Friday, October 20, 2006

511 KLCC Updated

currently in Malaysian Communications klcc, half day work :D

later gonna celebrating Degil's birthday :)

watching the prestige, murni and of coz DOTA :D

tomorrow goign taman negara :)


after checking out the room, i went back to my aunts place and got blady jammed in the rothman roundabout... siennn

then i went 1 Utama to watch the prestige with my gang... road to 1U... blady jam also... so whos idea was that?

after the movie we went to daytona a few rounds then went to murni for dinner :)

failed to dota since fullhouse, hand kinda itchy these days... didnt dota for more than a week already :(

for the 'fella' who is siennn today... we had so much fun WITHOUT U :P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

510 Trimester Break 1

currently in Malaysian Communications training centre, sunway listening to boring presentation

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


momofofo team would like to send their wishes condolences to

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
happy 1st anniversary

ooops!!! we meant

in loving memory of

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2005 - 2006


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not renewing his domain after 1 year :P

Monday, October 09, 2006

509 Malacca Trip

at first im not gonna blog bout this Malacca trip cause im afraid that my friends who know i didnt visit them will sure zha me kaw kaw but seems like they do know... got a few messages in my ym this morning :P i came for one day only :( sorryyyyyyyyy

my ScReWdRiVeRz clan were talking bout going to The Historical City since beta and finally we went yesterday in delta :D

Degil sms-ed me last nite telling me that they will be coming to pick me up at 10am manatau at 1030 shadow also dont have =_="

the first place we went is to the 800 chicken rice shop, ate with my bro and Puss's bro. we noticed theres this Street Mall building opposite of the shop, hopefully theres another outlet of Hassan Ass there so that Malaccans can enjoy the wonderful nasi kandar they made :P

after lunch we went to jalan-jalan in Malacca campus, almost the same (back to alpha) except for the new fosee building. then we went to CLC to find Mortar and we saw whole bunch of spm noobs having their lunch there.

then we wanted to go to have a look in the library and the security guard stopped me

guard: mana lu pergi?
me: saya pi library, apasal?

guard: lu student sini r? saya ingat lu spm punya
me: i student sini bukan budak spm

showing him the height of a spm student should be just reaching the height of my eyes

guard: mana ade?

him pointing me another 3 spm noobs hehind me... which is 30cm taller than me... shit

later on Mortar out from the lift with Iggy, Mortar really looks like some mobster boss ni but Iggy seemed quit saying "phuck the world wei"... miss those alpha days

later on we went to library to walk one round, Malacca's library also installed the smart card system like the one in Cyber... and my card is spoilt, cannot enter then kena tiu by the security guard somemore... shit, whats with Malacca's security guard with me :(

then i met Yinching and Luis there :)

after that we pay Sube a visit then went to the house of D6, met that Danny Cheng, Freddie, Yoon, Xiang, JMe, Kawabanga and my ex roomie, Fook Choy. later on Freddie and Yoon brought us to infront of ixora to yumcha. some shop which is like a halo wannabe... the drinks there... 2 words... dem suck

after the sucky yumcha session we went to visit Barathi in his house, seems like hes doing quite well, that snoop dogg 'has' a new bike, a new kancil and a new pajero sial

we went to amigo downtown for dinner :)

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took pictures with lengluis (yinching & sube) in the car :) lazy to post up pictures taken with guys :P

after dinner we went to the just opened Dataran Pahlawan which i think alot of Malaccans havent been there yet, kakaka

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outside of it theres this largest mcd in Malacca, the 24 hours operated is kinda big deal in Malacca i guess

the stairs of the entrance are kinda weird... they combined both staircase and slope...

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which we almost fell because of it, Malaccans are kinda smart

there are MNG, Quiksilver, FOS, Padini, Nike, Adidas concept store there and i read the newspaper wrote that they gonna have a Carrefour there too

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family photo in the dataran :)

we parked outside of the dataran

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where we need to pay 1 buck to that blood sucking begger

and we found out that the parking is still free if we parked in the dataran

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whos idea is that...

on the way back we saw the expanded Tesco and the big bridge crossing the 4 sides of the junction

after jalan-jalan, we went back to Bear Hill to yumcha at the mamak beside Silver City, now the road is closed and 4 shops are dominating the street, food everywhere. Freddie told us that the Penang Char Kuey Teow is kononnya not from Penang

thx for the Malaccans for lepaking with us :)

mcd picture taken from and more info of Dataran Pahlawan can be found in
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Sunday, October 08, 2006

508 Southpark is back with 1008: Make Love, Not Warcraft

this post im not gonna talk about

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the never ending haze created by our dumb neighbour


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the pendrive i bought 2 years ago (i never use it before) and someone borrowed it for like FOREVERRR (i cant even phucking recognize its my pendrive) and returned it DEAD

but im talking about the new southpark episode which features World of Warcraft

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1008: Make Love, Not Warcraft

a must watch for a warcrafters!!!

Monday, October 02, 2006

WISHES TO mmu~ians

momofofo team (of only 1 person which is me) would like to wish all mmu~ians' lecturers:

#condition doesnt apply to Imbamila, TKT and Peh

just joking :P

to all mmu~ians,

may the force be with you ;)

and happy holidays

Sunday, October 01, 2006

507 Its NEVER The Same

sequel for 506 Its NOT The Same

WARNING: DIRTY fantasies in current post

this post was suppose to be all about my studies noob pawning spree yesterday

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pawned three noobs, Double Killed in their fountain and not to mention that i Triple Killed 3 times :P

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
26 - 1 in an hour which in end i got 27 - 1, one noob short for my birthdate :( HINT! HINT! HINT! :P

enough bout yesterday's noob pawning session, so i had dinner with Peh in kfc, equine park after rejecting his kfc proposal for uncountable times :P after kfc-ed we went to the mersa shop for goodies.

then i passed by these bakery corner and i saw

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the best thing ever created in earth slowly coming down from sky

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
front view: yummy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
side view: very yummy

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
back view: always yummy

feeling too happy of the muffins, since it comes out every 4 days only and will be finish in 2 days... i was like "wohh wohhhhh" grab one pack and put it in Turtle's hand then another pack in Degil's hand and of couse one for myself :) then Peh and Buaya were like wtf? then i put mine into Peh's hand then took another pack to put in Buaya's hand then convinced them that its the best thing ever created in earth and we have to grab all of them!!!

after that, The Bad Roomie and November came and i said must grab all of the muffins, they walked away... shit =_=" after 2 min, The Bad Roomie walked back to grab the last 2 packs, feeling left out or maybe felt guilty for not buying the best thing ever created in earth

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
after :P

before we left the mesra shop, i noticed this World of Warcraft action figures sold in the shop...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
omfg!!! since when do they have joker in the hero list... shit, i've gotta submit this hero to icefrog

on the way back, we were talking bout the expression i gave when i saw the best thing ever created in earth then here comes the winning formula...

Peh: u know r... ur expression is like r... the moment when u tfk and the thing shoot out

Degil, Buaya and me were like =_=""""""""""

its NEVER the same

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