Tuesday, April 26, 2005

125 Ven's Hardware Guide - The Toothbrush Evolution

the first generation of tb

the oral b orignial toothbrush
pros: can feel your toothbrush
cons: tired of brushing

the 21st century tb

the braun oral b electrical toothbrush
pros: dunnit to brush
cons: cant feel your toothbrush

so i came back home yesterday, and i notice my bro's futuristic toothbrush...

lets imagine a toothbrush with the feel of 1st generation tb and the ease of 21st century toothbrush...

ladies and gentlemen let me present the...

vi... bra... tor!

with the head of the toothbrush, this toothbrush operates wif battery and vibrate at the head... yes... 'that' crosses my mind too, imagine my bro puts it in his mouth everyday... its like a 'bj'

object name: the dr keyray futuristic toothbrush
pros: can feel your toothbrush
cons: ease to use

verdict: MUST BUY

Monday, April 25, 2005

124 Mumbai Express

new cast: ROCKLEE (u are lucky that i din call u bajahitam :)) )
guest star: NIKE (LEVI's bro), PALLMALL

Date: Arpil 24th, 2005 (Sun) Day 9

continued from yesterday, i stil havent sleep. after fed up with the com, i took my pillow, play a dvd called 'assaunt in precint 13' and slept in the hall.

then early this morning, my beautiful dream (not wet wan, juz incase :P ) was disturbed by Darkie, another of my aunt's stupid dog. this mofo dog barked non stop, dunno to whom also, must be nothing better to do then kacau this sleeping fella X-)

as planned, we (ROCKLEE + LEVI + me) went to midvalley but theres some slight changes instead of the master of all ffk, pehboi, we replaced him with NIKE. we bought ticket to watch this movie called 'Mumbai Express'. since we have time, we went chillis for lunch. ROCKLEE ordered the most expensif pasta, LEVI had hb4's kebab, NIKE had fish n chips and i had this taq fish grill, thumbs up :)

sooyichang, if u see this pic still empty, u havent send me the photos yet

ok movie time! u will be wondering why we chose 'Mumbai Express'. if u do notice, theres lesser and lesser of mofo storiez in my blog, so my good fren, ROCKLEE suggested that we watch bollywoody movie. so we dared him and we ended up watchin sharukhan in action. with the name with express behind, no doubt its something like 'Polar Express' but instead of in polar, the movie is about mumbai. the best part of the movie is when this fella welcome the kids to aboard, imagine sharukhan with the bollywood slang "welcome aboard........" shaking his head like those mamak fellaz with sexy chix behind him. after the movie, NIKE bought some little gift then we headed home.

back home, my aunt asked me why i didnt join the church youth to putra, i was like wtf! the fella ffk me and now they are accusing me ffk them??? after that we only realise that theres some misunderstanding.

long n confusing story, if not interested just skip. here it goes, this fella PALLMALL suppose to call me and pick me up yesterday. so he asked steven's number from his mum. and she gave him steven's number. so he did call steven. steven said he is in rawang and very busy and he couldnt join them. so they left without steven. (all stevenz above is not me except the last one :( )

so later at night, he called up and ask me to yumcha. to apologiz and stuffs, of coz hes wrong, he made me missed out alot of 'things' ;) so when he came with his sista, oh so this is the consolation prize :(( she looks ok but shes form 2, same age as my sista... ok this is not good, this is not a consolation prize, too bad i dont have PUSSY-SLUT's specific kiddie skool gal taste.

so we went to murni for chit chat, since PALLMALL is same age as me, all we talk about is college thingy and stuffs, pity the sista, she knows nothing, go there buat bodo. lesson nono number one, dun bring your sistaz to yumcha wif u unless she can get along wif us. then later on, PALLMALL asked me to join his youth, guess what... old tactics... he told me theres once a gal was boasting around that her church has lots of cun chix. then one day the gal went to his church and found out that his church has more cun chix. let me translate it to something simpler "steven, theres lots of cun chix in my church, pls do come, if u dont believe in the god, it doesnt matter. at least the chix wil keep u occupied.". wtf, seems like the church youth is not so holy afterall.

