Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ITP Week XXX: stil duwan go work r?

While I'm already in my office, I bet most of u guys are still in your sleep.

I'm surprise to see my cousin at home this morning, he always leave for work at 8 am. Then I asked,

me: eh, stil duwan go work r?
him: me today holiday ma.

me: shit, forgotten selangor is havin hol today.

For those non Selangor interns, today is Selangor Sultan's birthday. So I asked my aunt,

me: when kl wil hav their hol?
aunt: federal day, which lies on feb.

me: crap, by then i'd already finished my internship.

For those Selangor interns, enjoy your holiday and please don't tell me how much fun u guys are having.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rabbits are GAY

I used to use this mattress when I was small, maybe it was from my grandma to all of her grandchildren. That explains why my aunt also have one but I didn't expect my aunt still have it.

I think during our childhood days, Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit is kinda famous.


Rabbits are beautiful
Rabbits are lovel - i guess it suppose to be lovelY, typo maybe
Rabbits are glab - this one really no idea
Rabbits are GAY - this one is obvious, couldn't get wrong

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Soho, 1 Utama

I'm not a food blogger so didn't bother taking pic of the foods nor surroundings but instead I took something funny.

My family came to KL last week and we went to Soho by Jun (too), 1 Utama for breakfast because of my aunt's recommendation. Soho sells Chinese cuisines and the place is decorated with artists' photos. They even have the artists' face on the chair, sniffing your back or your ass if its big enough. They employed lotsa Chinese workers (I mean from China) and kononnya they are here to study.

The food there are nice, I recommend them but I just wanna point out something we noticed. After u ordered, they will generate a checklist for u (yeah, just like Kim Gary and friends). And it reads...


"Hold Bill Do Not Out"

I started to wonder what is that suppose to mean til I read the Chinese words - a direct translation. Didn't expect that from a restaurant from 1U.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ITP Week XXX: The Yahoo Mail Part 2

I've lost track how long I rot for this internship but of course I don't wanna be in those company which I'll be squeezed til no juice.

Previously I posted about my Yahoo Mail showing me a unshaved hairy naked guy who couldn't stop watching me chatting. Finally, they have come to their senses and replaced it with

"I'm a model, come spray me"

Yeah babe, I'm gonna 'spray' u

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