Friday, February 02, 2007

605 Babeled

2 days ago, it was a wednesday... we decided to go to 1u to have dinner and catch a movie. we will be either watching blood diamond or babel, blood diamond is okay but i would prefer brad than leo. to me, leo is just a megastar skoolboy but brad, never a movie of his ever disappoint me til THAT day. we watched babel.

it was not the
best motion picture (drama) - Golden Globe Award or
best director - Cannes Award or
nominated (best picture & director) for 7 Academy Awards

which made us watch that movie, but it was U, brad, u knn ccb!!!

the movie tells 4 stories which in the end relates to each other,

1. two moroccon sickening kids playing with their new rifle and old 'rifle'

2. a toh sui mexican nanny who brought her master's children to mexico to watch headless chicken running in the sand

3. the knn ccb's wife got shot in a tour bus saved by an animal doctor

4. a despo mute japanese girl who shows her monster hair in public

the movie was 3 hours long, yeah... Puss scolded me for 3 hours too, the ninja beside me was enjoying watching the moroccon kid who masturbates on watching his naked sis and November kept asking why the jap girl has to be naked all the time. to me, thats the winning formula to get awards.

from now on i will be considering an omega than a tag, brad, wrong move... craig is still way better than u

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