Wednesday, May 31, 2006

452 Hol in PJ - The Holiday Part 1 'burden'~ed by Rocklee version

May 27th, Saturday - had my last paper on the very last day :( the stupid part is

3 days ago, i had control theory in LR4 which is in FOE

today i went to FOE and the LR1 mentioned in the exam slip, doesnt exist! but instead its in FCM, sh exam unit!


so after the exam, we met Fuki out in the MMU guard post, so we decided to follow their car without asking where they are going to where ever they are going to have lunch :D

first, we passed the dengkil exit
then, sk exit

oh we going to puchong for lunch :D

but we ended up in...

some outskirt somewhere in middle of nowhere, so whos idea issit to follow them for lunch

after that we went to Wong Soon Kee, SJ for lunch... yummy colonel :D since we have to wait for Vanila before we go for KLIM,

we went to Asia Cafe to pool for 3 phucking hours!!!

finally Van reached, here we go...

as usual, Peh or so-called 'klang-driver-wannabe' took some smart turn and left us, so we had to follow Puss's car

after a few rounds in KL,

Puss missed the turn AGAIN!!! but 'unfortunately' this time he didnt bring us to lorong haji taib

does this place look familiar?

Previously in Cyberjaya

lost our way back in 446 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 1

looks like we got lost at the same place again!!!

finally we reach KLIM :)

KLIM is kawwwwww BIG, walk til leg can patah... the hall is HOT, full of HOT chix, cars areeeeee... the last priority :P

so did i took any pic?

yes of coz but only ONE

the 1965 jag roadster, other cars please go sau pei la :P

after KLIM, we went to Waterlily Cafe, Puchong to eat with Rocklee and cerita-cerita the fun we had in KLIM WITHOUT HIM!!! after the wonderful dinner and so much fun watching Peh burnt his own glass of drink, we headed back to the 'intelligent' city to dota :P 0 kills 3 times in a row with the nickname sangkancil, really toh sui :((

May 28th, Sunday - woke up in the afternoon and went to my beloved Hassan Ass for lunch for the last time :( tried their bryani kambing for the first time, too little meat for a 8.50RM :( i prefer the 8RM bryani ayam, cant wait to go back for another bite of it :P

after lunch, which i suppose to pack and get to aunt's place which i ended up dota with Void and almost late for going to aunt's place :P after packed, i brought down 2 bags and a basket at a time, fully loaded and as i walk pass A3... i met my classmate which i dont know wtf is he, he was with his gf walking to A1 i guess. so i moved to the side to let him pass first, manatau that ccb wanted to walk my path, in the end his gf pulled him to her side to let me pass, sh ccb. dont worry my fellow friends, i will point out this sh ccb in class next tri, he wont be forgiven :D

aunt's house is boring, so i ended up dota in aunt's place also :))

May, 29th, Monday - went to 1U with Rocklee, Vanila, Peh, Buaya and Puss, as for those who didnt had fun with us, please blame Rocklee, he is the organizer :P first we went to the arcade waste $$$ while waiting for my fellow housemate, Puss.

what Rocklee say bout us in his blog
Rocklee: "as my previous encounter wif the SCREWZ-MATEs,
their accuracy of time is very very zzzzz~"

me: no comments

Rocklee 'accusing' me reading slutty pic

me: excuse me? who u calling slutty? u better hope Van doesnt read this and that or else he sure chop u into pieces :P

then we went to

Old Town Kopitiam for lunch

hungry sial...

the rendang chicken nasi lemak, 16RM plus coffee + bun which surely beat the one in Gasoline

after the wonderful meal, we headed to the cinema, first we went to 'unload' our tank and get our hands clean after 'unloading'

so Van tried to open the tap by waving his hand below the tap while the push button is just beside him [contents 'burden'~ed by Rocklee]

common sense since these days some taps come with sensors

then our 'smart' Peh...

hit the head of the tap expecting water to drop out... swt

not so smart afterall :P

Rocklee: we 3 paid for student price while 3 of da late ppl pay more..
inilah balasan-nya!! wakakakakaka~!! x-D

me: very good indeed

we went to watch Over The Hedge, very very nice, definitely beat The Wild which 'someone' said very nice :P after the meal, those mommy boys went home to eat with their family and i had to eat alone :( but luckily Quiksilver and Roxy are free, then buat tiang lampu for one dinner loh better than eating alone :P

went back to aunt's place again, guess what i do...

dota again loh, going back The Pearl of Orient tomorrow morning :)

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read the original lame version of juz another day, hangout wif screwz at 1u.. by Rocklee :P

ohya forget to tell u something, please resize ur pics when u upload them :P

Sunday, May 28, 2006

451 Holiday Mood

holiday mood, lazy to think of anything to write :P

happy holiday to all :)

wil start blogging after i reach the pearl of orient :P

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

450 Beauty in 'HER'

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Previously in Cyberjaya
449 Beauty in Cyberjaya

so i guess u guys should know who is the winning candidates for the Beauty in US contest. then suddenly so-called-'Pang Jin Lan supporter' sent me this interesting blog which shows step by step on how to win a Maybeline Beauty in US contest.