so he left to toilet for awhile, left his sista and me there. ok, what can u chat with a little gal, a form 2 little gal. frankly, i dunno what to talk to her. i saw her holding a fon, so i started some stupid crap bout hand fonz. wrong topic, u dun chat hand fons wif litta galz... thats gay. now i wish that i had some 'specific taste' of the PUSSY-SLUT :( luckili PALLMALL din took so long or else i wil ended up wif gayer topics wif a litta gal. so we hop into the PALLMALL mobil and go home.

packed my stuffs and going back early tmr to see my mini :)

myyyyy preeeeecious :P

actually we didnt watch the mumbai express, if u realli do believe that... pity u :))

Saturday, April 23, 2005

123 Yesterday Today


Date: April 22nd, 2005 (Fri) Day 7 of break

woke up early this morning, having lunch wif CARROTGAL in klcc. so i drove to kl using federal highway, i think this is the 1st time i use federal highway... most of the time i wil pas tol which TURTLE said its very very stupid. what to do, thats the only way i know how to go to kl. it took less than 30min to go to mv. so i reached kl, the prob is that all the roadsigns point to bkt bintang and i cant find one pointing to klcc. so i try to look for the building and try to drive to that direction, but the prob is that with all the high rise building in bkt bintang, i cant see the two towers!!!

finally i reached klcc, parked my car at a 8 dollar outdoor carpark beside isetan.

since im early, i went to look around and i saw times bookstore. since i almost finish reading the geisha story, i went in to have a look if theres any interesting novels. yes, this doesnt sounds like steven. steven dont read books. NOVEMBER really picked the right book to make ppl read books... the geisha story... lol. i came across this book the davinci's code, read alot bout it in the net. nice cover. nice finish. and of cause nice price tag = $120.

its time, went to central mall to meet CARROTGAL. so we had lunch in dome. after we ordered the main course, i ordered biscuiti, my family favourite. if u dont know whats that, its a cun biscuit with almonds and all, two thumbs up :) biscuiti is never enough for my family, of coz, there are five of us. but never ever order if theres only both of u! 50g of biscuiti can make u sick of it, its like eating haagen daz buffet then hate it for 6 months.

oh ya, i havent intro whos CARROTGAL. shes one of my old fren back in mlk, didnt see her for a year d i guess. lots of mlk stuffs to catch up, seems like everyone is doing great there. after the meal we went to the petronas gallery to have a look, to be frank, theres nothing to see there for these two future-engineers. if u happens to go there, u can see our names inside the log book :D oh ya i forgot to tell ya why i call her CARROTGAL, its bcoz she dont eat carrots :P after that we went to watch the pacifier, nice family movie. very suitable for ppl like my sister, who enjoys 3 ninja kids :)) after the movie, we walked for awhile then i headed to sj to find another old fren called OLD-BLUR.

after passing the pyramid, i made a u-turn and turn into the streets. passing the field reminds me those days, after class i wil take putraline to the busstop beside caltex and walk into the street, pass the field then ridzuan. when i reach ridzuan, i met the OLD-BLUR brothers. so we went to new taman sea to have our dinner. new taman sea changes alot, it used have chairs outside and theres alot of ppl. but today, no chairs outside, very few variety and no ppl at all. after our meal, we went back to ridzuan, floor 13A my old home.

two and a half years ago, OLD-BLUR, OLD-BLUR-SISTA and me stayed here. those were one of those nice dayz in sj. i remembered THE-BLUR-SISTA used to have an aquarium outside my room and everynite she will sit infront of it talking to the fishes, she really did. so most of the time we will chat in front of the fishes. and the place used to be very clean coz theres a tai kah je in the house. then later on, i left for mlk and big sista left for uk, the place is a mess, tap cant work and cables everywhere. things have changed... after i beh tahan the OLD-BLUR bros' money money conversation, i decided to leave. went back to continue the geisha story and i did finish it :) nice book but i dont like how she ended up and the choices she made.

