Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Number 23

  • First, Momofofo would like to wish the the owner of the-never-ending-loading-blog Happy Birthday.

  • To recover my dying blog, I decided to sacrifice my hair to blog bout it.

    Engz went to borrow the machine from his friend for my big project.

    When he asked how short I want it be. I chose number 23 because

    1 + 2 is 3,
    2 + 1 is also 3 and
    3 + 0 is coincidently 3, this is totally dumb.

    I have 3 pairs of shoes
    I have 3 toothbrushes in my toilet,
    I have 3 glasses,
    I even wrote 3 fulls stop to say bla bla bla, this is insanely dumb.

    At first, I was He-man...

    without the master of the universe.

    Here we go...

    I pulled out my dining chair and he cut my hair outside of the corridor.

    the battery died halfway after I cut one side of my hair, swt.

    So we went to charge the machine for 30 mins and continued our journey...

    Cam-whoring infront of the mirror like urh when the battery died again after he cut the other side of my hair, swt X2

    We are kinda fed up of it, so we decided to watch Fracture by Anthony hopkins while waiting for the machine to charge. 40 mins later...

    the battery died for the third time because my hair WAS too thick, swt X3

    we decided to cut my hair using scissors first so it will be easier for the machine to go. Then we continued Fracture while waiting for the battery to charge.

    after the BIG project, this sounds not right but I had many hairs on the floor. Strictly NO pubes.

    Final product.

    The End of Number 23

    Sunday, August 19, 2007

    MMU Convofest Day 2

    Following my blogging tradition, I blog during time I should be studying.

    Kinda in the boring sial mood, so I decided start my Picasa to find something to blog. And the first album I saw was the MMU Convofest Photos. Sorry to the dudes in Convofest Day 1 which I do not have any of the photos and I'm lazy to steal photos from the-never-ending-loading-blog. DI do not have *any dudes on day 3, I can only think of Skywalker which makes me wonder that did he went for his convo. * indicates might have.

    Heavy rain on day 2, Convofest was a havoc. I can say that these 3 days of Convofest are the days where MMU has the most people and cockroaches in campus. Dozens of mushrooms and leeches gathered outside of the campus selling flowers and Pikachus to no-hearted-friends who came to celebrate friends' graduation empty handed.

    Our first thought at first was, its easy to find HHK and Someone (Eunice) is hard to find. We were wrong.

    Someone was smart enough to stand at the FIT corridor which anyone could easily notice her.

    My role of day 2 was help Kalai carry his flowers. I carried them the whole day because we could not find HHK. It was a good exercise, my biceps gained noticeably 0.1 mm.

    had pictures with HanLun and busy Eunice again in the process because we could not find HHK.

    after hours, we found YuJin and guess what...

    He doesn't know where his gf was, lol.

    and took photos with HHK's housemate WanLei and one of our Engsoc big sisters, MingChu (Not related/named after to the SK coffeeshop owner).

    then I met Gusman. Sorry that I didn't show mercy in the Dota game during the holidays. I couldn't resist pawning u, no hard feelings :P

    finally, HHK decided to show up.

    Yes, we did not had a Haagen Daz Clan graduation photo :(

    I only have photos from Kalai. If u guys do have tiny me in your photos, please do send to me :) Momofofo would like to wish all graduated MMU students good luck and take care.

    Tuesday, August 14, 2007

    Vacancy (2007)

  • Currently back in Cyberjaya, momofofo would like to congratulate all graduated MMU students, the ending of campus life is the beginning of a miserable life, good luck.

  • This is not my 2007 vacancy plans but the movie Vacancy by Kate Beckinsale and whoever.

    this movie (yahoo movie main page) was removed from our local cinemas a week ago. Watched it last weekend, typical house of wax lame-o movie. The only reason why we wanna watch this movie is... KATE BECKINSALE, and no other reasons. Kinda thrilling in some moments for a six person movie if u don't count the other six sohai kelefes who got noobified in the video tape.

    If u missed it in cinemas, u can proceed to Piratebay's Vacancy[2007]DvDrip.AC3[Eng]-aXXo with its English subtitles from

    A friendly reminder from momofofo, please stick to the interstate while road tripping, u would not wanna end up noobified like whoever in the movie.

    Thursday, August 09, 2007

    Poll: momofofo is...

    Too free til I'm actually playing with Blogger's new widgets, first I added the new search bar (and removed the one I made) which is quite cool that u can actually search within your blog, links from your blog and your friend's blog listed in your sidebar too.

    lets say I search for "peh", hmmm... Peh appears in almost all category of blogs except for Malacca and my family, can't imagine if he enters my family's blog, omg.

    Second, I tried the poll...

    momofofo is...

    if u think momofofo is dumb, please vote "dead."

    otherwise please donate a McFlurry to my momofofo McFlurry Foundation (mMF). I think u can just go ahead voting the "dead.".

    Monday, August 06, 2007

    A familiar bronze silver pearl Honda Civic in Penang

    Currently in Penang, went to my grandma's place just now and I spotted a familiar bronze silver pearl Honda Civic. It took me awhile to realise its the one park near my carpark, haha.

    No plate number given due to privacy concern.

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Disturbia (2007)

    Also by Shia LaBeouf from Transformers, this movie (yahoo movie main page) was out in America long time before Transformers but it was released in our cinemas last Thursday. I heard it was a good movie. Downloaded it last week, its a real aXXo's dvdrip. but I do not have time to watch it yet. Might be watching with my family tonight :) Just watched, not bad, short and simple storyline with a bit thrilling moments.

    If u wanna save RM 11 on movies this week, u can proceed to for Disturbia[2007]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo.

    with its English subtitles from

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