Thursday, November 29, 2007

Second Ticket

Lotsa work for the past few days, now only I got the time to write this post. Sequel to the first ticket back in 2005, I got my second ticket last Monday.

I came back from work and saw a piece of crap flyers on my windscreen (of my car). I took the junk off from my windscreen and planed to throw it into the drain til I notice a MPPJ logo on it.

I got phucked outside my house

Ladies and gentlemen, my second ticket for parking outside my house. Good job MPPJ and btw Happy Birthday Puss.

Friday, November 23, 2007

ITP Week 5: The Yahoo Mail

I'm lazy to install Yahoo Messenger into my office PC so I use the Yahoo Mail to chat with my friends. I get ads from UK and Ireland because my account is in the UK & Ireland server til I find it kinda disturbing...

Virgin Mobile ad with a hairy naked guy who get paid to wax and the 'best' part is that guy is moving here and there.

Normally I chat during work without guilt but with that guy there moving around, he stops me from being in that window too long.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

umobile in Mid Valley

Finally all of the AEP clan members gotta meet each other yesterday and we went for dinner in Mid Valley. My second time in Kim Gary for this week, no Miss Kim.

After the dinner and the chit chatting, we went to the umobile and Nokia roadshow to check out the new phones. umobile was organizing some games but no one bother participating. So one of them came to us and Sun, Kimfei and me were dragged to play the game.

the host was explaining how the game is played.

Two a team, one will act and one will guess the title of the movie. There are four categories of movies: TV series, comedy, musical and action. I definitely didn't choose musical nor comedy. I teamed with Sun and Kimfei teamed with another stranger, I picked the TV series and Sun will act for me to guess.

both of us discussing how to play

Sun drew a note from the TV series basket and the host showed me the back part of the note which I could see the ink marks on the back of the paper, the title was long. Sun first showed that he has long teeth then stabbing his own heart. With such long title, there is only one possibility: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It took me 9 seconds, haha.

both of us waiting for the other team

Its Kimfei and stranger's turn, Kimfei drew Fantastic Four and he was showing the stranger (an Indian) a TWO then a FOUR. The stranger couldn't guess, I think he wouldn't know the strategy of playing this type of games since Indians do not watch Eric Tsang's programs where the players normally show how many words are there first.

The losing team gotta choose any 2 of the pool of gifts and the winning team takes all which are

a stack of Nokia coasters

a Nokia USB light

4 Nokia's bling bling which 2 lengluis came to ask from me and I just pick any 2 and gave them then one demanded the pink color, swt. Give u some more wanna choose color, too much. U might not be interested but I went home alone last night, not with the 2 lengluis.

and a umobile cap, no free phone :(

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ITP Week 4: The Access Tag

I was so happy yesterday that finally my tag was ready. Drop all my work and drove all the way to Sunway to collect it.

The glare was necessary to cover up which company I'm having internship with. For those who know or can guess (I think anyone could), please shut up.

This morning, I hanged the tag around me and walked pass the security thinking that I do not need to take that dumb visitor tag anymore. The feeling its like walking also got wind man.

In the lift, seeing everyone having a tag and me too, its like I'm in the club man. Can't wait to show off I have a tag first before any other interns.

Before my office, there was another two guys in front of me. They tapped their tag and entered the office, hold the door and looked back AS IF I DON'T HAVE A TAG. Then I waved my tag, showing them I have a tag too and tapped the machine BUT THERE WAS NO PHUCKING BEEP.

The only word that crossed my mind was GODDAMMIT!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

ITP Week 3: The Bus Ride

Monday, went to buy my bus ticket first before I apply leave on Friday. Don't wanna waste my leave staring at the ceiling at home if I couldn't get bus ticket back home.

Bought my ticket at the Transnasional/Reliance shop in KL Sentral. I stood there 15 minutes and there was no person to serve me then I called for the fat lady behind. She said that the girl incharge of the Transnasional was on leave and told me to wait for them to be free to handle then she continued her grandma stories with her other colleagues, suckass service. I don't understand why I always got that from fat ladies, and I always wonder is that the reason they become fat or being fat is the reason they become. So I told her I'll be back.

I went back there after lunch, and she put a paper with the word "offline" there. I guess that means "phuckoff". Finally I bought my ticket the next day.

Wednesday, went for dinner in Midvalley's Korean shop (I think kampungboycitygirl will post it very soon) with my house, Peh, CK, YC, Vanila and some of the A3 girls. Then the author of the-never-ending-loading-blog asked me how come I still take bus, didn't I read the newspaper, ain't I afraid of the bus drivers, how come don't take place eventhough got terrorist and bla bla bla... then I replied "no money".

Then Peh was kind enough to give me a ride (please, not that kind of ride) to the bus station. Reached the station on time, wanna stop by to watch WWE live world championship also no time.

The bus driver drove super fast, its like Puss driving except the car is not a Camry. This reminded me the-never-ending-loading-blog's bullshit earlier today.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The ITP Week 2

My unc goes to office by LRT in the early (very very early) mornings, both of us will come back at different time and of cause no one wanna go to the station twice to pick up both of us. So my unc thought of this brilliant plan: in the early (very very early) morning, he will park my car in the station (where no one is there yet at this very very early) then I will drive my car back home after work. Brilliant? Totally.

Every time I reach home, my cousin will ask me hows the wave today.

Spent most of my time balancing the board and chatting in the office. That day I was chatting with SOMEONE (I'll bet u know who), he asked me this question "How do u know when u are old?" or maybe something similar to this. And his answer was "when the most famous Japanese porn actress is born in 1986". LOL? U have no idea how hard he was laughing.

Then he started telling me bout Natalie Portman went full nude in this latest clip and even sent me these celebrity archive links
which I didn't open them using my company's access. I don't wanna get caught and the whole Cyberjaya know that I got fired for surfing NSFW websites.

Finally fed up of waiting for my ID to be granted access, my supervisor's assistant lent me her ID to do work. Even though it is a tedious work but at least I have something to pass my time other than balancing on the board. Now only I realized that Microsoft Excel is not only for checking our lab schedule. I've gained new skill to put into my resume.

Skills: bla bla bla and dem 7 PRO in Microsoft Excel.

I went to Port Dickson for the weekend to help my uncle on his pontoon project which my cousin and I spent most of the time competing throwing dry fruits on the monitor lizard. These are some of the pictures I took.

view from the balcony

my masterpiece, no doubt I still have my Action Group powers. Tell ya bout Action Group next time.

the back alley

my unc's pontoon

and the monitor lizard.

My cousin had an arm ache the evening, my aunt was praising him doing a good job helping his dad. Then my unc came in and said my cousin had an arm ache because he was throwing fruits on the monitor lizard the whole day, LOL.

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