Date: April 23rd, 2005 (Sat) Day 8

woke up quite late, unc and aunt left for pd d. remembering today i have to bring some skool kids to putrajaya, i go brush up asap then throw my clothes into the antique washin machine. bought my cap fan in seapark and watch back to the future 2 :P hanged my clothes then continue watch back to the future 3 :)) then suddenly rained, migod everytime i wash clothes sure rain wan... dunno whether is sui or lucki oso. later i soon to realise that those church youth ppl arent coming d, but at least they call n tel me rite. the pastor ffk-ed me, wtf!!! dont tel me 'god bless u' wif a ffk.

so i on the com to chat, then suddenly prince (my aunt's dog, stupid dog) got its head stuck in the window. how could a dog's head stuck into this grill which is 6cm wide, wtf??? then i try to push its head out of the window, but the stupid dog refuse to step back. then i begin to call the dog 'stupid dog' like in the 'courage the cowardy dog' cartoon, the oldman kept calling the dog, 'u stupid dog'. when the lightning struck, the dog barks and jump around, shaking the window... shit irritating. now u know why i like catz more than dogz coz dogz are stupid. catz wun get stuck in the window. after a few moment it finally got its head out. stupid dog

i went kayu for diner. 10 years ago, kayu was a small stall in chowyang. now it bought a unit of its own behind chow yang. the high class mamak got cam around its parameter!!! there are 3 corners to sit in kayu. the outer corner has garden chairs, suitable for those ppl who enjoys watching cars pass by. the middle corner has the usual mamak chairs and tables. the inner corner has marble finish tables with wooden chairs, suitable for family meal :) believe it or not, they have plasma tvs!!! and the price... ok i guess... my usual nasi putih daging tambah sayur cost $5.25 compare to hassan's ass $4.30. u might be wondering why .25 its tax!!!

look at this, a teh ais which cost $1.50 and not to mention its tax = 8 cts

they put some red powder thingy on top of the rice, its rempah i think, quite cun. and the food comes wif penpedum not like hassan's ass must bought seperately. thumbs up for kayu :)

after the meal, i purposely drove to my old high school, taman sea. quite a ganster skool i guess. during my time, theres no hall and we have to stand in the field. and they carried out this brickathon thingy for 5 years to collect money and finally they have a hall for my cousin's graduation. i wonder what wil happened to me if i din leave here. then later i drove to my primary skool, puay chai. no doubt theres new buildings. this primary skool is dem rich, during my dayz, it builded one block each year. and no doubt, they collect donation every 3 months. then i came back, tried to connect this degil com to my com since it alwayz hang but failed... stupid com

Thursday, April 21, 2005

122 Day 6

hapi bd xiaohooi

April 20th, 2005

woke up early to meet PEHBOI in ss2, as usual, hes nvr early. after that off we go to cyber, went there to pickup my tuition fees receipt and i met BREEZE's ex-roommate. theres this visit from some thai uni, most of them are some old ppl til i saw a chic. its like spotting a flower in a pile of shits.

we called DEGIL and TURTLE to have lunch, went wongsunkee. how 'fortunately' no food, ended up eating fried chic wif rice only... pity sial. then in the middle of our meal... to be more accurate, in the middle of my meal since the others had finish... theres this 2 chic i guess, din really take a look at them since they are standing behind me, came to collect donation for some soso handicap organization. then suddenly she said something bout reducing income tax and all, hey we are uni students, our 'work' (dota) doesnt have income tax! so nvm, to get rid of them, i took out 1 buck to shooo them away... then DEGIL took out 5 bucks, how sincere... i think i better take a good look at the girl, my point of view... i have no comments. then PEHBOI and TURTLE each gave 1 buck. then the girl behind her wrote a 8 buck receipt for us, none of us wants the receipt since its in-'claimable' in our 'work'. in the end i took it for the sake of posting a photo in this blog to show how much we 'care' for the society :P when the girls left, PEHBOI pop up and say, "hey u saw the gal behind??? she look not bad", all of us gave him the wtf look then we hop in to the TURTLE-mobil and off to work.

