Thursday, June 30, 2005

204 Bad Karma (Revised)

third week of the trimester is toh sui week, since most of the time my housemates and i drove to class so we decided to walk to class for the first time :) on our way to campus we had a very 'warm' welcome for our first walk, a dog was shitting in front of our face :D

second morning, a nice and cloudy day, so we decided to walk to campus again, for the last time. after a tiring morning we went hb2 for lunch, queue was too long so we decided to go hassan's ass. wild guess, this time a cat shitted in front of our face!!!

fengshui tip number one: never walk to campus on a nice and cloudy morning.

the next morning, THE-PUSSY-SLUT lost his gay purple bollywood nokia 8250, which u cant find any other bollywood superstar having it. but if u do see it, its stolen from him and pls drop us a message... u shall be rewarded :)

his gay purple bollywood nokia 8250

he was so sad the whole day til MILO reminded him
how TEECEEBEE was robbed 3k

fengshui tip number two: never buy a purple phone

that night itself, we waited PEHBOY for dinner... all of us were so dem hungry. we cant wait any longer so we gave PEHBOY a call then he said he was having steamboat in SK. we were af af kay by PEHBOY again!!! tiuz

general advice (not fengshui tip): never wait PEHBOY for dinner

the next X2 day, PEHBOY went to tmnet to get screwed for not getting streamyx. on the way back from tmnet, ROCK-LEE road bullied PEHBOY.

that day was his judgement day:

he totalled his car (more details)

fengshui tip number three: never road bully people with bad karma

something special for this season... instead of writing my rubbish only, i will briefly summarize other rubbish happening around cyberjaya

Malacca's Chief Minister assed a Hero
June 28th, 2005 : 08.06pm
the CM (Chief Minister of Melaka, Yang Behormat Datuk Seri Haji Ali bin. Mohd. Rustam, if u guyz dunno who he is) came to MMU Malacca for WAY (world assembly of yuckies). and since its toh sui week, his driver assed a hero with the CM's executive. unfortunately no one was injured.

saw that!!!

driver: what am i gotta do? CM gonna slap my ass for this

hoho, so many ppl saw it, mr driver, u gonna had a bad time buying them off

MMU securities trying to cover the driver's ass

like always, the hero is left behind, unappreciated

Mr CM, u have been bad karma~ed!
click here for full coverage

This is DEGIL's Boring Life, He will Try His Best to Bore U, HUHU
his cousin sister went for some astro talent quest thingy in genting, his mom called and forced him to vote her her thru sms. SHE DIN MAKE IT...TO THE DISQUALIFIED LIST!!wahahahaha...

went tmnet to register blah blah blah, having headache choosing the account name but we had great suggestions like screwPEH, PHuckFeh ...

but we ended up

the same day, we went for Malaysian Communications talk thingy, a 'nice' and short one :)) and there we met a fella who happened to be TURTLE's neighbour asking "what is telco?"

Confucious does say we shud "bu chi xia wen" but a tele student asking this question??? we spent nearly 15 hours out of our 24 hours trying immitating "WHAT IS TELCO".

ROCK-LEE's Step In Life
other than ramping his car and killing rats...
his blog is all about a song lyric which doesnt has a title


the happiest thing is still the ENGSOC graduation, haha

and we are no longer part of it anymore :D

and u guyz ever heard some ppl got stucked in the cyberia B3 lifts last week, shes one of them =))

TEECEEBEE's gudboy philosophy
he and the SpAnArZ went to kuala selangor to see LED

FUZZY's Silent Room
tch, fuck it
hey faz, mind to tell who is tch?

JYHI Still Growing Up
done with the fencing agm, icebreaker n first training... doing great~!
hey jyhi, can i join fencing arr???
if i were to join, can u dont bully me arr???

wah someone bought so many things from MNG

but still kiamsiap to belanja me yumcha... apa fren ni

nice choice BRYANI, nice new watch

say it, say it... oh am gee... u dont take picture of your watch on your wrist... can see your hair behind your watch

and hoho, MILO's present!!! whats that???

to everyone who had a bad week, ven wishes u guyz a better luck
and please af af kay PEHBOY for our vengence, thankyou


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    NO WONDER LA!! me memang driving nothin ge la all the while.. coz of dat day, PEHBOI bad karma affected my car.. =\ hm.. now me know y dee.. thx ven~!! ^^, (now to go to the PEH MOBILE n lepas the tyres engine.. >=) wakakaka..) sigh~ tak sangka sith lord still lose to the PEH FORCE?!?! +.+ ther is no justice man.. n wats wif me blog no song title?? -.-???

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    oh ya.. juz now post by ROCKLEE!!


    anyway, cool post.. can't stop laughing when i read ur blog

    keep it up!

  4. thanks for mentioning me in ur blog
    my hair are so damn proud


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