Sunday, August 27, 2006

503 Tuan telah menamatkan pelajaran

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a week ago, my mum called me that ptptn wanted me to pay money d so i asked my dad to send me the letter.

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if u are asking for money, cant u say pleaseee? but instead they are ORDERING me to pay

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i really wish that i "menamatkan pengajian" so that i dont need to do Lansi Chuah's stupid assignment :(

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so i had to fill in all the forms as instructed in bulletin

and not to mention i have to pay 10 bucks for the stupid transcipt, blood sucker

all the frust for owing the government money :(

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

502 Notis Pemotongan Bekalan Elektrik

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Notis Pemotongan Bekalan Elektrik

Jumlah tunggakan RM 181.16 ... blah blah blah ... masih belum dijelaskan sehingga ke hari ini.

... blah blah blah ...

sekiranya bayaran tidak diterima sebelum/pada 26.08.2006, pemotongan bekalan elektrik ke premis tuan/puan akam dilakukan mulai 28.08.2006 dan juga bererti tuan/puan tidak boleh dota sehingga jumlah tertunggak dalam notis ini dijelaskan sepenuhnya.

hmmm... whos not doing his job?

Monday, August 07, 2006

501 The 142.50 Story

too lazy busy to blog these days :P

currently in the Pearl of Orient, left The Inteligent City on friday and stayed in PJ for 2 nights :)

Date: August 1st, 2006 - Tuesday

today, im 'suppose' to have CCNA Intro 640-801 exam at 11am. we are suppose to reach the venue 15min earlier so i woke up early morning, went to campus at 1030am for the exam. the exam comprised of 45 to 55 mcq questions and 1 or 2 simulation questions and 849/1000 points required to pass the exam.

an appointed examiner from Cisco will come over to MMU to setup the computers in the Game Development Lab (kononnya has the most powerful pc around) to 'examine' us. we waited and waited til 11am then our instructor, KKC came out and ask us to come back at 130pm due to technical failure of the examiner side, ZzZzZ

so we went for lunch in Sirah Utara, sat beside our old friend Goi and his fellow friends, feel the 'pressure' but the 'pressure' got less when Goi started telling lame mandarin jokes to his friends.

we went back to the lab at 130pm and yet those mofoz still havent solve the problem :( we waited and waited til 2pm and finally they said its done. so we took our seats and ready to start.

so the girl examiner asked us to click the start button, so all of us clicked it together and what we got was "error"

KKC was furious, he start screwing (literally) the noob girl examiner coz shes weak and asked her to call for the supervisor.

the supervisor came and saw the situation, eventhou the situation can be solve in 30min but he asked to reshedule to date.... ZzZzZ. then the noob girl examiner said its possible to do today but got shut-the-fuck-up by the supervisor and asked her to go water the plants

so all of us gathered behind the lab and discussed the NEW date which ended up falling on saturday, ZzZzZ


this gang of mofoz wasted 3 hours of my time and made me missed Lansi Chuah's class.

after that, KKC email us that hes sorry n blah blah blah and the test centre decided to give a book for the top 3 scorers during the exam

Date: August 5th, 2006 - Saturday

exam day~!!!

woke up at 8am to enjoy my favourite gardenia muffin :D then here we go, reached there at 945am went in and saw a few ppl started doing the exam d. so i went to fill in my particulars and waited behind. i saw theres a few empty com for us but the noob examiner didnt ask us to go sit for the exam. after awhile the supervisor noticed that we are standing behind counting fingers then he started scolding the noob girl examiner again.

then she showed us to our com to take the exam. so the first com i sat, when i pressed the start button, it came out "error" again, ZzZzZ... then she said its not suppose to happened, ZzZzZ then she brought me to another com and its fine d.

first, we will go thru a tutorial session before the exam. the tutorial animation will teach us how to use the program for the exam. then a survey bout the course we took on CCNA, boring boring...

so in the beginning of the exam, the first few questions i do kinda slow, think properly. it was a 90 min exam. which i do til 45min and started to feel bored of the exam and started to click without checking d coz im afraid that if i did it to slow, i have not enough time for the simulation. and i started to put up my leg on the sheft of the table relaxing thru the test, lol.

after a few clicks, i finished the 46 mcq questions then it came out a save file thingy... i was like, wheres the simulation??? then ni i found out the simulation question is one of the 46 questions n i rushed too fast and finished it in 60+ min, ZzZzZ... then i asked the examiner wtf is the save file dialog all about. then he just pressed ok.

wtf? did i pass or fail? i didnt know

so i walked out, stil blur and Ng asked me how did i do and i dunno what to tell him. then after that the noob girl examiner printed my exam slip, i passed yay :D but i still didnt know my score :(

after lunch, received a mail from our fren, KKC that

Dear all:

The following students, please come and collect the book "Windows Server
2003" after mid-term break. TQ.

Txxx Cxxxx Cxxxx 922 ch la, top score
Cxxx Txx Sxxx 875 <--- this is me
Lxx Nxx Txxx 860 neh neh

yay i got the book, but... a ms windows server book??? give me do what wor? i not taking also. steps taken by test center to make sure they earn more money, ZzZzZ

then i called my dad to tell him the good news that i got 2nd highest, then he asked me back "why arent u the top?" =_="

which reminds me of... im just a kid, ZzZzZ

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