the receipt wif the not bad gal's handwriting, which i have no idea what she wrote

in our 'office', we loged into the US battlenet server to meet our other 'colleagues'. after the game, i went to pay the shopkeeper. the shopkeeper was eating his char hor fan. theres lots of coins in my pocket, so i grab the coins and try to put all of them on the table so i can see whether its enough to pay him. so 'fortunately' one of the coins rolled down the table and drop into his char hor fan =)) the char hor fun soup is so thick that we cant even see the coin inside it, the pity fella used his spoon to korek korek to find the missing gold coin :)) the fella showed me a pity look, kesian sial... bad day for him. soli pal, the only thing i can do is to say soli :P

diner, my unc's sis drop by with some petaiz. i forgot to tel u guyz what i drank last nite, koh kua thng... erm... i dunno what its called in english, some bitter melon thingy, i hate bitter. if my mum were to cook it, she will be drinking it all alone :)) then today, we have buah petai. hate the taste, since all of them were watching me eat, i have no choice but to stuck everything in my mouth and swallow :((

later, continued the geisha story (chapter 22) while waiting to yumcha wif QUIKSILVER at 1030. the pump had leaked, the shower i always use has no water pressure. so i had to use my unc's batroom to bathe. this is my first time to enter their room, the room look so old. their house is old but their room is like even older. a couple room suppose to have this 'sensation' so that...

so i met QUIKSILVER in ss2, no doubt he was wearing a quiksilver. then he suggested "hey u know theres this tong sui there not bad wan" then i brought me to ktz, i was like wtf... he brought me there last tri break and he brought me there again without realising it. so we ended up in the indomee corner where out of 10 shops, 7 shops sell drinks.

enough adventure for today compare to yesterday... staying at home lay eggs

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

121 Skool Break Begins

April 14, 05 (Thu) - Finally its over
noon, finally exams are over. there goes my mini :(
guess whats the first thing we do after the exam... dota! we are suppose to go lowyat that day but as u know PUSSY-SLUT will never miss a chance to ffk us.

night, went diner wif ENTAO and EGGTAT at new paris ss2. it was like the greatest meal ever after 6 months of cyberjaya's nasi goreng minyakz.

that night, we are suppose to have a ScReWdRiVeR reunion yumcha at murni but guess what. our beloved pehboi has to go to malacca, so he asked us to postponed it to the next day.

Day 1
April 15, 05 (FRI) - A Great Day for Dota

like the title of the day, its a great day for dota.
lucky day, im godlike 9 - 0 til i did something stupid. went into the fountain to kil ppl :P the pic is my blog template above.

then at nite, THE-BAD-ROOMIE's parents came to pick him up. his dad talks alot, no doubt a true penang lang. always say how homia the son is. wk, welcome to my life :P

so we are suppose to have this ScReWdRiVeR reunion tonite, and yet again, pehboi ffk us for the pehmates. so we ended up in tanjung with only 5 of us, ENTAO, EGGTAT, DONKEY-KONG and THE-PUSSY-SLUT. in the middle of the meal, peh sms me, asked me to yumcha and said got galz wor... kononnya not enough car and want me to be driver la, so i said no. in the end of the day, i heard they cramp 7 person in to his pehmobil... omg its 7 person in the pehmobil! after the meal, we went back to work.

Day 2
Appril 16, 05 (Sat) - SpAnAr's Day
guess star: ADMIRAL

i dota-ed from yesterday til 7.30am then go SK for dimsum, the SpAnAr reunion breakfast. the members: I-MISS-KUNGFU, LITTLE-TIGER, UNCKA-FREDDIE, FUCKIE, TCB, ENTAO, PLAYBOI and ADMIRAL. the best part of going out with SpAnArS is there most of the members will be there not like the ScReWdRiVeRs where most of them will ffk especially u know who.

nite, went to summit for a diner infront of the club, some western food thingy where the ice lemon tea cost 3 bucks! then a movie, sahara not samara. interesting adventure movie, a must watch. the best part which i could remember is 'he did a panama'where he blew his boss's boat to kick the enemy's ass.

