the KOREAN-BOY's gf

HENTAI-KID : then do u watch anime?
KOREAN-BOY's gf : ya

then i interupt

da mofo : are u goin to ask the 2nd question?

he started his smiling acting it never happened b4

althou i wanted to know the answer for the 2nd question but its best not to offend galz on the table. u wont wanna know what will happen if they get offended

after meal, we went for kia kia... then theres dis 2 yufoz hanging out wif us... they touches every single clothes in the apparel shops. hey HHK, remember the 'fact' i told u the last time in front of mng? "those who can wear, they dowanna enter ; those who kenot wear, they enter"

sometimes i dunno wat to say bout these galz... no comments

TUESDAY - Match 29
woke up like other morning, went lunch wif GOLDFISH, ADRENALINE and their roomie... n guess who i met ther... THE-BAD-ROOMIE and NOVEMBER... kononnya makan tak panggil again~! after meal... went camping and working in the lib. then i so happened to sit wif a bunch of guyz checking out chix, THE-BAD-SLUT's fren at the next table. this bunch of guyz are classified as the 'working' class ppl.

before dinner, SOMEONE ajak to go to simple plan concert... to stand outside... omg. i nvr been to a concert juz to stand outside b4. no doubt penang ppl, ppl alwez say pg ppl kiamsiap... its true, true. during the last break, i so happened to go this rave party in northam tower outdoor, its juz 10 bucks but pg ppl r kiamsiap. they juz stood outside n watch. muz b some nice xp i guess.

FOUREYE came n fetch n here we go... guess wat... therz this fom gang (DECEMBER, DUDE n FOUREYE's gf) came out early an hour juz to go ther to stand... and another one lagi imba, DOLLY skiped the whole test sommore, migod its midterm~! so here we r, standing outside wif a bunch of parents. then i told SOMEONE, "gina lai kua concert liao lao pek lao bo dua wa kau tan" (translation: kids came n watch concert and parents were waiting outside for them) then suddenly the auntie infront of us turn back n node, paiseh sial... we moved 2 steps to the side n laugh non stop. then later on, SOMEONE's bf came out wif tickets n brought her in... fren kononnya... leave us outside.

im so disappointed that those who got ticket din ajak :( but those who dun hav ticket ajak :) but ended up dumping us outside ;) yes peh, its u!!! fren kononnya tak ajak

after tat we went to wai sek kai for supper, ate some charkoayteow which SOMEONE said its cacat. then this mofo, DUDE ate n drink kaw lot sial... no wonder SOMEONE said "ooo... that fat guy with kancil". after meal, hop into peh mobil wif LEVI n DOLLY bac to the desert.

wonderful study week n stil din study at all...

and not to mention that THE-BAD-ROOMIE is stil playing dota behind me

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