LENG MOU's Maybelline Beauty Contest, posted on Sunday, May 14, 2006

the main reason so-called-'Pang Jin Lan supporter' sent me this link

click here to watch the video in youtube

i felt sorry for others, please try 'harder' next time

Monday, May 15, 2006

449 Beauty in Cyberjaya

this post may contain offensive comments on your gf(s) or admiry(ies) or wife(ves) or mistress(es) or family(ies) or friend(s) or classmate(s). please dont leave stupid comments if u dont like the following post.

since yesterday, kaw lot of ppl was forwarding these annoying msg...


after closing a few of it, i got a few more with the word description

hmmm... [text removed due to offensive content]

hmmm... hmmm...

so i decided to take a look at it...

the Beauty in US voting page, i doubt anyone read the main page before [names removed due to privacy]

there are 12 teams (24 candidates with X lengluis and 12-X not so lengluis) in the first voting page which i doubt anyone see the 2nd page before. and of coz, the first page candidates are the owning ones.

u can view the profile of the candidates by clicking the pictures of the candidates

a LARGER pic so that u can take a look at them 'properly' before u cast your vote [pic blurred to be fair to other candidates]

then at the bottom of the profile, they are suppose to write a comment to each other...

not a good thing to write about your friend


they did their publicity well this time, so did u girls bought maybeline?

i bet its every guy's dream too ;)

and i have a few friends of mine in there too :)

for example,

Someone and her roomie which i already forgotten her name :P vote for them here


Jiin (friend's friend but not my friend :P) and Ling (this 1 is my friend :p) vote for them here

and the current winner and loser are... [i screenshot-ed 3 hours ago, so the votes may be incorrect]

the 'current' big loser and big winner are side by side, last nite it was 20000+ votes but now back to 3 digit, maybe they reset-ed the count [pix of loser blurred due to privacy and i think the winner wont mind me putting their pretty face in my blog]

this voting thing is more like a who has more bf(s) or admirer(s) or husband(s) or family(ies) or friend(s) or classmate(s) game. it doesnt matter how pretty u are but as long as u have more and more friends voting for u, u will WIN

and happily add another 2000 bucks for your next shopping spree

so did i vote?

yes of coz, not the lengluis nor my friends

but the candidates with the lowest votes to keep the table balance :P

please la winners... dont OWN too much, later people pp then ni u know

Saturday, May 06, 2006

448 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 2

previously in Cyberjaya

446 Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 1


the late comers had to sit the other end of the table, thanks to who...

coliseum for dummies so i ordered t bone steak

our order was taken by some apek

what i think is coliseum took their workers from the old folks home, most workers there are in their 70s

we reached there around 8 something, all of us are hungry sial~ so we ordered bread

these are mangkali roti, dont worry it only cost 50 cents per piece not like 89 bucks back in unite

here comes my salad which i didnt pay 89 bucks for it

Vanila with the magic lamp of white stuff wishing more and more white stuffs to come

lets start the feast~!!! baby boy like me need to tie that thingy so that wont dity my clothes

then they put all fries and brocolis into a bowl for Puss, November and me to share.

fries and brocolis in a dog bowl, yummy...

Peh ordered grilled burung merpati, dem cunn de

before entering the shop, we saw lotsa bird shit outside... maybe the cook took a shotgun to kill one of them and grilled it for Peh :P

Degil's seafood fried rice, at least he didnt pay 89 bucks for it

Rocklee ordered some 4 in 1 chicken chop which has cheese inside of it, watch him play with his chicken chop, small kid... please grow up

the steak here is quite nice hehe... i wont say its cheap but its reasonable and not overpriced.

the receipt, here u can see the price of each item

after the wonderful meal, we took out the cake and sing Turtle a birthday song. they gave us a box of match which wont work

coliseum certified sucky yucky matches

then one of the 'chefs' came out, and was watching us celebrating with Turtle and he pass us his lighter

thanks, so we light it up and sing him a birthday song

November cut the yummy cake

its too much food, full sial... but we enjoyed :)

Next in Cyberjaya

Happy Birthday Turtle - Part 3 in sevenatenine, kuala lumpur

Thursday, May 04, 2006

447 Sherie's Tips for Exam

previously in Cyberjaya

in 112 i quit dota


last nite, Degil was reading and laughing bout Sherie's blog, so i decided to take a look at it...

Sherie's blog is too sexy for her

she was commenting bout src's bulletin post on tips for exam. then now i know why Degil laughed...

what she commented on the "4."Self-discipline" & "Self-initiative""

a wise dota player once said, "once a dota player, forever a dota player" :P

read the full post here in

next in Cyberjaya
happy birthday Turtle part 2

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