Day 3
April 17, 05 (Sun) - Leaving Cyber

pack my stuff and leave this desert for good.

and the mofo PLAYBOI left me his guitar which i dunno how to play and his 2 balls which i have no interest to kick. i ended up brought all his rubbish to my aunt's place.

Day 4
April 18, 05 (Mon) - Jobhunting
guest star: JANUARY

suppose to go to cyber to collect my receipt, guess what... pehboi ffk me.

so i decided to go to the curve to find some jobs, unfortunately most of the shops wants ppl who are willing to work for a longer period not 2 months, stupid mmu. later on, LEVI came all the way from his place wif a cab to meet me there. guess again, he was ffk-ed by pehboi too. after that, we went to 1u and we met NOVEMBER's housemate, JANUARY. the only thing i notice is that she was holding loka loka~!

April 19, 05 (Tue) - The Geisha Story

another ffk morning by peh. spent whole day in the house reading NOVEMBER's memoirs of a geisha (chapter 16). an interesting story about how a girl turn to be a geisha, interesting from a guy's point of view :P

nite, my aunt n unc have this bible reading thingy at their house. so thers few ppl came to praise the lord or something... after that they asked me to join for a supper, they are having a youth trip to putrajaya this saturday and the pastor asked whether im interested in joining them since i know the place. considering the fact that most chruches do have chix, i dont see any harm joining them :P

Saturday, April 16, 2005

121 The Icebreaker 2

like the previous icebreaker 111 The Icebreaker. this post is all about the cast and credits for the previous 9 posts (112 - 120).

no doubt there are new casts:

New Casts:
LEVIS = chinkuang
VICKY = vic
GRACECHAI = of coz is grace chai
BUMBLEBEE = beeleng
EA = engaun
HHK = heah hooi kiang
HENTAI-KID = eugene
QUIKSILVER = shinyow
SOMEONE = eunice
DUDE = alwyin 'dunno how 2 spell his name, hopefully correct'
FOUREYE = daniel
DOLLY = oo crap, forget another person's name... im so soli :(
LACI = harry

Post 117 Casts: (BM names > 'orignial' name)
DEGIL = masih DEGIL :p

Returning Casts
CIB@I = cheeway
PLAYBOI = fabian
SWo = siewweeong
FAKER/PEH = pehteongkee
EGGTART = chintat
BREEZE = BRIS = priscilla
LITTLE-TIGER = hsiufuh
PUCAT = peiwan
FUCKI = fookyih
DEGIL = zong
ENTAO = ping
GOLD-FISH = charngyee

Clan names:

for new casts, welcome to my life :)

for returning casts, i pity u guyz :P

as for non-returning casts, thx 4 participating and GFY

if u guyz see jon around, pls send my regards to him n ask him to 'GFY', thx

Thursday, April 07, 2005

120 The Best Dota Game Ever (Dota Special)

date: April 06, 2005

lets not talk bout epm1026.

after a losing streak, in the end of the day... we finally played the best dota game ever!!!

its been awhile that we dont have this ScReWdRiVeR and SpAnAr clan match, frankly SpAnAr playerz do improve alot... i remembered last sem, it was a disaster for them, they GG before 30min.

the ScReWdRiVeR clan:
da mofo

the SpAnAr clan:

GRUMPY-TURTLE's com restarted in the early game, new com~

we was owned since the begining cause we are lacked of one player.

but in the end of the game we managed to own them back cause we are not degil this round :D we even had compliments from DEGIL, imba~

THE-BAD-SLUT was beyond godlike yesterday! i~ am~ bee~ eh~

this is when THE-BAD-SLUT had monster kill, PLAYBOI must be THE-BAD-ROOMIE's prime feeder :P

our dota family photo :)

the best dota game ever... pity TURTLE :P

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